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Welcome. The vision for this Blog is to allow an opportunity for our Psychic Advisors to offer helpful guidance to improve your present and future life. This forum is also an excellent way to be introduced to an advisor if you have not had the opportunity to experience their services.


Meet Your Psychic
Hello. I am a deeply compassionate intuitive empath and healer. I take a very warm, friendly, personal, nurturing interest in you and the matters that concern you in a reading or healing session. My commitment is to bring grace to your heart and energy, in every situation. Without tools or through prayerful dance, I channel clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, empathic insight, and healing grace to share with you. The imagery, messages, and energy are received from a high spiritual perspective of God's Divine vision of you - your soul, life, circumstances, and purpose. Whether you are seeking healing, a general reading, or response to specific questions and concerns for yourself, a loved one, a relationship, etc, the information and energy I am given for you will offer a broad, deep, transcendent experience to guide, encourage, and comfort you. I look forward to bringing it to you.

Harvesting the Fruit of Faith

‚ÄčLiving by intuition is an act of faith. It suspends reliance upon the physical senses for evidence, and calls forth trust in a deeper subtler reality. The knowing, sensing, feeling, hearing, seeing comes within. It is a gift from God, Source, Spirit, the Higher Power one individually connects with. 

My personal experience has required great patience, faith, trust, and fortitude to accept what the gifts of intuition have held and revealed to me. For me, accepting means standing by the truths, indications, and promises received, and choosing my path and actions accordingly. This has been a long growing season in my life, but now the fruit of my faith and fidelity to the signs and signals of God-given intuition is manifesting. And it is riper, sweeter, juicier than I could have ever imagined. 

So my encouragement to you, my fellow souls, is to patiently trust the unseen Higher Hand that guides you through subtle spiritual sensory perception...whether your own or that of those to whom you are drawn to share their gifts with you. The fruit of faith is worth the cultivation.

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Harmonizing with Divine Rhythm

Peace comes when we flow in harmony with the present energy. The modern world tends to have imposed a notion that we must always be active, push, and produce. But I've come to experience and appreciate that divine guidance is always moving through the natural ebb and flow of energy in life. When my energy is low, for example, it is not the time to push a great new effort or project forward. That is not merely a matter of common sense; it is a higher arrangement to guide and protect me. Signs and signals are always all around. I simply need to pay attention to them. And trust.

Trusting the higher hand that always leads me and every other soul with benevolent intention is a key to calm existence. I cherish this as grace and the art of moving in divine alignment. As a healer and intuitive, this is what I am moved by joy, gratitude, and enthusiasm to share - the sense of energy and divinity that supports each of us at every step. May there be good fortune for all and peace on earth by living in love and trust with the ever present ways of the supreme Spirit, Source, and Creator.

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Harvesting the Fruit of Faith

‚ÄčLiving by intuition is an act of faith. 

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