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7 Reasons Why You’re Crazy Lucky To Be A Twin Flame

Twin Flame writing often makes this connection sound like an affliction, even a curse – but that's not the full story. Find out the secret reasons why being a Twin Flame really might be the best thing that's ever happened to you.

For this year's holiday post it was suggested to me by spirit to do something a bit different – to write about all the positives of the Twin Flame connection, and about why and how it's such a gift to your life.

Lots of writing on the Twin Flame connection makes it sound like an affliction, something there should be a cure for or you should feel sorry you ever encountered – especially if you read the stories of other Twins and their struggles.

What You Expect, You Get More Of

This can be problematic for many reasons – in energy, what we focus on is what we connect deeper with and draw to us more of. So focusing on problems will only align us with more problems.

It's also how the physical brain works – when you focus on problems, hurt and pain, you create and reinforce neural pathways that attune you to expertly discovering flaws and pitfalls and negativity wherever you look. Recent neurological research shows that you really can train yourself to be happy and optimistic, and it's easier than we might think.

As spirit says: "Joy is optional". It's up to us to make the most of our journey, and no one will come and hit us over the head with love or happiness - it's something we have to attune to because it's all about dwelling in the higher energies in order to experience it.

Your Heart's Message For You

So for Christmas they suggested an article focusing on all the wonders of the Twin Flame connection – because it truly is a wonder. It can also be a pain – but we are being reminded that if that's the case, it's something we are willingly creating with our energy because we have aligned with those patterns.

If you feel like you've had more of the pain than the wonder on your journey, really take in these points and keep them in mind over the holidays – feel with your whole being the truth that things could be truly magical between you and your Twin. You have a resonance of this inside your heart.

Shift into your heart and feel it right now, silence your mind. No matter what's happened before, you can shift into a new situation of joy and harmony and togetherness – it's why you and your Twin's souls are here on earth right now.


#1) You Get to Experience True Love

Here on earth we have a strange perception of what love is – we think of romance, sex, or family ties or maybe being there for another person when things get rough. In human society, people often mistake a number of other things for love: attachment, dependency on others, being scared of being alone, loyalty, sympathy, even pity…

In all honesty, the love most human beings experience is just a small part love, mixed in with a lot of other complicating factors and lower vibrational energies.

True Love in its essence is much more than that – this is what the Twin Flames share. Unconditional Love is a powerful energetic force. Unfortunately most human beings are too energetically congested to feel it properly – however, Twin Flames are bonded by Unconditional Love at their core.

It's who we are to each other deep down. The bond between Twin Flames' hearts is a portal of unconditional love from one to the other. As souls there is only Love between the Twins, and the reason difficulty arises is that everything that is out of alignment with this love and clouding it up is being pushed to be released.

Imagine how many human beings on earth right now are in relationships with people they don't really love and who don't love them. This is considered normal – unhappy marriages, staying together because of finances or children or convenience. Our society doesn't really believe Love is Real.

As Twin Flames, we get to experience a love that transcends any earthly limitations – and the further into Ascension, the more of this love comes through. With Twin Flames in Union, Love is all there is.

#2) You Get to Grow as a Person

Spirit often reminds me of how big the changes truly are for those on the Ascension path – emotionally, spiritually and energetically. For us experiencing it from the inside, it's hard to realize just how profoundly and quickly we're changing but try looking back a few years and remember how you were then compared to now.

In a human life, most people get caught in habits of living and thinking and feeling after reaching adulthood. Karmic patterns, family loops. They stop questioning and looking for more in life.

Twin Flames, on the other hand, are on a journey of continual discovery and evolution. Our souls have set this to be a pivotal life of our existence, and we are pushed to move out of all limitations.

Psychoanalyst C. G. Jung described early on in the 20th century three psychological phases of life:

The First, childhood, is learning to function as a person in a body

– the Body Consciousness;

The Second is teenage years and early adulthood, the development of the self

- the Ego Consciousness;

The Third, at full maturity, is re-learning to live from a deeper more transcendent place

– Spiritual Consciousness.

Jung remarked somewhat sadly – 99% of human beings never get to the third and last stage.

Twin Flames are fully launched into this third stage of spiritual development on our journey, and uniquely, we get to live on earth fully Ascended.

I'm not sure if you understand how rare this is – in previous times, only ancient sages and spiritual ascetics lived like this - "enlightened" - now, in the new energy shift on planet Earth where Twins all over the world are Ascending, we will get to live the rest of our lives that way. This is highly, highly unusual.

#3) You Get to Learn About Yourself

With your Twin Flame as your Mirror, you get to figure out anything and everything that ever had you feeling bad or blocked or hemmed in. You get to understand why you've "boxed yourself in" from being an infinite being to believing that you're a "small, normal human being".

And you get to learn what your true desires are and how to create a life that serves you perfectly. This is priceless. Again, most people never figure out why things are the way they are for them, and they rarely change their lives.

On the Twin Flame Path, we are given the gift of understanding ourselves, and ultimately loving ourselves unconditionally. We are given the gift of potentially reaching "enlightenment" – seeing the light and the purity in both ourselves, others and everything around us. Illumination.

#4) You Get to Experience the Pinnacles of Existence

Have you ever spent time with your Twin Flame in love and felt that the world didn't exist anymore when you were together? That you two were the only people on earth and that you almost weren't sure whether you were awake or dreaming, or alive or dead? Somehow it felt like everything and nothing at the same time – a vortex of existence?

Famed mythology Joseph Campbell described humanity as on an eternal search for "peak experiences' ' – and that this is one of the human being's deepest instincts. To seek that which goes beyond the mundane, to feel truly alive and that there is meaning to life.

As Twin Flames, we get to experience things a "normal" human being could only dream of – passion and love and excitement and mystery that sometimes feel like you're living in a fairy tale. We get to live a romantic drama, to outside eyes.

Don't take this lightly – to live a life of wonder like this where new levels of existence reveal themselves to you and doors to "new worlds" are opened to you, is nothing short of miraculous.

Twin Flames get to experience living. Most people just exist.

#5) You Get to Truly be Understood

When you meet your Twin Flame, you are meeting the other part of your consciousness, the other part of your energy. It's why we're "One Soul In Two Bodies".

One of the deepest hurts a human being ever experiences, is the feeling of not being understood or valued for who we are deep down. Most of us play games, wear masks around others to get along and have them like us. For example, how we act and talk differently among friends than with family or co-workers.

In our Twin Flame, we have a person who understands us completely. Your Twin Flame is you, and you are them. No matter what outside differences there are, this is the perfect mirror complement to your soul.

Do you realize how insanely lucky we are to experience this? To meet that one person who can finish your thoughts, the one person who knows what you're feeling without you even saying something, the one person who will always understand you no matter what? This is a true gift.

And if you feel that things could improve for you – remember that any dissonance isn't due to you and your Twin being in trouble, or because you're some kind of sub-standard Twins where you don't really understand each other… Promise. It's because you're congested with negative energy still.

Any problems between Twins are due to energy – if there's dissonance or a seeming lack of understanding or closeness between you, it's because you've taken on other people's energy, negativity and congestion and it's being pushed up to be cleared.

The more you clear and the further into Ascension you get, the more you'll feel it – the wonder of understanding and sharing without even having to say a single word.

#6) You Get to Remember Why We're All Here – The True Beauty of Existence

When you meet your Twin Flame and Awaken, you snap out of the metaphysical sleep you've been in and start realigning with your Soul. Along the way, you become more attuned to your intuitive gifts, memories come untangled, past life visions start turning up through dreams and meditations – you are no longer "mere human". You shift into being a soul in a body.

Deep down, you know now why you are here on earth, you know who your Twin is to you, you somehow know the meaning of it all – even if you can't fully describe it with words.

You understand the paradoxical wonder of it all: the soft fragility of life yet how impossibly beautiful it is. This planet with all of its intricacies of nature and people, and the wonders of existing like this on a small revolving planet that's one of a kind, spinning slowly around an ancient, burning star we call the sun.

Life is a miracle – we've just got used to it. The veil was drawn over our eyes. But the Twin Flames get to lift the veil once more and live life like the miracle it truly is.

#7) You Get to Live Life the Way it's Meant to be Lived – Joy and Happiness

Look back at history and see how people have lived for millennia on this planet. A small fraction of human beings have had position and wealth and relative comfort (but really it's been pretty dismal compared to our modern lives). The majority of human beings merely survived as best they could and struggled from day to day. This is the old "3D" system of survival, opposition and polarity. The energetic grid of that old heaviness still exists on earth.

Twin Flames are through Ascension lifted up out of this "old reality" and into the higher vibrations – opening up to a whole new way of living. Love, unity, happiness, limitlessness. This is the new "5D" reality. We are among such a tiny group of human beings to ever have the chance to experience life like this.

All we have to do is go along with the ride, actively clear the negativity that comes up in order to let go of the anchors that have kept us locked to that old heavy reality.

I'm not sure all Twin Flames understand this – the reason we all came here to earth was to give love, live love, feel love, love love. And we get to do this – we are being led to it each and every step of the way.

You being here – if you've asked for help and prayed for it, this is it. Your guidance has led you to this place to give you the help you requested. Embrace your infinite nature. You create your reality. Our plan was to live "heaven on earth". And it will happen more and more over the coming years.

The question to you is – will you let it happen? Will you help yourself live in harmony and reach that unity you came here for? 

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