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Are Psychic Readings Over The Phone Accurate?

One of the key aspects of getting an accurate reading on any platform from psychics is to make sure you are in the right place emotionally and mentally to receive spiritual guidance.

Getting psychic readings by phone is just as accurate as any other kind of psychic readings. Your psychic tunes into your energy whether you are in front of them or a virtual setting of any type of formats such as an online chat or text reading. Psychics will take time to cleanse and ground their energy before and after each of their readings with clients. It is an excellent idea to do the same.

Make sure you are in a relaxed environment where you can feel free to be yourself. Whether at home or in an office setting, you will want to make sure your readings are private and comfortable so you can focus without distractions. You will feel a better connection and receive clear answers if you are centered and open to receive guidance from your psychic reader.

Your mindset is key to the accuracy of your readings. Remove doubt, fear, distractions and come in with an abundance mindset. You never want to go into a psychic reading with feelings of lack and unworthiness as you will attract that into your reading and your life path. Your possible timeline will show that negative vibrational mindset and not a positive one that you might be hoping for in the long run. After all, our thoughts do create our reality.

It is highly possible that you can receive accurate tarot card readings from a psychic on our platform. Read reviews on our website or other websites regarding psychic sessions from other clients to get an idea of who offers the best tarot readings. Not every psychic offers a tarot reading or uses tarot cards, but you may find one to your liking.

Even though psychics who use tools can be phone psychics, your chances are higher when using online psychic reading services that the psychic will rely more on their psychic abilities than using divination tools. The use of divination tools doesn't make the reading any less valid or accurate. Keen psychics on any platform will validate this.

It doesn't matter if you are in person with your psychic or on the phone; if they are a real psychic, then the reading will be accurate. 

Accuracy Defined 

When people say they are looking for accuracy in a psychic reading online, what exactly are they looking for in the result?

You may be surprised at the different ways people define accuracy in psychic readings online.

Accuracy can mean:

  • Confirmation
  • Clarity
  • Validation
  • Deep Listening
  • Solid Advice
  • Heavy Details
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Timeline Predictions

Not everyone goes into an online psychic reading wanting the same outcome. Some will go in purely wanting confirmation for their suspicions. With these types of readings, clients are either satisfied or unhappy with the results, depending on their attitude. The information may be accurate, but they may not want to believe it, whether positive or negative, because of their own beliefs regarding their intuition.

Clients who are keen on seeking a psychic source on any platform for clarity will often come away from the reading feeling it is accurate. Seeking clarity comes from the state of mind of openness and a willingness to find peace within regardless of what is being said or given. Peace isn't cheap or easy but is highly valuable.

When clients come into psychic readings wanting validation, they are usually looking for a psychic who can not only help them in the present but help their wounded inner child heal, even if they don't realize it. There is nothing wrong with seeking validation, but validation is not about accuracy. It is about walking away feeling lighter and better about yourself. For these clients, receiving validation is accurate.

Some people need psychic advisors that are deep listeners to help them sort out their problems and seek guidance. When we feel deeply listened to on all levels, we begin to heal. Our problems may be complex, require inner work or many steps to resolve, but if we feel heard and seen, we feel like we matter. Deeply listening can be perceived as a form of accuracy as it is authentic and comes from a place of healing.

Then there are those clients who need more than deep listening. They require some solid advice, which may or may not include possible timeline predictions. Sometimes we just want to talk with someone about all the possibilities of how an event might unfold, how a person might react, or what steps we can take to make something happen or stop it from happening. Psychics who give solid advice tend to have the training and a natural inclination to life coaching. When clients feel the advice given to them is trustworthy, they will walk away feeling the reading is accurate.

Keen psychics on any platform will always be heavily on details. For many as a customer of online psychic readings, detailed readings weigh heavily in value and insight and are considered accurate based on how informed the user feels at the end of the reading. Loads of wisdom are not accessible or cheap. When reading reviews on a website or websites for an online psychic, you will see testimonials that comment on details when they recommend that psychic if this is your preference.

If you are the kind of customer who comes into a reading wanting to work with a care free psychic on a legitimate platform, then you may be looking for accuracy in the form of spiritual counseling. A keen psychic looking to help you focus on spiritual guidance can alleviate any feelings of stress and worry. A user will walk away from one phone call with these psychics feeling lighter and more joyous. These types of sessions are considered a form of accuracy for many clients as they help them feel re-aligned with their soul purpose. Reviews of these kinds of psychics from satisfied clients will include words like guidance and comfort.

Lastly, many people hope for a worry free psychic reading by receiving absolute timeline predictions. Many psychics offer accurate psychic readings that may include possibilities of how events may unfold, but those predictions aren't absolute. Uncertainty is a part of life we must all come to terms with, and predictions are just that … predictions. Yes, some keen psychics may tell you what happens and when it happens as precisely as that, but that is not always the case. Psychic readers can only be accurate in the exact moment they are giving you their psychic services, but free will and time will change that outcome. 

What Are Timelines? 

Timelines are the proposed unfolding of events in a person, group, or society's span of existence. The past is a timeline that is set in stone. The present and the future are constantly changing.

Individual timelines are constantly in flux as you exist in the present moment. With every decision, you may well change your current timeline as well as your future timeline. These decisions have consequences that will also affect those around you and people you have yet to meet.

Shared timelines are also in flux but require one or more people to get into the exact alignment. Any number of factors can create disjointed timelines and alter the unfolding of events. If you are set to meet someone at a certain point in time, any decisions you and that other person make can affect that timeline. Also, others' free will outside of your timeline and the other person's timeline might affect the outcome of your shared timeline.

Groups of people and events work on an even larger scale, and we are experiencing one playing out right now before our eyes, the pandemic. Every individual decision we may is affecting the outcome of how this is all playing out. If you want to understand the cause and effect of free will, study the pandemic's social aspects and consequences.

How Does Free Will Affect Your Psychic Reading? 

All of us are subject to free will. Whether we exercise our right to free will or not is another question, but we all have the ability to change and stop events from happening. We can literally change our fate and change the fates of those connected to us in minor or major ways.

How does this affect accurate psychic readings with online psychics? Keen psychics can give you estimates of probabilities, but free will always determine much of the outcome. No matter how much energy you put into wanting something to happen or not happen, there may be little you can do to stop it.

The good news is that having free will can help you when a psychic sees something on the horizon that may not be in your best interest or something in your present you need to release. Your free will offers you the opportunity to decide to create change in your life.

Your Attitude and State of Mind 

If you are frazzled or in a negative state of mind, your reading will reflect it in the guidance and answers that you receive. Believe it or not, your mood affects events' outcomes because behavior is attached to our emotional states. We do not act reasonably when we are in a poor state of mind.

When you take the time to ground yourself, clear out negative thoughts and energy, and get in tune with the Universe, you will receive information from psychics that reflect that state of mind because you have already taken active steps to alter your events. A peaceful state of mind creates peaceful actions and reactions.

The same can be said about our attitude. If we go into a reading with a perceived attitude of what the psychic is going to say, we may receive advice based on our perceptions which may be inaccurate. If we go in open-minded, the psychic will not have to filter through lessons your Spirit Guides, and higher self is trying to teach you. They will perceive things just as they are.

If you want to walk away from a session feeling satisfaction guarantee, consider going on with the idea of finding clarity rather than a conceptual view of accuracy. Any of the sessions you have with psychic readers should lead you to have some kind of epiphany, whether small or monumental. Psychic sessions shouldn't just be limited to the concept of accuracy, but the possibility for evolving as a human being.

Do yourself a favor and go in asking open-ended questions rather than looking for yes or no answers. You will find that having a beginner's mind will open you up to consider new ways of thinking and being. Having an open mind places you inside an abundance mindset and out of a scarcity mindset, for you are open to possibilities and not limited to your beliefs.

The Pros and Cons of Having An Abundance Mindset During Psychic Phone Readings 

Raise Your Vibration

Having an abundance mindset when entering your psychic readings online will help you with just one phone call. Psychics sensing the positive energy you bring to the reading session will help you release and raise your vibrational fields. It doesn't matter if it is your first time with them or not. The connection the two of you make during that session will help elevate your soul and fill you with purpose regardless of the discussion or outcome.

Attract Angel Guides and Spirit Guides

When you enter a phone psychic reading with an abundance mindset, you open yourself up to attracting Angel Guides and Spirit Guides more readily in your life. This can be amazing and scary at the same time, depending on whether you are ready for this interaction level. A keen psychic will tell and support you in adapting to this if you are new to it and what task you may need to complete to be more comfortable.

Experience Spiritual Growth

As you begin to work with psychics and adopt an abundance mindset in your psychic sessions, you will find that you will grow spiritually in many ways. This kind of growth comes with growing pains that are both good and bad. You may find yourself learning new things and engaging with new types of people that are higher vibrational. Hesitation, fear, and resistance will become a part of your life until you open up new pathways and new ways of being. This task of growing isn't' easy, but it will move you out of your comfort zone and out of a scarcity mindset.

More Receptive to Help You

When you are vibrating higher due to an abundance mindset, people will be more receptive to you and more open to helping you in your journey. Psychics working with you will find that it is easier to give you a psychic reading as you are more open and receptive to hearing guidance not just from them but from your guides. Your willingness to be available to opportunities will make it so your guides will have loads of information to share with you all of the time. As a result, you will find that your readings will become increasingly more accurate.

Attract the right people and situations

Once you have adopted the right mindset, you will attract the right people and the right situations to create the reality you desire. However, any blocks or fears you are not dealing with will become obstacles along the way until you work through them. This can feel very frustrating, and you may lose focus on the ultimate goal, but you will need to shed all the layers holding you back before you can fully move forward and grow into your full potential.

Recognize How Powerful Your Thoughts Are

Once you realize how powerful the thoughts and actions are on how you think and feel about yourself and your life, it can have backlash. This is because we fear change and crave to keep things in homeostasis. Psychic readings can help you overcome this resistance and help support you during this growth process. Standing in your power takes time, patience and comes with resistance. You will find that this task isn't cheap, easy, and will require much energy from you, but it will be worth it in the result.

Begin To Co-Create Your Reality

One of the most powerful things you can walk away from in a psychic reading is the idea that you can co-create your reality and take charge of your health and wellbeing. Working with a psychic and cultivating an abundance mindset, you can use your energy and the psychic's energy and insights to move forward with releasing whatever no longer serves you and attracting new opportunities and people to come into your life. This can be both exciting and overwhelming.

Tips for Getting The Best Psychic Reading  

  • Pick a legitimate psychic platform to work with regularly by checking out their website.
  • When reviewing the website, decide if they are cheap enough for you.
  • Look over the reviews and ratings of all the psychic readers on the platform.
  • Decide if you want to have card readings or no tools psychic readings
  • Task yourself to clear your energy before and after the psychic reading.
  • Work with affirmations to remove fear, doubt, skepticism, or anything else that attracts a scarcity mindset before your sessions.


Whether you are new to psychic readings or not, if you approach each session with a positive attitude and openness, you will receive the best psychic reading. At MeetYourPsychic, first-time users can receive an introductory offer rate of $1 per minute for up to 20 minutes and have the first three minutes for free. With a wide range of live psychics on the platform offering love readings, tarot readings, and any kind of relationship reading, you are bound to find a keen psychic that is the best psychic online for you. 

Are you interested in working with one of our online psychics? Call us today to book a reading on our platform. 

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