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33 Affirmations To Keep Yourself Calm and Collected

Right now, we all need to feel more at peace with life. Feelings of uncertainty and strife are everyday struggles for most these days, so it is vital to find a ritual or practice that helps calm and center you as you begin and end your day. Using affirmations for stress is one great spiritual practice that can relax you and reinforce support.

Affirmations work by daily reinforcement. They speak to your subconscious mind and help you reframe any negative thoughts, patterns, or beliefs that keep you stuck in an unhealthy cycle. When working to create a sense of calm, keep your verbs in the present and future tense to set forth a pattern of habit, you wish to create moving forward with your life.

Carrying a worry stone around with you and rubbing it when you feel unease can also help alleviate stress when needed. Some worry stones even have affirmations carved into them that you can use to raise the vibration of your intention. Go with your intuition if you feel it is right for you. Intuitively, we will often be drawn to items that are the best tools for our situation.

Below is a list of positive affirmations that are meant to be spoken aloud with deep breathing exercises to relax the mind and body. If you have the ability to record them and listen back, feel free to do so. They are helpful when used like this with headphones while lying down.

Taking deep breaths, I let go of tension in my body.

I am calm.

I take deep breaths.

I feel peace within.

The Universe vibrates with peace and serenity.

I feel the tranquility of the stars at night.

I vibrate with serenity.

I allow my mind to become quiet and relaxed.

I relax my thoughts.

Taking deep breaths, I release what no longer belongs to me.

I feel the gentleness of the air around me.

My body becomes tranquil and at peace.

I am calm and relaxed.

I carry a sense of calmness around with me throughout my day.

I am centered.

Taking deep breaths, I allow myself to go with the flow.

The air around me softens.

I am at peace.

Tranquility fills me.

I feel a sense of warmth soothe me.

I feel comforted and supported.

The Universe believes in me.

Taking deep breaths, I reaffirm the value of self-care.

I allow myself to refresh when I need to.

I refresh by taking a deep breath and closing my eyes for a few seconds.

My mind, body, and soul relax when I am centered.

I feel centered where I am.

Taking deep breaths, I let go and fill myself with love.

I am loved and love myself.

Peaceful thoughts guide me throughout my day.

I allow waves of calmness to wash over me when needed.

Serenity surrounds me.

I breathe easy.

I am at peace.

Takeaway: Feel free to rewrite any of the affirmations to best suit your life. You can also incorporate these with a meditation practice or with a vision board. 

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