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3 Ways We Benefit From Hugging With A 20 Second Psychic Connection

When we meet up with family and friends, especially for special occasions, it is common that we embrace each other with a hug. Some hugs are cordial, while some offer a more intimate embrace. Studies have shown that a loving hug that is reciprocal between both parties that are held for at least 20 seconds offers mental and physical health benefits. People who hug often are more likely to recover from illnesses and tend to have stronger immune systems than ones who don't receive hugs daily.

Hugging helps you reduce your stress.

Studies show it may relieve anxiety symptoms and alleviate mild forms of depression. Hugging is a sign of social support, so when you hug someone, they will feel less lonely and isolated. When we feel like we are all alone with our problems, our stress levels will increase. It is even more so when we reject hugs when they are offered them because it is our way of keeping things status quo. Sometimes we do this out of self-preservation as it may be hard to trust people if we have isolated ourselves from others. In these cases, it is okay to self soothe by hugging yourself or a pillow so you can feel some of the benefits by allowing yourself to love yourself. You can also go out on a nice walk and hug a tree. Hugging a tree will help you connect with nature. It will lower your stress level.

A real psychic with training in energy healing can help you reduce your stress by allowing you to release the negativity in your body. They may have learned from a psychic in California how to do reiki or Theta healing, which are both metaphysical forms of spiritual hugging and cleansing at the cellular level. If you are holding on to past trauma, and those emotions and feelings are holding you back from the benefits of receiving a physical hug, then energy healing may help you.

Hugging may boost your heart health.

The act of hugging reduces our blood pressure, so a daily practice of hugging could have a positive effect on your heart. Hugging increases your levels of oxytocin in the body naturally, which is said to have a positive influence on our heart's health. This hormone has a calming effect and increases our bonds with others, which is why it is often referred to as the "love drug." Hugging helps us because it reaffirms that we are connected to others and that they love us in return.

Our hearts require validation that we are loved and supported. Hugging is a great way to show the validation of this fact. Also, when it is done in the open where people can publicly see, then it reinforces that both parties are not afraid to express their love for each other. This physical act of support can serve as an even deeper validation of love and support.

Psychic Mediums help many who are grieving with the loss of their loved ones. Because they miss hugging their loved one every day, guidance through mediumship helps them to receive closure. Mediums may even ask for the person's spirit guides and angel guides to come in and give them spiritual hugs to help aid them in their recovery.

Hugging helps to reduce relationship conflicts.

Research has shown that if you begin a conversation with hugging, you will reduce the amount of conflict in the relationship. This is probably why we instantly hug people we are romantically involved with as it is a bonding experience that alleviates tension between both people and is a reciprocal gesture of love. Gestures of love signal the brain and the soul that a bond has been formed and is reinforced each time we hug one another.

Any psychic will tell you that physical contact with loved ones helps strengthen the bonds you share and acts as a metaphysical tether of healing for any hurt feelings within your connection. Hugging may not get rid of the conflict between two people, but it will help lessen the animosity. If you are in an unstable relationship, consider adding a 20-second hugging daily ritual to the beginning and ending of each physical meeting. It will help both of you deal with the stress of the relationship at the moment and will serve as an act to remind both of you that love still exists between you.

Not everyone enjoys hugging, though, so be mindful and be observant of their social cues. Socially anxious people, those who have experienced various forms of trauma, and also cultural differences will determine whether or not they enjoy the act of hugging. Be respectful of each other's differences as that act alone can resolve a lot of relationship issues. You can always send them a virtual hug in your mind's eye and a smile.

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