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44 Journal Prompts To Develop Your Psychic Abilities!

Starting a journal to assist in your spiritual and psychic development can be the best investment in your personal growth. No matter what psychic ability you have, you can quickly work on your psychic skills with daily practice and reflection of what needs work and what needs expansion. Using a daily journal practice can help develop your psychic gifts and give you perspective and build your self-esteem in yourself in this arena.

These journal prompts are also meant to force you to do some work outside of your own inner guidance and knowledge. Seek out the answers by diving in and reading books, blogs, articles, or speaking with other psychics. The inner work you're doing is crucial, but it takes a community to help us grow as individuals.

Consider not just writing answers to these questions, but meditate with them. Let them sit with you for a few days. Talk about them with others in groups. Discover books or blogs that help you learn more. Also, consider making art from them as well. Follow your intuition!

Journal Prompts For Developing Psychic Ability and Psychic Skills

What do you feel is your most potent psychic ability?

When was the first time you had a psychic vision, and what did it tell you?

Names three famous psychics that you follow and select one piece of wisdom they have said that you have incorporated into your personal growth.

Do you use a specific crystal for clairvoyance? How about clairsentience?

Which of the clairs are the most strong within you: clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, claircognizance?

How often do you practice a daily card reading for yourself? What have you noticed?

What are your favorite Tarot cards, and why?

What are your feelings on mixing different practices and beliefs with psychic abilities?

Do you believe that everyone has a psychic touch?

What are your beliefs on free will and destiny?

How does destiny play into karma, or does it play a role at all?

How many karmic relationships have you experienced in this lifetime?

Do you believe in past lives?

How does your past life affect your psychic intuition?

How many other psychic people do you know in your life? Are any of them mentors?

Have you ever wanted to ask a psychic about your abilities, but have been afraid to ask?

Do you know of any bad psychics or have had an experience that turned you away from developing your psychic abilities?

Have you ever asked for psychic help in resolving issues with your relationships?

How often do you meditate, or do you have issues with meditation?

Have you ever looked into hypnosis or hypnotherapy to develop your psychic skills?

What are your beliefs about developing paranormal ability? If so, do you have any mentors?

Who are our favorite famous clairvoyants, and how have they formed your opinion on the life of a psychic?

Do you know what a relationship psychic is, and have you ever used one?

Do you feel you are also an Empath and/or a highly sensitive person? If so, how does this affect your desire to develop your psychic skills?

What are your favorite types of psychic tools to help you grow

Have you ever used a pendulum to help guide you to answers?

What is your experience with psychometry, or would you ever try it?

Do you keep a dream journal? If so, does it give you messages to help you in your life or help others?

Have you ever felt like you walked into other people's dreams at night? Or, do you feel as if others walk into your dreams? Or both?

What is your practice in maintaining psychic energetic health and boundaries?

Does being psychic mean being happy all the time? What role do affirmations play in your development?

Do you believe or follow in numerology or astrology? How do you feel about how these define you as a person and the possible outcomes of your life?

Do you believe we can change our fate? How does your belief affect your psychic ability?

What type of psychic cleansing do you practice?

How often do you read your daily horoscope, and do you believe in all horoscopes all the time?

Have you memorized all star signs just to be knowledgeable even if astrology isn't your thing?

When has your intuition steered you wrong, and why?

What life lessons have taught you to do inner work?

If you were to become the best psychic in the world, how would you use that gift?

When was the last time you worked with psychic healers?

Have you struggled with relationships with narcissists, and how did you develop better boundaries and self-worth?

What is the one thing you would tell your past self about your psychic growth now?

What are your feelings about unconditional love and forgiveness?

When will your own personal growth end?

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