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Sun Sign Compatibility 

This partnership can bring out the best in both partners. They are all about bringing love to the world, although the manner in which they envision that process can be quite different. Together their liberal, enthusiastic, and open-hearted approach to life will be a space that they can share. Passion, adventurous endeavors, and unexpected detours will be a normal day in this household. This is a strong, beneficial energetic connection.

In the long term, these two can build a happy household that includes many vacations. Together they will seek adventure in unconventional ways to learn about each other, the word at large, and their place in the Universe. These two will often go on retreats together and come back better for the experience.

Modality Compatibility 

Although the Aquarian can be resistant to change, when the Aries can explain why the change needs to happen (often for the greater good) the Aquarian will be able to intellectualize the shift and be 100% on board. The stable nature of the Aquarian will be a positive influence on the Aries, who often struggle with keeping their feet on the ground. These two can shift more easily with each other if they practice grounding together such as daily meditation, running, or yoga.

Element Compatibility ​ 

Air will tend to expand fire and that is exactly what can occur with an Aquarius and Aries couple. Once the Aries takes the lead, the Aquarian will keep the Aries motivated. Ever the realist, the Aquarian will ensure that the optimistic approach of the Aries will not cause them to hold onto a situation when it is time to walk away. Learning how to keep pace with each other and have patience is key.

Energetic Strengths ​ 

Loving to solve problems the way that an Aquarius does will be appreciated by the Aries who want to bring love to the world. Neither person will suffocate the other, as they will respect each other's boundaries. Both having come into this world with much to accomplish, they will inspire each other to reach higher and bigger and then they will do just that. This union can bring great change to their other interpersonal relationships and can even bring healing into their community.

Energetic Challenges​ 

Both partners can tend to be a bit blunt and therefore hurt feelings will be commonplace in this partnership, less so for the Aquarian who has a thicker skin than the Aries. The Aquarian will also have a challenging time keeping up with the Aries, who tends to float between an intellectual and emotional space with no notice. Coming up with a communication strategy and an approach to conflict will help them succeed in the long term.

How to Create Astrological Balance ​ 

Passionate, liberal, sensual, direct, and fearlessly true to themselves, this partnership can be an exciting and beneficial relationship. They will bring out the best in each other while giving their partner the freedom to explore, discover, and speak their ever changing truth. Together they will help others learn the value of Universal love and readily advance themselves with enthusiasm and optimism for the future.

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