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Affirmations for Health and Well Being from Psychic Genesis

In these times, in which so many people worried about the health and safety of themselves, families, and loved ones, it is helpful to use positive affirmations and turn away from so much constant negative information on the news and social media. It is fine to get your nightly news, but do not saturate your mind with repetitive negativity. It can adversely affect your energy levels, emotions, and immune system.

Below I have listed some affirmations on health and protection. I recommend that you cut and paste these affirmations and recite them in the morning upon awakening and before falling asleep at night at least three times repetitively.

Another beneficial method is to recite and record them and play them back to yourself as you drift off to sleep. It does not matter if you fall asleep during the recording. In this way, the affirmations will take hold in the subconscious mind using this method.

Safety/Protection Affirmations

1. I am safe in this world.

2. I am safe and protected during all my travels.

3. I am always in the right place at the right time.

4. My living environment is safe, secure, and divinely protected.

5. I am protected from harm.

6. I am safe at all times.

7. My family is safe and protected.

8. All is well in my world.

9. I am always provided for.

10. The protective energy of love surrounds me still.

11. There is a light of protection always surrounding my family and me.

12. My angels are protecting and guiding me at all times.

Health Affirmations

1. My body is in a perfect, balanced healthy state.

2. I always make healthy choices.

3. I enjoy vibrant health.

4. I am grateful for my healthy body.

5. Every day, in every way, my body grows stronger and healthier.

6. I feel healthy and rested.

7. I am happy and healthy.

8. I am confident in my body's ability to protect me and stay healthy.

9. Health is my natural state of being.

10. I am well.

11. I am strong.

12. My body is in perfect health now.

I am an ordained minister and have no doubt in the power of prayer. I have witnessed many miracles. I have written a prayer to the Holy Spirit that I recite and am sharing it below with you: Prayer to the Holy Spirit, Spirit of Divine Love and Protection, I ask that you fill my body with your pure divine protective light. That you fill my home with cleansing, pure light. Accompany me through all my travels and surround me with your protective health-giving light. Holy Spirit restores peace to my mind and heart. Spirit of Divinity restores peace and health to all people. Breathe peace and health into this earth with your Divine Power. Grace, our scientists, medical professionals, and government leaders with wisdom and knowledge to combat the spread of this virus and find a cure. Amen.

Psychic Genesis

My name is Psychic Genesis, and I have been a psychic reader online for over 20 years. I am an experienced real psychic who is honest and candid in my psychic readings. I use my natural abilities, but I am also a Tarot Card Reader. 

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