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6 Essential Things Your Psychic Tarot Reader Wish You Knew: Psychic Raven Heart

Here are six ways to maximize your tarot readings. I have been thinking quite a lot this week about my job as a tarot reader and its seriousness.

An ethical psychic reader understands that clients come to them for real insight and help to navigate LIFE! We guide people who are often in critical situations, and they are making significant decisions based on what we interpret and relay to them via the cards. Unfortunately, certain misunderstandings can occur between client and reader on how the tarot works. I want to first explain a little about that before I delve into how you can get the best reading from your tarot reader of choice. Being " Psychic " is complex.

Psychic gifts come in many forms. Some people see visions ( like a short movie). Others experience telepathy; some have prophetic dreams or sudden insight. Others channel through the process of automatic writing. Tarot readers have a particular gift for connecting to the cards and using them to channel with source.

Take me, for example. I don't get movies in my head. I channel through the cards. My psychic gifts are mostly telepathic and best utilized through the process of automatic writing and card reading. I get voices in my head. When I pull the tarot cards, I am hit with extreme emotions! I can FEEL the feelings of my clients and the people they are asking about.

Because of this, it is not uncommon for me to cry as I am doing my readings. I am close to two psychics who get messages directly from source as it just COMES to them. They have BOTH helped me immensely with their particular skills, and yet when they need answers, they come to me for a tarot card reading. The truth is NO psychic ever sees the whole picture! I feel this is the biggest misconception about what a psychic is or does.

Every one of us has different gifts that come in various forms. People tend to think being psychic means that we see everything and know everything. Others assume we have a movie of your life in our heads! It doesn't quite work like this! Source gives us snippets of beneficial and USEFUL information, but we are NOT GOD, and we are here to help guide our clients simply.

It is in your best interest to understand how this process works and how to make it work for you! Tarot card reading is a bit like storytelling. The cards tell true stories! A good tarot card reader learns how to interpret the story your spirit guides want you to know. I think of the tarot as an ancient system invented to establish a language with the other side.

Spirits are always trying to get through with messages, which is one way they can and do. The system does not always work at it's best, though, if you don't understand how to utilize best this language or style of speaking with source.



There are all kinds of tarot readings. They will be as specific or as vague as your questions! The spirit guides seem to be pretty literal, and they also seem to respond better to SPECIFIC questions. So just, for example... If you want to know about John from work and his feelings for you, ask THIS specifically rather than a vague question " When will I meet my soulmate ?" Be sure also to include advice questions. There is no point asking our guides for a peek into our future if we are not even going to ask for their advice.


An ethical tarot card reader 100% believes in the power of his or her cards. Trust me when I say, we readers all started as Doubting Thomas's ourselves! I cannot tell you how many times I had to prove to myself OVER AND OVER AND OVER that the cards do not lie or misdirect. I have done hundreds if not thousands of self readings, and I had to learn the HARD way to believe in what they are trying to convey or later pay!

Because of this, I rarely will do readings for my friends or family. Why?? The answer is straightforward. There are some things I just don't WANT to know! The tarot will tell....and sometimes severe and even scary personal matters come up, and hey, we are only human too! The same goes for you! If something may be too deep or sensitive, you might want to refrain from asking.


People use tarot for different reasons. For some, it is a serious way to get answers or gain more insight or understanding in their various life situations.

Others use it more as an activity and for fun, like a parlor game. If you are in this category or you are seeking positive readings only, then definitely don't ask specific questions or at least let your reader know that you are looking for a general life purpose type of psychic reading.

Last week two significant things occurred in my life as a reader, and I was reminded of why this is so important! When I had a client complain to me after our last reading, the first thing that happened was that it was not an entirely optimistic reading. Part of me felt terrible, and I explained to her that I promised my spirit guides always to tell the truth of what I am seeing! She should be thankful to know that I will always be honest with her and tell her what I REALLY see as opposed to relaying what she WANTS me to see.

I feel very honored to be given the gifts I have to interpret the tarot, and we are pressured in some ways by clients to provide a rosy picture of what we are seeing. I simply refuse to do this ( as tempting) as it may be! Why? Well, I don't see the point really, in having this gift in communicating with the UNIVERSE only NOT, to tell the truth, or convey the messages that they so clearly want us, humans, to know.

Now naturally, people get mad or upset if they have less than positive reading. Even us readers get mad at our own negative personal readings. But, in the end, aren't you asking us for the truth?

The second thing that happened this week was very tragic. A client of mine died by suicide after a struggle with mental illness. I am devastated by the loss of her, but I was at least proud to see that my readings were accurate and honest about what was coming. And while they were FAR from rosy, they were accurate in forewarning her that a mental breakdown was coming and that she was in potential danger, as was my advice to her, which was centered around her seeking medical attention spiraling out of control mental state. Can you imagine how sad and devastated I would be if I looked back at my reading, and I'd got it wrong and painted a prettier picture?

Honestly, I wish now I'd been even more urgent with her and in what I was seeing. Instead of getting angry at the messenger, PLEASE be THANKFUL for their honest and valuable advice. It very well could save you in a number of ways!


My sister always says, " Tarot card reading is a bit like fishing in the ocean.

Your life is a prominent place, and it's better to narrow things down to specific areas. You can be very general and vague in your questions, but you will likely get a very ambiguous answer in return. If you want an accurate and specific reading, I always advise that you narrow down your focus and give your reader a bit of context.

Having context just helps us to interpret the particular messages that your guides are trying to speak of. For example, say you are sleeping with a married person, and you call and ask your psychic, " When is Jeffrey going to commit to me?" And fail to tell us anything further. All along, we see cards pop up that indicates a third party but are unsure how it applies to your situation without you giving us the primary low down.

The tarot just works better when you communicate with your reader rather than " test" them and have them completely cold.


It is better to have just a few things to ask about at a time in your readings vs. trying to cover many areas. Tarot readers understand that you might want to hurry things along as you are paying by the minute, but rushing your reader is NOT ever in your best interest! We fully understand that time is a thing, but we can tap deeper into your situation and give you better advice in the long run when going slower. The other thing here is that if you are rapidly shouting out one question after another, you will likely make your reader feel nervous as they try to keep up, and nobody works their best under that kind of pressure!


Don't waste your time arguing with the cards!

I see this happening a lot! A client will ask me, " When will he call me?" I pull the cards, and I see that instead of him calling her, she's going to be the one calling him! And then I get yelled at. " I WILL NOT BE THE ONE CALLING HIM! WHY WOULD I CALL HIM AFTER WHAT HE DID TO ME THAT NO GOOD LYING CHEATER" and I'm just sitting there, and I'm like well according to the cards and what I am seeing, I don't know why you will call him, but you will. The cards don't lie. And there is no point in arguing with what the cards are saying.

Most people cannot see into their future, but the cards can! And I learned a long time ago that you can argue about what you see or hear all day long and until the cows come home, but you won't know until it happens! In fact, I am a prime example!

A psychic and friend of mine predicted that one day I'd be reading tarot cards professionally! The idea seemed (at the time) preposterous to me, and yet part of me wondered because she had been was right on so many other things! Well, her predictions came true much to my surprise even though it honestly seemed laughable at the moment.

The TAROT is a fantastic tool to use to understand the clues being given from our guides. But I feel it works best if you keep in mind the above six suggestions. Working WITH your tarot reader will always benefit you and bring out their unique gifts in the best ways. I am available right here at MEET YOUR PSYCHIC for tarot readings, and my strongest skills are interpreting love and relationships. I am specifically known for being very good at " feelings and intentions " in love readings.

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