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5 Silly Reasons Mercury Retrograde Torments You

Mercury Retrograde visits us a few times every year to make things fun and exciting. Some people disregard their effects on communication and relationships. Still, astrologers will tell you how important it is to pay attention to the lessons to be learned during this period.

You won't relax.

During Mercury Retrograde, people make the mistake of speeding up when they should be slowing down. This is the perfect time to pause and reflect. Take time to meditate, go out and walk in nature, spend time on a hobby that unwinds you, and fills your spirit. This is also an excellent time for self-care and energy healing. Schedule an appointment with your favorite online psychic reader who specializes in Reiki to help you shift out of negative patterns and habits.

You're resistant.

During this time, you will see many signs in your waking life as well as in your dreams and daydreams. Not listening to them is known as resistance, and it makes these messages more persistent and more frequent. This can cause you to feel more anxious because of deep down inside you, you know you are missing something. Maybe your spirit guides are trying to tell you something, and you can't hear them or perhaps a loved one who has passed. Psychic mediumship can help you dive deep into your resistance if you're willing to take the journey and be open to what wisdom is being shared with you that you aren't adapting to your daily life.

You still haven't learned.

When Mercury Retrograde comes, it is essential to pay attention to the signs, especially if you keep experiencing the same frustration each time it happens. If things keep happening, it means there is a lesson you still haven't wholly absorbed yet. Maybe it's that you need to show some patience or that you need to listen more deeply to your loved ones. A real psychic can help you determine what is holding you from moving forward in life because chances are if you are experiencing the same lessons over and over again during Mercury Retrograde, then your Spirit Guides are scrambling to get you to pay attention.

Any major life decisions should be delayed until after Mercury Retrograde has passed. This can be the hardest lesson to learn. And, if you don't learn it, the pattern will repeat every time until you finally do.

You may be looking for different opinions by purchasing psychic readings online or by becoming a tarot card reader yourself. Be skeptical of free psychic readings, though. They may not have your best interest at heart, even if the price is free. Nothing is ever really free. There is always a cost, and this could be Mercury Retrograde's way of trying to get you to understand that when you feel that impulse.

You think a change will happen immediately

All good things come in time, and the same is true of change. Change happens incrementally, so adjust your expectations. Don't expect things to change during Mercury Retrograde, especially. Communication is sluggish, if not utterly interrupted during this time. There will be misunderstandings. If you're waiting on anything that has to do with the signing of contracts, leases, or legal issues to be resolved during this time, you'll have to learn to be patient and stick it out. Nothing is going to get accomplished quickly, and there may be some chaos, so get ready! The changes you are hoping would come during this time will most likely be delayed until after Mercury Retrograde has passed.

You expect a different outcome

Whether you plan a negative or positive result, sometimes the best thing to do in life is to embrace uncertainty. This is one of the biggest lessons to learn during Mercury Retrograde, which is why things go haywire. One of the gifts of this time is to teach you how to be resilient and adapt on the fly. When you expect a specific outcome, you become rigid and cannot prepare for unexpected events. This lack of flexibility holds in negative states of mind. Life is all about change. It is never static even though we sometimes wish for it is. Go with the flow, appreciate what you have, and you will be less disappointed in life.

The takeaway here is to go easy on yourself and get in tune with life during this time. Stop spinning and start just being. Take this time to reflect and understand that this isn't an excellent time for communication. Don't seek out closure with any relationship issues, but allow you to sit and process your feelings and let the other person do the same. When Mercury Retrograde has passed, you both can then meet up and reflect on what you both gained from your time apart. Sometimes the heart really does grow fonder when time is spent away.  

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