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23 Hidden Mysteries of the Cancer Personality Revealed

Did you know how complex the Cancer sign can be?

On the surface, they may seem easy to read, but so much depth is hidden within those layers. You may even say they can be more of a mystery than a Scorpio!

Cancerians have conflicting characteristics that make them attractive and frustrating to be in a relationship with at times. Symbolized by the crab, they do have their crabbiness about them at times and can surprise their loved ones with their more sentimental side. 

Harbingers of peace and harmony 

Cancers are about diplomacy at the heart of their being, and they like to ensure the home and workplace have peace and harmony within it. Their nurturing nature helps make people feel at ease around them, and they can go to great lengths to avoid unnecessary confrontations. The problem becomes that they often can't distinguish between an unnecessary one from a much-needed one.

Wear their heart on their sleeves 

Cancerians are known to be emotional people. Others can easily read their emotions, and they tend to be good at reading people in relationships. Having their emotions on full display can come at a cost for them and create confusion when they decide to suppress their feelings. Oh, the crab within them!

Hopeless romantic creatures 

Cancers are passionate about being in love and loving others. Perhaps one of the most sensitive of the zodiac signs, Cancers excel at romantic relationships and romance in general. They value idealized love and can easily fall in love with and easy to fall for others. Unfortunately, as hopelessly romantic as they are, they tend to wear thick rose-colored glasses during the more challenging parts of any relationship.

Avoid confrontations 

Because of their need for security and stability, Cancers tend to avoid problems and skirt issues to save themselves from pain and humiliation. They prefer to keep their loved ones and family happy and content or keep them at a distance when emotions run high. Although diplomacy is a strength, conflict resolution is a weakness that they do not wish to resolve or improve without pressure.

Self-care and contemplation are where they find balance 

If there's one thing for sure, it's that Cancers love to spend time with themselves alone to replenish and rejuvenate their energy. They need and rejoice in taking time to find the right balance between their needs and the needs of their loved ones. Because Cancerians tend to be givers, the need to reflect and replenish is a necessity for them. If they don't do this often, they can find themselves leaning more and more into their crab-like state.

Active internal life 

Cancer's inner world is rich with emotions and filled with secrets. Partly to fulfill their need for self-care and contemplation, Cancer's use their imagination to help resolve actual world conflicts by exploring their emotional depths with interplay inside their minds. This active internal life is Cancer's best-kept secret and best defense to their moodiness as it helps them recharge and give them insights they can take into the world.

Layered personality in contradictions  

Because the moon rules the Cancer sign, there is an inevitable push and pull from within them, like the ebb and flow of the going tides. Mood swings are not uncommon and can be heavily related to their sense of intuition as they pick up on other's feelings and emotions. It also shows itself in Cancer's need for affection while equally needing their privacy. They can pull you close and push you away at the same time. These layers can be the most complex and frustrating for those in relationships with Cancerians.

Heavy baggage of their past life and more likely to hold grudges 

Yikes! Yes, Cancerians have issues letting go of past grievances and being forgiving in general. In fact, they can hold grudges longer than Scorpios do! Because of this unwillingness to let go, it takes a toll on loved ones, especially within their family.

Indulge in self-pleasure 

One of Cancer's biggest secrets is that they love to indulge themselves with anything that helps alleviate their stress and elevate their self-esteem. It's excellent that Cancers take care of themselves, but sometimes they can go in a bit too much and create an imbalance. Rewards become more of punishment or a bad habit that is hard to quit over time.

Famous for hugging and cuddling 

Since Cancers are emotional and crave affection, they are famous for their fondness and ability to hug anyone and cuddle at a moment's notice. Their love of hugging makes them the perfect nurturing parent in any family. This type of affection makes them so lovable and endures them to potential partners looking for someone vulnerable enough to express their feelings.

Psychic abilities keep them calm and stable 

Cancerians are good at reading people. They are highly intuitive and nurturing, and when they lean into these strengths, they can handle an outer conflict and maintain the storms within. The key is that they need to activate and hone their sense of intuition, or else they may become prone to negative thinking and beliefs that do not serve their best interest or the best interest of anyone they interact with daily. Their psychic skills can actually become their saving grace.

End up suppressing their emotions 

The mysterious nature of Cancer signs shows up when they decide they can't be vulnerable with you and suppress how they are feeling. Part of this stems from their deep desire to maintain the status quo and not create conflict. Internally though, this creates waves, and they end up coming across as moody to others. This is how the hard exterior and soft interior of the crab show themselves from time to time.

Struggle with stomach issues and digestive problems 

Because they tend to suppress emotions, avoid conflicts, and self-soothe with questionable food choices, they tend to have digestion issues. Cancers need to take charge of their health and wellbeing by being proactive and mindful of how they take care of their body in every way.

Prone to unnecessary weight gain 

It's no surprise that Cancerians struggle with digestion issues and over-indulgence to learn that they also struggle with weight. A lot of their weight gain comes from a lack of self-regulation. Whether it is due to lack of managing stress or meal planning or finding healthy ways to self-soothe, Cancers would do better by themselves to apply their nurturing nature inward more often than they do. Giving themselves self-love may be the best cure for all that ails them.

Insecure due to mood swings and internal world conflict 

On any given day, Cancers can come across as extremely sensitive and insecure. Their inner world can have as much, if not more, conflict than the outer world due to their emotional flow and balance. When Cancers struggle internally, it is because they have real-world problems they are avoiding and go inward to try and resolve them. By not handling conflict externally, they actually create an ongoing loop of insecurity that feeds back on itself.


It may be the heart of the crab's nature to be a pessimistic person, but Cancers can fail prey pretty quickly to these tendencies. Perhaps their worst personality trait, Cancers, are the expert in making any situation feel hopeless.

Feeling lost and finding it difficult to let go. 

Because of their intense and often mysterious nature, Cancers tend to lack a sense of inner and outer direction in their life. They are probably the most likely of the zodiac signs to feel like they don't have a purpose or a life purpose, and they become stuck in old beliefs that do them no good in moving forward with their lives. The key to helping them is for them to be receptive and let go of negative emotions and beliefs, but that is the one thing that Cancer will struggle with the most.

Dislike uncertainty 

No one dislikes uncertainty more than Cancers. Cancerians prefer to know how something will play out over time. Not knowing when someone will call or text drives them crazy, and this need to know can often go away potential partners and create conflict with coworkers. Cancers will often call a psychic to help them cope with their uncertainty.

Need a dominant personality to rule a romantic relationship 

When it comes to being the head of any family, Cancer takes the backseat. They tend not to want to be the person who takes the lead in relationships and will allow their partner to make decisions for all involved.


At times Cancers can be natural flirts, but their ways of flirting often create confusion and unnecessary tension. Their need to have affection can be very intense, especially when they are flirting with doesn't respond accordingly. Part of this is because Cancers act mysterious with their intentions and lack clarity. Flirting with them can feel like surfing within a riptide, especially when the relationship started as just being friends.

Reactive in relationships 

Cancers are ruled by the moon, which makes them extremely sensitive. Ironically, they aren't as reflective as they need to be in terms of how they react and interact with others in their relationships. As a result, they can respond before they think something through and hold people accountable to standards from past relationships that don't apply to them or aren't aware of. Learning to be more open to differences and not keeping anyone up to a pedestal would benefit them greatly.

Project ideas onto people rather than see them for who they are 

This sign's tendency to wear rose-colored glasses can taint their way of seeing others for who they are. As wonderful and romantic as it is to expect people to be an idealized version of themselves, it often reveals our lack of reality. As a result, the crab within the Cancer comes across as emotional and reactive when people don't behave like they want them to. Cancerians then respond to relationships that fail to meet their expectations with mood swings and pessimism as no one seems to achieve the level of perfection they have seen for themselves in their inner world.

Committed to the love of their lives 

When it comes to long-time relationships, Cancers will commit to one partner for most lives. Once they've settled on a partner who is their soulmate, they will treat their coupling with passion and constant nurturing. Cancers, although they have their crab-like tendencies, can make amazing friends and lifelong partners.


With so many conflicting layers of the Cancerian personality, this zodiac sign has the intensity to be very intriguing, frustrating, and loving at the same time. Learn to appreciate their strengths and weaknesses and appreciate them in all their glory, and you can have a long-term relationship with any Cancer as long as they feel respected and loved for who they are.

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