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7 Hidden Shadow Aspects to Integrate To Allow More Love In Your Life

It's no secret that we all contend with shadow aspects of our personality throughout our lives. These shadow aspects can hinder and help our growth depending on how we choose to engage with them and work through them.

Even if these aspects of ourselves cause us grief and despair, we should never feel ashamed of our feelings. We are all human beings in this world, experiencing what it is like to be fully human in all its complexities.

The first step in doing our inner shadow work is to bring to the surface what we are suppressing. Journaling, talk therapy, and art therapy can help you get in touch with these aspects from your subconscious mind. You may also find it useful to work with your Spirit Guides, Angel Guides, or work with real psychics from MeetYourPsychic. 


When we work with guilt, we are often working through trauma. Trauma can be tricky in that it may be hidden from us if it pertains to events that happened in early childhood. This kind of work is best to integrate through journaling practices and prompt exercises. You may also want to work with your chakras and create your forgiveness ritual. A forgiveness ritual can look like a meditation practice, tai chi, dance, or even letter writing (that you may or may not ever send).

The vital key about forgiveness is that we often forget that it's not about forgiving others as much as releasing the energy attached to what is causing the emotion and transforming it into something else, something more helpful such as love or gratitude. Also, remember that one person we need to forgive the most is ourselves.


When we don't walk down the path that was meant for us, we will fill ourselves with regret. Regret is often rooted in fears that have become obstacles. The best way to work through regret is to work on the fears causing you to create these feelings. Regret is typically part of a pattern. Write a list of all your regrets and write them out, and include the reasons you believe you feel this way and why you made those choices. Meditate and gain some perspective about what is the cause of the pattern.

You may find that some of the aspects holding you back may be related to karmic debt and past lives. Working with a psychic can help you determine if this is the case and give you spiritual guidance on how to release the pattern so you may move forward. 

Jealousy & Envy 

These two can give us a lot of grief in our relationships with others, especially with our romantic partners.

Jealousy can stem from a lack of inner trust that is projected outward and causes harm to anyone you are in a relationship with at the time. The best way to work through this is to work on yourself and where your trust issues are coming up for you. If jealousy has been a significant factor in your relationships, you may want to step back from dating and work on being alone for a while. Most likely, you need to work with your inner child and heal the hurt they feel before you can be in a loving relationship.

Envy is much more insidious. When we feel envy in our relationships, it can be malicious and unforgiving and is very much directed from inside ourselves. We feel envy towards others when they have a strong sense of knowing who they are and their purpose in life. Take time to work with your life path and your goal to get yourself straight, or else you will create a lot of karmic debt in the harm you cause others. If you feel envy come up for you, that is your inner self telling you that you need to find your soul purpose sooner rather than later.


We often consider anger to be a negative emotion, but it is really the most crucial catalyst towards creating change in our lives and society.

When we choose to ignore our anger, it can cause us to be distant and aloof with others. This is where relationships will sometimes fail, even if the offense has nothing to do with the other person.

Reframe your perspective on anger and learn not to suppress it. Listen to what it is trying to tell you. You can take the message and turn it into a needful lesson to integrate into your wellbeing. Often, anger is another aspect of guilt, regret, or envy that we choose to ignore. Meditate, journal, and ask your higher self for awareness of integrating the message healthily into your life. Please don't keep it pushed down in your body also. Take your anger and release it through physical exercise.


Often, when we want to feel more loved and liked by others, we will mask our true feelings and beliefs and echo what others say. Don't do this! Echoing doesn't equate to healthy relationships. It makes you less likely to have self-awareness and creates an artificial overture to your relationships with others, especially a romantic partner.

If you've been doing this all your life, don't punish yourself. Take time to journal your feelings and figure out what you believe versus what others think. Realize that to find real love in your life on all levels, and you may need to let go of hurtful ideology and toxic people. By doing this, you will allow yourself to receive better people and healthier experiences. Learn to tune into your intuition and build your self-esteem.


The need for chaos is often a cry for help. If you see yourself repeat the same pattern repeats, and that pattern confuses you and others, you need to step back and evaluate what is causing you to behave in this manner.

Chaos can also be the need to avoid what is causing us deep pain from within. It is often related to trauma, most likely associated with relationships that failed us, especially in our childhood. You may find, though, that you need some kind of chaos in your life in order to feel a sense of control. Does that feel right? Choose to create chaos when you express your creativity, as this is the most healthy avenue for this impulse. Paint, write, play music, whatever helps you be in this state that takes this energy and helps you manifest it in a way that makes the world a better place.

Remember, the main purpose of chaos is to force you to integrate.


Our need to not experience transformation is often the one thing that holds us back the most. Instinctively, we need to experience homeostasis. It is our inner drive, and we will often refer back to it, some more than others.

You can help yourself grow by allowing yourself to be more flexible in the areas causing you stress. The best way to do this is through self-compassion and patience. Please don't force it, and don't punish yourself for not changing fast enough. These things will keep you from integrating what you need to change within you or accept and learn to reframe. Work on self-love and self-care, and you may notice that any issues with stubbornness will become less over time.

Need any help with receiving more love in your life? You can always reach out to any of our expert psychics for a psychic reading online. 

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