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3 Psychic Techniques To Improve Your Relationship

For several years, my husband and I were both working as online psychics, guiding our clients from all over the world. When we would meet new people, and the expected question of "What do you do for a living?" would come up, I always knew the next question that would be asked. "What is it like for two psychic to be in a relationship? Can you read each other's minds? Do you do readings for each other?" I would explain to people that although we indeed were more in tune with each other than those who did not use their intuition, the psychic relationship techniques we practiced in our relationship could be navigated by anyone. Remember, we are all psychic. If you are open to improving your relationship, implement these three psychic techniques, and watch how your relationship becomes more in tune.

Respect Your Partner's Energy

If you have an essential topic to discuss with your partner, it is vital to begin the conversation in a safe, protected, barrier-free energetic, and emotional space. One of the most efficient ways to create this space is by providing your partner with the opportunity to decide when the timing is appropriate. For example, "I have a topic that I would like to discuss with you. It is important to me that we can discuss this when we can speak freely, without interruptions. Here are some times that work for me...please let me know what time will work for you?"

Providing your partner with times that are appropriate for you while still allowing him/her/them to choose their personal time is one key to success. If either your partner or yourself is distracted, it will be much harder to be fully engaged in the conversation. If one person has had an incredibly exhausting day, the dialogue is less likely to succeed. Timing is key. Neither you nor your partner needs to explain why a particular time may be better than another. You simply need to respect that each of you has different energetic needs. Starting what may be a challenging discussion is best done when both partners feel safe, secure, and in the moment. Once you have identified a time that works for both of you, let's turn our attention to the communication style.

Adapt Your Communication Style to Match the Needs of Your Partner

We all have different needs when it comes to communicating successfully. Your astrological sign, your soul life, and the particular topic that is being discussed all have an enormous impact on what you need from your partner. Being an Aries, I can be invited to an event, and even if I have little to no details, I am 100% in if I am intrigued. Being a Leo, my partner needs to have many more details than I do to make a decision. If you understand your partner's needs, you can make sure that you come to the conversation with not only your needs being met but the needs of your partner are anticipated as well.

Along with anticipating your partner's needs, understanding the difference between a presentation and a conversation is another key to success. To create success, start the discussion off by presenting the topic at hand, but then it is vital to shift gears and evolve into a conversation. When your partner is speaking, by fully present. We tend to half-listen and half plan what we will say next (come on, we all do this). If you want your partner to listen to you, make sure you listen to him/her/them. One way to create a space of being in the moment together is to begin the conversation by taking a breath together. Another part of a successful discussion is understanding your partner's triggers and knowing how to navigate them with empathy.

Understanding Triggers

We all have been raised in different households, have other traumas, and are at various healing stages in our journey. When you understand your triggers and your partners, you can adapt your word choices in a way that will benefit the relationship. By stepping into your energy as an empath, you will feel if your partner starts to become agitated. If this occurs, ask questions, then listen. Say, "I can see this upsetting you. Can you share with me what you are feeling?" When your partner stops talking, wait a few moments before you begin to speak. People often pause when discussing something emotional, and if you just allow some silence, they will usually continue and reveal much more profound insights into their soul.

If you know particular issues are triggers for either of you, point this out before beginning the discussion. "I know that discussing how we are going to navigate the holidays this year is an emotional trigger for me. I appreciate your patience while we find a compromise." You have then communicated your needs and what you need from your partner in the space of gratitude.

Once the topic has been discussed, and it is time to decide, again, to recognize that your needs and the needs of your partner may be different. Gemini's will want to choose in the moment, whereas a Sagittarius will need to process the conversation before making a final decision. If your partner needs to process, but your needs are such that you can't move on until this decision is made, a compromise is essential. "I know that although I really want to make a decision now so we can take action, I understand that your needs are different. I would like to set a time to return to this conversation so that we can make a final decision. Here are some times that work for me...please let me know what time will work for you?" Using this technique will honor your energetic needs while respecting your partner's needs as well.

As you can see, using your psychic abilities to navigate challenging conversations that will arise in your relationship is not difficult, but it does take practice. Respecting your partner's energetic space will allow each of you to feel safe, empowered, and more likely to be ready to compromise. Adapting your communication style to your partner's needs will create a relationship where each partner feels validated and, therefore, more likely to compromise. When you understand your triggers and those of your partners, addressing them will help you feel protected, and then walls will come down. Breathing together and then following these techniques will help create a space where conflicts can be solved, and real growth can occur.

Psychic Kileen

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