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All About My Psychic Abilities : Psychic Flawless Goddess

I have a deck I use a lot for my readings. I have so many other divination decks that I use, but one is my favorite. I also don't have to feel energies to sense stuff.

I don't have to use tarot cards.

It's hard for me to explain. I got to be honest because my senses on how something makes my heart feel are unexplainable and very uncontrollable at times. After all, it's something that just comes to me naturally. I knew I was clairsentient because of my powerful love life and from when I had a crush on someone for a long time from high school until my early 20s.

I am excellent at predicting stuff before it happens, and I can sense things as well while it's happening. It really just comes to me naturally, but if I'm not getting anything, I can't tell you anything unless my heart and soul and brain sense stuff. That's not how it works because I don't have to feel the energy; I can just sense things.

Also, sometimes the more I think something, then suddenly, it happens for real. I've had those experiences with my love life and with situations in general. And I want people to know when I use cards, and I'm not going to tell you something just based on what the card means or based on what it meant to say I go by how something makes me feel mostly.

Cards can also have so many meanings, and it doesn't have t to mean what the book says. But the book gives you insight into the meanings, but you have to say what it means to you. I allow the art to speak to my soul because I am also a very talented artist. So yes, cards can have so many meanings.

And truth be told, we all have intuition. Some chose not to use it, but I do. And also, you can use cards and not be a psychic. I believe we all have psychic abilities, but I chose to use my gift to help people. I want to help people grow, and I want people to learn from what I've experienced in my life.

i want people to know you're in charge of your destiny. You don't have to take this. This is only just guidance. This will help you heal and grow as a person. So whether you get a negative reading or a positive reading, that doesn't mean you can't change it you have the power to change it into something positive. Whether this is real or fake to you, you have the ability to change it all. You really do!

I also have cards that give great advice. My cards will tell you more than just seeing the future. I see so much deeper into psychic stuff. I believe this stuff is about future seeing and predicting things that are happening or before happening, but I also think apart from that, these psychic readings can just give you advice. Some might recommend releasing toxic energy or a person out of your life, or some might tell you to do meditation.

Meditation is good for the soul, and it will help you heal your heart, soul, mind, and body. I would recommend using crystals as well. I love using Selenite wands, Opalite Wands, and I just got into that recently. And I keep my crystals out as well for when I do readings. Sometimes I have them laying out, giving me the protection that I need to keep that negative energy away from me.

Psychic Flawless Goddess 

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