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3 Amazing Ways To Know Angels Are Sending You Messages of Hope: Psychic Raven Heart

Psychic mediums know that you don't have to be a professional psychic to receive messages from your spirit guides or angels. Our spirit guides are continually looking out for us and desperately trying to find ways to send us messages of hope and guidance.


We have all heard of people with stories of seeing birds and butterflies after a loved one has passed, usually during crucial moments of grieving. People have long believed the souls of their beloved could take the form of a bird and come back to visit them. This is a pretty common thing, and psychic mediums know that this is one way our spirit guides love to send us a hopeful message from the Other Side. Probably the most famous bird known for this is the Red Cardinal, followed by the Raven and Crow. Birds have long been thought to be essential messengers. Both birds and butterflies symbolize hope, and they remind us that our souls will one day fly free again! Eagles and Owls are popularly known for representing freedom and wisdom.


After my Grandmother died, members of my family began reporting some strange things! In my house, the blender she had bought me would suddenly startup ( all on its own) and start blending the thin air! It nearly scared me to death the first time it happened, but soon I was hearing similar reports from other members of my family. A music box that she had once owned would startup mysteriously and then just as suddenly stop. People report this kind of thing all of the time! I know a man who shared a love and a talent for music with his son. He was devastated after his son passed on until the music started up. He would wake up to the piano playing mysteriously by itself. Other times a radio would turn on, and it would be a song that meant something to his son. These things bring immeasurable peace to a grieving person. Psychics know that our Spirit guides can use other, somewhat accessible electronics through our digital clocks and phones. We often see repeated sequences of numbers such 11:11, and somehow we understand that it MEANS something and that THEY are working hard to communicate something important to us.


Spotting a rainbow is always EXCITING, and a message from above, but locating a double rainbow is doubly inspiring! People typically place these after going through a tough period in their lives. Seeing one rainbow signifies that you are being guided by your Angel's concerning Earthly matters.

But seeing a double rainbow is a direct sign from the universe that you are having a spiritual awakening and learning to merge the spiritual and the material worlds. This is a clear sign that you are building a rainbow bridge and learning to connect and tap into your higher self. When this happens, you may notice that you become more in tune with your natural psychic gifts.

You may be wondering how and why our Angel's use these three ways to speak with us. Both scientists and mediums know that ALL matter is made up of condensed energy and that all living beings generate electromagnetic energy. The other side uses their ability to generate electricity to speak to us when they can't use words or language. So the next time you are sad or feeling hopeless, pay close attention because your Angel's are ALWAYS nearby your side, and they DESPERATELY want to reassure you that you are NEVER really alone.

Psychic Raven Heart 

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