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7 Stress Management Strategies To Let Go of Unwanted Stress And Anxiety

Coping with stress can be one of the most challenging things we face right now in 2020. Although we may have developed strategies in the past to combat our emotional stress, we may not have considered how stress affects our bodies. Every day it seems we are bombarded with threats to our lifestyle and values that we don't know what to expect in the upcoming days. In the end, we all are beginning to learn how to adapt and to really truly live with feelings of uncertainty. 

Finding Connection

Feeling a sense of community is crucial right now and if you can find that online somehow, by all means, explore that option. Keeping in touch with friends and family is essential, but it is also vital to create new connections as this will help you combat feelings of isolation, and you will find people with similar vibrations looking for ways to destress healthily. You can choose to connect with people about what's on your mind or engage in fun activities that bring joy into your life. Both of these will help you release stress and feel better about life.

Hydrate and Cleanse 

Take time to not only drink more water but also cleanse yourself. These don't just mean washing your hands and washing your whole body, especially in a bath or long shower. Doing this will also make you feel better physically and spiritually as water cleanses ourselves from negativity, not just germs and bacteria. Keeping yourself in the flow with water will also keep you moving energetically. When we feel properly hydrated and spiritually clean, we engage better with ourselves and come from a centered place. 

Practice Visualization Techniques

Visualization can be an excellent technique to help relieve mental stress. Being that is a creative exercise; it soothes your brain and encourages you to engage in the wonder and beauty and let go of any troubling thoughts during the process. By actively engaging in this process for a few minutes, you can relieve tension headaches, sinus pressure, and release tense muscles, especially in the face. Slow your breathing and imagine a flower open and closing or another one is blowing a dandelion and imagining all your stress and worries floating away and floating into the sun. It is always a good idea to practice this with feelings of gratitude.

Sound Healing 

Who doesn't love listening to the sound of crystal bowls or wind chimes blowing in the breeze? Sound healing helps our bodies harmonize with the Universe, and this process, significantly when we slow down to truly listen, can help release pent up anger and sadness. Focus on your heart and throat chakras when you engage with sound healings, and you will notice that any feelings of heaviness will be lifted and lighter.

Walking or Rebounding

Taking a daily walk is an excellent way to get the body moving and the mind rejuvenated. Studies have shown that a 5-minute walk can help perk up your mood and help you healthily process your daily stresses. This is because of our eye movements while we walk to coincide with our thoughts and help us put our reality into perspective with the present. Sometimes we need that jolt to get us back to our center. Rebounding on a mini-trampoline is another excellent way to release psychological stress and physical stress. This works well for someone who cannot take walks outside of the home and is easy on the joints. Jumping up and down helps to release the tension trapped in our cells and help prevent stress related illness. It's also an activity that fills people with a sense of joy and playfulness, which we all need more of right now.

Journaling It Out

Writing out our thoughts and worries is another way to deal with stress on an ongoing basis. There are many practices of journaling that people can practice. Some practice automatic writing to develop their intuition or psychic abilities. Others will do it to root out their negative beliefs and thought patterns to be more centered throughout their day. One practice is to combine words with imagery. This practice is especially useful for those suffering from depression and anger who feel they can't fully express themselves with words. Drawing pictures, creating collages, any creative combination is a valid and healthy way to work out any causes of stress.

Creative Activities 

Any creative activity can be a fantastic resource for coping with stress. Whether it's writing poetry, painting, or working with wood, it can be helpful stress relief activities. They can also serve as helping you to connect with others and share your interest with them. Many people enjoy creating and then sharing their creations with others. This is one reason other than a source of income that many people have started created face masks as it serves as a creative stress relief and a project for the greater good.

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