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Astrology - Synchronicity with the Stars : Insights from Psychic Reed

Astrology is a very in-depth study of the placement of planets and luminaries at specific times that affect certain aspects of our lives. This is a great way to plan and optimize your success in certain areas and also to prevent negative influences from interfering with your intentions. Astrology goes much deeper than the horoscopes in newspapers and magazines and can actually help you maximize your life in several areas, which I will explain further.

The phases of the moon have long been calculated, and evidence of their effect on the earth has been recorded for ages. Different phases of the moon are crucial when it comes to focusing on specific energies and how to channel them.

●The New Moon: This is when the moon is invisible, and it is a time to focus on new beginnings, gathering up ideas and inspirations, and to plan ahead for the coming month or so. This is where you begin a new cycle and reset the energy to manifest positive energy towards your life.

●Waxing Crescent: Where the new moon gave you a chance to think and plan what you want to accomplish, the waxing crescent is the time to make your intentions known and develop the will power to push it into fruition. This is the transition of ideas into a more precise picture that brings inspiration into the light of reality.

●First Quarter: When the moon looks as if it is cut in half, this signals that action is ready to be taken. Put your plans firmly into motion and discovering any potential obstacles or challenges that may block your path and finding ways to overcome them. This is the time to be solution-oriented and steadfast in your approach to your goals.

●Waxing Gibbous: The waxing gibbous moon is there when we are close to our goals, but need to assess their viability. Maybe your original intent is not possible at the time, but a different version of it is. This is the phase of improving and ironing out the details of your goals to reach an optimal outcome in the most realistic sense.

●The Full Moon: Also known as the Harvest Moon, this is the time to receive the fruits of your past intentions and even your current ones. From this period, the moon will go from waxing to waning, signaling your journey to look inwardly instead of out, and is the time to simply celebrate yourself, and be grateful to the universe for the things you have.

●The Waning Gibbous: while the cause and effect of the energies you have set into motion previously are still clear in your memory, this is the time to reflect. Similar to its waxing mirror, this is also a time to refine and improve, but this is the time to look inwardly at your perception of yourself, thought processes, and your assumptions and reflect on how they have impacted your actions up to now.

●Last Quarter: After recalibrating your inner compass in the last phase, now is the time to release and let go of the habits and thought processes that hold you back. The last quarter moon asks you to forgive yourself and cleanse in preparation for the next phase.

●Waning Crescent: This is a time to recuperate. To be fully open to the next cycle, you must be relieved from this one. This is when you want to try to clear your mind, tie up loose ends, and prepare for the next cycle of rebirth and regeneration.

☆l also track the transits of the planets and their effect in your life. For example, VENUS in transit is good to follow to reach optimal results in relationships and all things pleasurable and beautiful. SATURN in transit is a good signifier of the most beneficial times to focus on all matters involving ambition, discipline, and obligation. I follow the stars and apply them to specific psychic readings but will help you calculate the best timing for you on request. Just like the Farmers Almanac, to fully appreciate growth, look to the stars for guidance.


Psychic Reed

My name is Reed, and I am a psychic reader on Meet Your Psychic. I am here to channel these messages and help you with various aspects of your life, and one of my specialties is in Astrology. If you're looking for a real psychic to assist you with the external stressors and distractions of the physical plane, I am here to help you with your online psychic needs. 

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