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Connecting with someone simple flirting thinking about do they like me are we more then friends ok did they just drop a hit?Undecided That they like me or wait not knowing what you are ? Ok, are we dating, talking, or are we more then just friends? What are we? Ok, oh I got it. Let's ask them, ok here we go saying how we feel this is really hard and akward. Ugh. I feel like kid again wait what did they just say they dont no ?? They like me, but they don't no?? Yeally Undecided I don't know what's worst feeling trying to figure out if they're hinting they want more or what are you the way. I helped myself and so many with these few simple steps: 

1: asking yourself-- is this what you want? 

2: do really want to be with someone who's so unsure what else in the long run are they gonna be unsure about?

3:  medition sometimes solo is good, but with a spiritualist you can go further reaching a higher energy and you can reach the patiences, generosity, forgiveness, love, compassion that you need sometimes in these situtions.

But, I hope we can all find peace in our paths to our soulmates. Wish you love and happiness!

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Embarassedugh mid week stress and anxeity. We all get it lack of energy or no postive thoughts, just feeling out of itUndecided. Well, it's almost a new month before we know it it's new week and it's new season already. Oh plus that hoilday stress, but trying to get though it with work family and life stressFrown ughUndecidedhmm what to do ? Well to be honest, it's very simple to release all of it. Try meditation. It is a key to releasing and receiving enegry by starting and ending your day even when you start feel that anxeity to creep up. It's just few moments to find your center and get away from everything before you know it you're gonna start feeling so filled up with postive thoughts and good vibes and strong energy so just relax, take deep breath, and start to meditate. So stay strong and postive friends! Smile

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Manifestation takes discipline.  There, I said it!  We often associate manifestation with "hippie-dippy" or "airy-fairy" New Age thinking that cannot be truly grasped, let alone worked on in a disciplined, physical manner that will produce consistent results.  However, there are simple, effective practices, that if approached with a sense of discipline and earnest willingness, will allow you to manifest your desires rapidly and definitvely.  

The secret is a daily journal you will write in.  The trick is this - you must write in it every day.  Ideally, you will take the time to write in it before beginning the mundane tasks of your day.  Set aside five to fifteen minutes every day and you will align yourself with the energies of those things you wish to manifest before going out and taking actions that will draw those things you desire into your life.  


1.  Find a journal you will enjoy writing in.  You will be working with this journal every day, so if you are a visual person, choose to write in something you find beautiful.  This will encourage you to keep up your practice.  You will associate what you write in this journal with the pleasant feelings you derive just from seeing this wonderful book, filled with your hopes and dreams, waiting to be worked with each day.

2.  Give your journal a name.  I call mine my "Magical Manifestation Journal."  Feel free to create a title of your own that feels meaningful and inspiring.

3.  On the left page of your journal write a list of all the things you are truly grateful for.  The things you are grateful for need not be grand or glamorous (although they certainly can be!)  Some days you might be grateful just to be alive.  If you're going through rough times it may be a stretch to think of things to be grateful for.  Don't worry and don't give up on finding things to be grateful for.  Write them down and trust that there will be more to be grateful for tomorrow.

4.  On the right side of the page create a list of things you would like to be grateful for.  Things you hope and dream will happen but haven't shown up in your life - YET.  Write this list as if these things have manifested already.  Fill in the blank: I am always grateful for...

5.  Take a moment to imagine enjoying all of the things you are working on manifesting; the gratitude statements on the right page of your journal.  

6.  Put a bit of your personal energy onto your journal.  This will give your manifestations a boost.  I love the sparkle of glitter, so I sprinkle a bit across the pages of my journal before setting it aside for the day.  There are many ways to do this.  You might spritz a bit of perfume or cologne across the pages, paste in a picture or flower, or light a candle and drip a bit of wax on the pages.  

7.  Believe!  Watch as the items from the right side of the journal begin to migrate to the left as your manifestations begin to work!  

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Words are one of our most powerful tools for manifestation.  As a Mother, Psychic, and (yes) English Teacher I know that words do make a difference.  The irony of words is that with all of their potential to uplift and create, words without action are meaningless.  We've all had a person on in our life who promised one thing, only to do another. Just words! Yet, words backed by action, emotion, and intention are powerful symbols of what we can and will do with our lives.  Think of a loved one saying those precious words, "I love you" and then giving you a big hug and the consistent support that proves those words to be true.  What a wonderful combination!

Memes, quotes - those words that can sometimes feel cliche: Live your dreams!  You are beautiful!  You are loved!  There was a time when I turned my nose up when I saw little trinkets and posters with these words emblazoned across them.  Hmmmphh!  Easy for you to say, you silly commercial products!

Through the process of growing spiritually and creating a joyful life I've tuned into the positive, uplifting power of words like these.  They may be common but they are not silly or ineffectual.  Fill your life with positive words.  Allow yourself to write yourself uplifting messages to remind yourself throughout the day about the innate joy and beauty you, other people, and the world around you possess.  Send a loved one a text or e-mail, just to tell them how much you love and appreciate them.  Sharing kind words with others makes everyone feel good.  The goodness you see in others will be the goodness others see in you.  

As I write this I look at little things around me; things I once would have dismissed as trite. The journal where I write my daily "To Do List" is illustrated with rich flowers and the words "Life is Beautiful."  These simple words remind me that the tasks of my day are not a burdern, but actions that bring all the wonderful things I enjoy into my world.  Next to my bed sits a box I put my rings in before going to sleep that reads, "Live Your Dreams."  How lucky I am I to fill the box beside my bed with treasures instead of sorrows!  Each morning I write at least three things I am grateful for today and three things I will be grateful for tomorrow.  Sweet messages of beauty, dreams achieved, goals accomplished, abudance manifested; added to our positive intent and and actions build the rich, blessed truth of our lives today and every day.

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Spirit guides are advanced spiritual beings that are assigned to you before you are even born. They can help you to make decisions through life and they are also completely responsible when it comes to connecting you with your soul and your emotions. Some guides may stay with you throughout your entire life, others however, will just come into your life now and again to try and help you with something in specific, for example, a goal that you are trying to achieve.Spirit guides can arrange synchronicities and this will show you something that you need to know about. They can also give you that "gut" feeling when they want you to notice something as well, and as we all know, it is better to follow your gut feeling when making decisions. It is also possible for guides to send you flashes, or voices in your head. These thoughts may appear out of nowhere and you may not even be able to pinpoint what made you think of that when you did, but at the end of the day, it is all down to your spirit guide so this is something that you need to look out for.A lot of people think that it would be great if you could just call your guide and speak to them. After all, you could tell them what is going on in your life and they could also tell you what you need to do in your life in order to make the right decisions. Although you might not be able to connect with your spirit guide directly, it is always a good idea for you to listen to your intuition, or your gut feeling. It is these thoughts that come from your spirit guide so as you can see, it is possible to connect, you just need to know how.
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Discovering your life purpose can be done by simply looking at your past lives. This can be done through past life regression where you experience the past lives again. It can also be done through a past life reading, where you are told by a psychic what your past lives were. I offer past life readings to clients. By doing so, I have helped many people discover their spiritual life purpose.

If you are in need of this or any of my other services, pleasae feel free to schedule a reading with me.



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The Angels and the Faeries are here for you. They desire to help you achieve your goals and dreams. This includes those you have in your relationships. If you desire to heal your relationships, learn how to attract your love interest, or rekindle romance, I can help!

As someone who is deeply connected with the Faeries and Angels, I can relay their magical and miraculous wisdom to you.


Angel and Faerie blessings!

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Today is the Wolf Moon. The moon is full. This is a GREAT time to RELEASE anything that is no longer serving you. When you release, you allow the Universe to bless you with new things!

Faerie and Angel Blessings,

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i just had a quick message to share tonight.



Life is full of choices. Some are big choices while others are small. Do you have a hard time making choices when it comes to small things like what shoes to wear to an interview? How about big choices, like if you should make a commitment to your partner? Relationship choices are huge choices to make.




What’s holding you back from making better relationship choices?
Is it your romantic past?
Are you afraid your friends and loved ones won’t approve?
Are you stressed out over the many choices you already have to make every day?
It’s likely a little bit of all of these, but there are things you can do to make your relationship choices better and a lot easier.


  1. Know What Choices Really Matter   
    Every choice (big or small) takes a toll on your mental energy, but not all choices require the same amount of energy. Do you know the difference? For example, choosing which sandwich to have for lunch doesn’t deserve the same scrutiny as the choice to take the next step in your relationship (becoming exclusive, moving in together, getting engaged, getting married, having children, etc.), so don’t treat them the same. You don’t need a million options for everyday choices—you just need a few. If you save your mental energy for choices that really matter, like relationship choices, you’ll make better choices because you’ll have the energy to do it once you focus on making choices that really matter.
  2. Avoid Approval Addiction
    If you take everyone’s opinions into consideration when making relationship choices, you suffer from approval addiction. Outside input can be important, but you need to know whose opinion matters and whose doesn’t. Other than your opinion, your partner’s opinion matters. And anyone who is directly impacted by your relationship (like children) has the right to weigh in. Otherwise, outside opinions don’t matter. Quit playing it so safe and live for yourself instead, because you won’t be happy if you can’t be true to yourself. If you’re living authentically, you’ll make better relationship choices that make you and your partner the happiest. Those who truly care for you will come around eventually, even if they object at first. Stop seeking their approval.
  3. Bypass Hindsight
    After a relationship ends, you may be tempted to dissect your choices in order to pinpoint the exact moment things went wrong. After reviewing the data it may seem like the relationship was destined to fail. But hindsight makes things seem simpler than they are and creates false judgements about you, your former partner and love and relationships in general. Hindsight turns into the baggage you’ll take with you to your next relationship (and every relationship that follows). This isn’t useful. While the choices you’ve made in the past may not seem like good choices now, they may have been the right choices at the time. This is why you should bypass hindsight and focus on future love.
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January is the month of goals and aspirations. You count the times you fell off the wagon last year and you are determined that you will never let it happen again. This year will be different. This year you will be, fit, sexy, powerful, rich and conquering the world. That's when the restrictions start. You sign up for personal training, overcommit to a lot of new goals, write out long to do lists and throw out everything in the fridge. You wind up grumpy, stressed, miserable and further from your goal than New Years Eve. 

We all want change and we want it fast. We rush into resistance mode and create overwhelming expectations for ourselves. Then we punish ourselves when we can't reach them. We think if we can reach this new state, be it healthier, richer, thinner, prettier or more successful; then that means we would deserve  to be happy. Turn it around you deserve to be happy because you are a child of God, We all are and we all deserve to have it all. 

The Law of Least Resistance states that when we are fully present in this moment and we stop running in circles trying to make things happen; then things begin to unfold naturally. We really can stop and smell the roses. There is no need to hurry. You are exactly where you need to be in this moment and everything is perfect. You get to enjoy today. Create an action step each day to reach that new goal and set you intentions for manifesting, but also add play to the equation. The more time you can give to yourself to enjoy each day,the quicker you will invite more blessings into your life. So relax, smile, and let that inner child have some fun. You've been working too hard and there is no need to worry. Give yourself a break today and acknowledge how far you have already come. And if you set one goal for 2016 choose to be more kind and compassionate to yourself and give yourself permission to enjoy today. 


Angel Blessings

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Does it seem like some people are just plain lucky? The universe rewards those who know they deserve blessings. So how can you become a magnet for more blessings? As like attracts like, when we focus on the positive and have gratitude for what we've already received, we form a powerful combo that can magnetize your highest excitement into being. Here are 5 simple practices that can strengthen your blessing powers in no time!

1. Meditate: Even just five minutes a day can have a significant impact on your mind, body, and spirit. When you quiet your mind and shift into a state of peace, you can hear the voice of your intuition guiding you toward your next action step. Meditation can also relax you, lower your stress levels and calm your monkey mind. Try it daily beginning with just a few moments of deep breathing and build on that day by day.

2. Keep a Gratitude Journal: Jot down what you are grateful for and truly thank the universe for everything you already have. You made it through another day. You are loved. You are perfect. Be grateful for your cat, your dog, your iphone, your mom whatever resonates most with you. Start with something easy and keep on adding. When we have gratitude for what we have received we invite more blessings in. The Law of Attraction is a big fan of saying thanks!

3. Declare it Into Being: Your words are powerful and like magic we can speak things into existence. Use this magic toward your benefit. Begin to declare that what you want is already so. I AM successful, I WILL find love, I AM going to get this new job. We create our own reality.Pay careful attention to the world you create from the building blocks of your speech. 

4. Get Happy: Joy is the highest vibration. When you are positive, blissful and joyful you not only raise your own vibration, you raise the vibration of the whole planet. That means big rewards in manifesting! As long as your desires are coming from your heart in unconditional love the universe will always have your back. Get happy and let the universe worry about the details. All you have to do is be a match for the blessing to be delivered. 

5. Bless Others: Begin a game of mentally saying, "I love you and I bless you" to each and every person you see. Say it to the man walking down the street, the woman at the grocery store, the child laughing in the park. As we love and bless others we also love and bless ourselves. The more love you give out the more you get. Play with it this week and see what comes up for you.

Above all know that you are perfect, you are worthy and you are deserving. You are a child of God and blessings are your birthright. Breath into that knowing and get ready to receive all the desires of your heart. 

Angel Blessings!

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Today marks the start of Mercury Retrograde. So you're not alone if you want to hide under a table! Sneaky little Mercury is the planet in charge of communication so when this guy looks like he is traveling around the sun in reverse; things are bound to go haywire. But this doesn' t have to be a time to fear. We can sieze this celestial opportunity to follow the rule of "re". 

Retrograde represents all things "re" which could include reflecting, revisiting, redesigning and receiving. It's a time to acknowledge yourself for how far you've come and pause to breath before you make your next move. It's not the time to start a new project, sign a new contract or have that heart to heart you've been putting off; unless of course you can do so with full transparency. It is the time however to turn the wheels back and pick up where you've left off. Is there something you've been working on that could get a new start? Will reflecting upon a past experience help you to gain more clarity? Is it time to get a makeover and redesign your wardrobe, your lifestyle and your game plan? When you work with Mercury instead of against it, the odds are always in your favor. Make sure you take these next twenty days to slow down, take things easy and allow yourself to receive. Mercury can be one hell of a teacher, but a positive attitude will surely make you top of the class. 

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I’d like to welcome you to 2016 with one my favorite observations:
“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
It’s been my experience that this applies to our lives and how we manifest our greatest hopes and dreams. This is a perfect time to take a look at how we want our life to unfold. This is when we set resolutions and goals. Then we try to live by our convictions for a few days, weeks, or, for the most determined among us, a few months. Rather than setting unrealistic goals that just make you feel bad when you don’t reach them, this year I’d like to be your partner in creating lasting change from the inside out. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” is one of the most quoted lines in the Tao te Ching–for good reason. It reminds us that every endeavor, great or small, has a starting point. What is the biggest change you’d like to make in your life? You can break that big change into small actions and think small to get big things done. This is the first of a multi-part series offering you practical tips and techniques to use to live a more reflective, balanced, and happy life in 2016.
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a new year is coimg!


time to release any negative depression unhappiness that as been holding us back!


time to take a stand that the new year will be bright and be filled with love peace happiness and joy.


we will fight for are selfs and allow are selfs to love are selfs


we can and will have a happy new year!!


blessings to all

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All psychics are united under one constant belief:  The Universe is always communicating with us.  And, if we are truly honest with ourselves, we must also admit that, sometimes, we just don’t want to hear what Spirit is saying.

Our ability to receive messages from Spirit is determined by a number of factors.  Surprisingly, talent may be one of the least qualifying factors.  It may be that faith, discipline and a desire to serve trumps talent as far as psychic ability goes.  Prophecy is, after all, a spiritual gift.

If we are to believe Paul, prophecy as a spiritual gift falls under and behind love.  (I Corinthians 13)  Love is the ultimate spiritual gift, and unless we are standing from a solid foundation of love, we can neither receive nor interpret the messages we are receiving from Spirit.  It is love that allows us to receive messages that we don’t want to hear.  It is our ego that rejects them.

It is almost a truism among psychics that we can’t receive messages for ourselves.  I don’t believe that.  Why would Spirit, who is constantly trying to communicate and uplift all of us, fail to communicate with its chosen messengers?  Why wouldn’t they want to communicate with us, especially when our ability to serve them is directly influenced by our own ability to grow spiritually?

No, I think we psychics are just like our clients.  Sometimes, our egos get in our own way.  Between us and that brick wall stands Spirit, and if we keep on walking until we smash up against it, that is on us.  We can’t say we weren’t warned, because, after all, the writing is always on the wall.  (Daniel 5)

Now, it is not a universal characteristic of psychics, but I notice that among my friends, we all share this one commonality.  All of us appear to be limited when it comes to manifesting our own abundance.  In other words, when my psychic friends and I get together, there are far and few dimes to rub together between us.

When it comes to money, there are a few, simple rules that apply to everyone.  Some of those rules are that you have to value yourself and your own worth; you have to be a wise steward of the money you have, etc.  And yet, somehow, I believe that I am exempt from those rules.  When I’m broke, I always know what it is that I did or did not do to cause my own impoverished situation.  I just don’t want to hear it.

So, if I am your psychic and you are my client, I may be delivering a message to you that you just don’t want to hear.  I want to let you know.  I understand fully.  I’m sorry.

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    We've all done it; we've gone out on the date, met the person of interest and really liked them. It seemed like there was instant connection and the date went excellent. Yet, there was something deep down within our very being that said, "soemthings not right here." We then learn later on, that the person has some baggage, loose ends to tie up in life or some depthy problems; no big deal, we really like this person and we're sure that everything will work out fine. But all the while, that little voice within is pestering you to not go down that road. Once again, you ignore your gut feelings and just push past the warning signals. Then, several months later, you find yourself being ignored, they disappear out of your life like a mist of smoke... nowhere to be found. Or maybe they've gone back to their ex or simply just told you that they can't do this right now, and they need space and time to focus on their own lives. Now you find yourself sitting in your living room all alone, with the peices of your broken heart scattered across the floor wishing you had listened to your gut instinct right from the beginning. It's a classic mistake that we have all made at time or another; but it's a lesson we can all learn from. We all desire to love and be loved. We want that connection in our lives so badly that sometimes we ignore the signals that our own soul is sending us that could bypass a lot of heartache and pain. But there are no short cuts to real love, and we can't make a bad situation good just by wishing or believing that the  power of love will fix another broken person. We are spiritual beings, we deisire love so deeply because we came from the ultimate source of love, which is Spirit. But Spirit also gave us all us a tool to be able to sense and know when a situation is not right; and that tool is your intuition. So don't sell yourself short or extend the amount of time it will take you to find real love; listen to your intuition and avoid thise roads that will flatten your tires, stall you out and leave you a wreck... In the end, you will be glad you did!
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It's everywhere we look: in the streets, on-the-job, in the media and perhaps even in our own household. The beast we call negativity has far-reaching tentacles that seem to touch every aspect of our lives. The boss is playing favorites, someone is out to take our job, there are psychic vampires who seem to drain us dry every chance that they get. There is crime in the streets, senseless killing everywhere we look and of course the threat of more death and war. So how do we do it, how do we stay positive with so much tumultuous energy swirling all around us? If you're like most people, you feel like you're scraping a layer of ice off of your car windshield every morning, and the next day, it is right back there again. Most people seek exterior solutions to these problems; always looking for the newest pill, diet, exercise, meditation and guru technique that they hope will make everything right in their lives. But as one who speaks to many people per day, giving psychic advice, I hear the statement more times than not, "I have been doing this technique for a long time now, and it just doesn't seem to be working." Perhaps you have uttered those famous last words your self. So what can we do, what can be done to gain greater inner peace in our lives and keep the negativity at bay? I don't want to sound like I'm preaching you a sermon here, but the greatest solution to the problem of negativity is to have a personal encounter with Divine love. But how does one do this, and how does that love keep the negativity in our world from overcoming us? The answer is simple, but the actual obtaining does take some effort. You will either have to engage in some studying, prayer or meditation. The trick here is to find out who God is to you. Religion cannot answer this question for you, and another person cannot give it to you. The journey is yours to take, until you come to that place where your inner being is filled with such joy and peace that you finally say, " this is it, this is what I have been looking for my entire life." Once you have that enlightened moment, your life will begin to change in unimaginable ways. You will automatically begin to make adjustments in your way of thinking, doing and being. You will start to revolutionize your personal being. When this happens, the psychic vampires will suddenly just fall away, and the negativity of others will begin to slide off of you like water droplets on a smooth surface. It will almost seem as if there is a protective shield around you, that causes any disruptive energy or hurtful plans of another person to be repelled and take no route in your personal reality. This is not to say that we will not take a few bumps and bruises in our journey through life. But when we fall, we will get back up. We will have an inner strength and a faith that sustains us through the darkest of nights. I believe, and have come to learn that there are higher forces in the universe. They are here to help us, to stand guard over us and offer us assistance when needed. They will hold you up when you feel that you do not have the strength to fight or stand. But please note, they do not want to do all of the work for us. Walking in the light of Divine love is a partnership, and everyone must do their part to cause the change in life that we want to see. We must not fall into the trap of praying and asking God to change the world and the circumstances in our lives, but never lifting a finger to affect that change. This is a system that will never work. We must do our part, even if that part is just being patient and having faith. To walk the path of Divine love is not a selfish journey. Once you have that encounter that sets ablaze in your own heart a fire of love that is beyond this world. You must then become the flame that lights the candle of others. By passing on this wisdom and knowledge of Divine love, you're beginning to change your world, one person at a time. The souls that you pass this information onto, will in turn pass it on to others. And soon, the dark corners of our world will begin to be illuminated by the light of a higher love. We will then see people begin to make positive changes in their lives. It is impossible to have an encounter with Divine love and not become a better person because of it. It transforms people without forcing any dogma, fear or guilt on anyone. When this begins to happen, we will begin to change the big picture of negativity in our own lives and in the world beyond our doorstep. Of course, we must be realistic and realize that not all people we encounter will be interested in the message of Divine love. They will fight you tooth and nail to hold onto their old negative patterns. But this is not to worry, every person will sort their own lives out sooner or later. In the meantime, your own life will be strengthened and protected by the great force Of Divine love.
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We hear a lot of talk today about the advancement and evolution of the human race. But what does it mean to truly be advanced, or to evolve? Do new computers, smart phones and technological gadgets make us more evolved as a species? These things have their place in our lives and certainly can make life much more easy in our fast-paced world, but do they make us better or more advanced as a whole? The mystics and sages of old all told us that love, and caring for our sisters and brothers was the most important thing that any of us could do in this world. Love your neighbor as yourself, is a classic proverb that we probably have all heard; but do we live up to these words and the wisdom of the ancient sages? Despite all of our technological advances, there are still people living on the street. There are still people that go to bed hungry and cold every night, and some do not even have a bed to sleep in. People are lost, lonely and alone. Wars are Still fought in the name of God, for land, oil and political gain. Billions and trillions of dollars are spent each year by the nations of the world on such things as war and technology; yet we cannot give our brothers and sisters three hot meals per day. This is not to say that we should not continue to advance in areas of technology, but it certainly shows the priorities of many of our governments and big industries. Sadly, human life appears to be very low on the totem pole. If we were to truly exercise and live by the rule of love, as many of our great teachers and mystics have told us to; we would probably revolutionize our world in just a few short years. Certainly, it may sound a bit trite or even redundant; but if mankind truly evolved as spiritual beings and loved our neighbors as we love ourselves, then wars would cease. Greedy gain would be a thing of the past, and no one would look to take what belongs to another or leave someone in need lying in the streets. Love, real love, seeks the welfare of all. If it sees a need, it tries its best to meet it. If it sees somone hurting, it comforts them. It does not judge others or seek to harm another in any way. It is kind, giving and personable to all whom it encounters. It takes care of its fellow man, the earth and all of the creatures on it. It is faithful and loyal to those it holds dear; and there is no malice in it. If there is to be true evolution and advancement in the human race, it must do so in love. All else is just ornaments on a shelf; they may look nice, make our lives easier and give us a bit of entertainment; but they will never add to the growth of our eternal soul.
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Hello and blessings to all!

i just wanted to share a quick message with everyone tonight.

I have found from my own belife system that when you think poistive positive things happen simple huh?

but i know that is not easy all the time.

we are human we have fears sometimes doubt.

but thats where we have to all are faith to take over and guide us.

once we start to trust are selfs and are futures we will have a peace and undestanding.

remember when one door closes a new door opens.

so think positive today keep that smile on your face and be strong blessings ann marie :)

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Many people seek out a psychic reading when they're feeling lonely or brokenhearted, after a relationship has ended. They want to know if there estranged lover will one day come back to them, or when real love will finally show up in their lives. The empty hours, minutes and days can seem like a small eternity when we're alone, and the pain of loss can make the world seem bleak, hopeless and empty. As spiritual beings, it is natural for us to want to love and be loved. It is natural for us to want to be in an environment where we are safe, protected and accepted. Our souls greatest desire is to be in an environment that is harmonious and where we know that we will never be abandoned. What most people do not realize, is that that environment is always around us. The spirit of the divine, our angels and guides are always with us; they desire to comfort us and to communicate with us. As one who has communicated with the spirits for many years, I can truly attest to the fact, that they keep great company and are as good as a companion as any living human being. You can communicate with your angels and guides just as you would a very trusted friend. They truly want to know what is in your mind, in your heart and all of the major and minor details of your life. They wish to stand watch over you while you sleep at night, filling the room with their loving protective presence. Their love can enfold you like a calming embrace and truly give you the strength to get through the hours of the day with joy, peace and contentment. It is not difficult to communicate with your angels and guides. One very simple way, is to sit quietly and take a few deep breaths. Then take a few moments to relax all of the muscles in your body from head to toe. Once you're feeling relaxed, simply ask them to draw near and to commune with you on a deeper level. Once you do this, you may ask any questions you have silently or out loud; the way in which they answer back is through your own thought processes, intuitions, feelings and signs and synchronicity's in the world around you. With a little practice, you will be able to speak with your angels and guides without closing your eyes and altering your consciousness. You will simply speak, or think as if you were talking to someone who is right next to you, and you will hear or sense their reply immediately within. The universe will always work things out in a harmonious way in each of our lives. Our romantic lives will find their even ground and fulfillment; there is light and love beyond the most dismal circumstances and shattering heartbreak. In the meantime, you need not ever be lonely again. Your angels and guides are standing by and they are the friends, family and companions who will never leave your side.
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