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I caught myself floundering in my own self-pity yesterday. I was wishing that some things in my life would be different. It wasn't long before I realized that focusing on what I didn't have was really making me feel depressed. I was resisting what I currently have now when I should have been celebrating it; at least the effort it took to get it. I know better than that. I remembering hearing about how emotions will dictate one's life. It's how you FEEL about or VALUE life that matters. If you feel that your life is absolutely horrible, you are probably struggling every day. If you feel that your life is grand, things are probably going well for you. So, I began to focus on what "is" rather than "what could be." I started to realize how thankful I was for many things. I was saying out loud, "Thank you SUN for your warmth; Thank you AIR for keeping me alive; Thank you MUSIC; Thank you PETS; Thank you FREEDOM OF RELIGION!" I even thanked my cell phone and Internet for making it easier to stay in contact with friends and family...and then I was smiling!!!! What are you thankful for?
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You go to work. There, you encounter the one person at your job who hates everything about the workplace. No matter how nice you are to this person, he/she has something to complain about. You’ve heard the complaining all day long and you go home with a headache.

At home, your spouse is nagging about the house being a mess, dinner is late, and the kids are too noisy! Now, your headache is a migraine. Sound familiar?

Too many times, we encounter negative people. I call them energy suckers! They have a way of just sucking the quality of life right out of you. Well, you may not always be able to avoid the negativity, but you definitely can protect yourself from it.

First, never succumb to the negativity. If someone is speaking ill of another person, remain neutral; even if you somewhat agree with the statement. Remember when you learned the statement, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it at all?” Well, that was really good advice. The vibration of your words is very powerful. So, if you speak a negative statement, you are casting off a negative vibration into the Universe. In turn, you will continue to attract more negativity in your life.

Second, visualize a radiant and ever loving white light around this person. Affirm that this person’s negativity is not allowed to reach your energy field. Include that you wish this loving and positive light to heal this person from further negativity.

Now for the most important. Every morning before you even get out of bed, visualize that same white light completely surrounding you like a giant capsule. Affirm that no negativity shall be allowed to enter your capsule today. State that your day will be filled with positive thoughts, words, actions, emotions, and PEOPLE!

Practice this every day and soon you will see that you are ridding away negative people from your life forever! They will be replaced by positive and like-minded individuals!

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Thank you for your dedication to the Psychic Community and your committment to excellence goes out to the Founders and the staff of Meet Your Psychic. As a professional Psychic, I have never come accross such a dedicated staff so interested in loving and teaching the Public about giving the World the knowledge to help our fellow man. This site has displayed the finest in the Artistic profession Psychic Intuitive Integrity in our business for years. Therefore, I say here and now what a blessing to be working as a featured Psychic on this Psychic Network. I promise that I will give my all to you and our clients from my very heart, and out of the depths of my intuitive soul I shall read the public knowingthe depth and  of the commitment shown to me by my fellow Psychics and our Founders. May G d use me to help those who need our G d given gifts. What a blessing to be on the Meet Your Psychic Team. Thank you for having me!
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I'd like to share a message with you, this is one that  was given to me by a dear psychic friend, and one that I have received for many of my clients as well.

"Let go of the things that no longer serve you, and embrace the things that do"

We hang on to things for many reasons, because we've tried to save them, fix them, or because we feel obligated in some way to carry them with us.  This is the time to revisit these things, feel them, embrace them and then let them go.  It is a time for emotional cleansing and healing our hearts from carrying the things that we can't change.  By doing this we make room for wonderful things to enter, the walls are down and the sun comes in.  It can be painful to revisit, but by seeing things as they are not what they could be, we are able to let them go and move forward.

Remember you're not alone in this adventure, and if you feel like you are, reach out...we're all in this together.

Love to all,


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I don't know about you, but the last few days for me have been a challenge.  Sometimes life throws a few road blocks our way just to keep things interesting.  

Maybe we aren't real good at jumping them but if we can help each other get a leg over and then the other we're home free! Many people call for help to get over these hurdles and I just want you to know that when I am able to help you, it helps me too.  

Good bye road blocks...and good riddance! 

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We are spiritual beings having a human experience and sometimes we say "I'm only human" to justify  some limited belief or action. We are all light houses finding our way through the veils of illusion called life. What if today you decided to release your past and all the pain that lives within your soul? What if today you decided to forgive those who seemingly wronged you? What if today you decided you were going to experience being fully self expressed without fear, doubt or judgement. What if...

Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen what if you consciously created a life that was full of joy and laugher, abundance and certainty...what if?

It is time we all stood tall and said no more playing small, the time is NOW for us to release the limiting beliefs that play over and over in our brain space. It is time to stand up and walk toward the light that will and has always guided you. Open  your eyes to the truth, open your eyes to what's possible, things are never what they appear to be.

When you feel the lights dimming, go within and ask to be guided. Love will never lead you into darkness but your identity will. It will be your identity that will have you believe you are lost, unloved and unworthy and if you fill the shoes of your identity, you will never see the path ahead.

Love and Light is synonymous with God  Love is all there is, light is the absence of darkness and darkness is the absence of light, BE the light, BE love. We are made in the image and likeness of that which we call God. If you still find it difficult to see, open your heart. See with your heart and love with the essence of your mind.

When the lights are on and you still can't see...It is an illusion
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I dance.  Freely, easily, gracefully, when I feel ready.  On the sidewalk and in the park, across the fields and in the middle of the roundabout, I dance for life.  We are not alone in this universe, and many wonderful ones, angels of God if you will, are desiring to connect to us.  When I danced today, I only did what I felt like doing, what made me feel free and happy.  I was a swan, a ninja, a flamenco dancer, and I was me through it all.  I felt the divine energies of God, of inspiration, flowing through, helping to bridge the invisible infinities of universal energy to Earth. 

I noticed that the dance is a key to breaking the mental grip of the Matrix.  I  tap into a special place of inspiration that frees my mind from worldly cares, giving my body more reign to move.  I as my body love it, need it. Step out, in trust of what feels needed to do, to follow the divine instructions when they come. We are wild and beautiful, longing to see this reflected through each other.  I am becomes through expression.

In order to nurture soul and free the psychic field from the dross of the material consciousness so prevailing, discipline and diligent attention must accompany regular spiritual practice.  In addition to my daily "psychic hookup" meditation, where I bridge the cosmos and Earth through my body, I regularly spend time in prayer, cleansing and nourishing my field with herbs.  When the energy builds to sufficient momentum, I channel and bring forth energies through my body that help charge my field with power, love, and knowing.  This regular access to invisible dimensions, grounded in faith through the Earth mother and the Heavenly Father, is the bread and butter of my work.  Through the experience cycles, reclaiming past and future lives, parallel lives, off-world lives, and releasing old emotional gunk, awareness links into remembrance of ancient knowing.  When the knowing becomes exquisite, the Divine Order becomes clear, and all is well.  Everything can be forgiven and released; that fresh life is always available.  It is up to us to consciously awaken to that freshness, and this is why we regularly practice:)

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Answers to the questions you seek are within your grasp. (So all I have to do is think positive) It is much more than that you must believe and practice knowing your spirit.  As a child you believed everything was taking care of, not bound by doubt and fear.  You say well my parents were taking care of everything; all you had to do was ask.  If you did not receive what you asked for, you realize now it was for your own good. God whatever you perceive the creator to be is vast, the universe is colossal, energy is everywhere! Google and look at the cosmos even better yet connect night and day looking upward and onward, instead of limiting your space and abundant energy within your grasp and harness that energy yours for the taking.  Angels are assigned to each of us at birth and stay with us on our journey. ( But my angels don't hear me) Yes they do, it is their purpose, you are the decider of listening.  There are positive and negative forces in the universe. You decide whether to hear the positive messages or listen and feed negative messages clouding and blocking your true potential and abundance.

But - I'm worried - Afraid - Not sure - Regret - These all and there are many belong to the negative forces of the universe, blocking you from your joy, it is their purpose.  ( But I want and I want it now) You can block your true potential with this thinking just as a child tries to get what they want now - it is not good for them, or the right time, or they are not ready yet. Free yourself of the bondage you have allowed to define your being.  Together we can unlock the secret of your true balance and true potential. Now's your chance, together we can increase your spiritual state, progressing all pathways of your life. I have no doubt I have seen visions the universe wishes to show me. I have seen, felt and heard my angels and others have seen them upon me. I resisted for a long time even though everyone was urging me to tap further ever deeper to help. You can soar to new heights and achieve.

Don't miss out on what the universe has to offer you.  Just as the earth has seasons your life has seasons, learn what season you are in. Are you at a time in your life for change, cleansing, growth or ready to receive your gifts because you have practiced, learned, overcome and ready to receive? Just as the earth has gravity, although you cannot see it with your natural eyes you BELEIVE it is there. We have an aura that is four to six feet around us, protecting us. Is your aura/spirit depleted? You can strengthen it.  Meditation is important to practice for in the private sanctuary of one's own conscience lies that connection with the spirits with determination to cast of negativity and rise up to your true potential. Allow our spirits to align and connect with the universal colossal beings, increasing your spiritual state leading the progression of your life in a positive direction. Only you can decide when you want to clear what is blocking you from the next chapter in your journey, choosing to live life to your fullest potential.

You don't have to focus so much on trying to fit in, instead be inspired by your inner self spirit and stand out!

With a song in your heart, a dance in your step and a smile on your face you'll win the race. What race? The human race.

The future is soooo bright!


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You can soar to new heights and achieve your right to happiness.  Don't miss out on opportunities within your grasp.  Unlock the key to the universe increasing the quality of your spiritual state to success and progression in all pathways of your life.  Among the chaos and frustration, the peace you seek can be yours. If you allow your angels to be on assignment.  Your guiding lights, let them shine with you as you take each step towards your authentic life path and fulfill your destiny.

physical pain is acknowledged and you act immediately to save yourself from harm’s way.  Emotional pain and baggage are acknowledged as well but cause the most damage and lasting harm shaping and molding us. Until you reach a breaking point! That's when your brain starts sending you a very important message a change is needed "now"! The message begins to resonate stronger and stronger. Your spirits will continue to send this message until you act and seek the guidance being offered to you.

Your celestial beings never stop seeking you and sending you messages.  You stop listening or can't hear them because of the continuous bombardment of all the noise, expectations and demands you allow to define your existence.

Allow the love above spirit guides to clear your energy, bring more light into your life, overcome past conditioning thinking and stuck attitudes.

The future is not what will be but what may be. You have more power over your circumstances than you believe.

Why not choose this positive energy yours for the taking and begin to consciously design your life again!

The spirit in me honors the spirit in you

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If you keep reading the same page in the same chapter, you will never know how the book ends. When feeling hurt or disappointed by life experiences, choose something different. Choose to turn the page however, if you feel the need to re-read the same page several times perhaps you'll begin to see it from a different perspective, leaving you curious about how the book ends.

Translation: If you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got. Do something different.

When you take responsibility for your role of the disconnection within your relationship, you began to see it from a different perspective. Maybe, you begin to see that it's disfunction is due to fear and doubt of being left alone, or feeling unloved. Fear comes from societial and lilmiting beliefs, it is your reaction to something you believe to be true. Fear is being out of sync or alignment with what and who you really are. It is having your beliefs cancel each other out and now you begin to question what you KNOW to be true, you are always loved :-)

Truth: we are all made in the image and likeness which means we are part and parcel of the divine consciousness or vibration that created the universe. We are all there ever was, ever is and ever will be. I know that is a mouth full for some however it is my mission and intention to assit others in remembering their worthiness. Worthiness cannot be measured because it is merely a limiting belief (non truth). Love is all there is and we are one.

In gratitude~

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If you keep reading the same page in the same chapter, you will never know how the book ends. When feeling hurt or disappointed by life experiences, choose something different. Choose to turn the page however, if you feel the need to re-read the same page several times perhaps you'll begin to see it from a different perspective, leaving you curious about the following pages.

Translation: If you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got. Do something different.

When you take responsibility for your role of the disconnection within your relationship, you began to see it from a different perspective. Maybe, you begin to see that it's disfunction is due to fear and doubt of being left alone, or feeling unloved. Fear comes from societial and lilmiting beliefs, it is your reaction to something you believe to be true. Fear is being out of sync or alignment with what and who you really are. It is having your beliefs cancel each other out and now you begin to question what you KNOW to be true, you are always loved :-) 

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I teach a class on how to tap into your higher knowing, by using the tarot, and in my class I had a woman who was very adept in not only tarot, but healing and channeling guides. We sat around and just threw cards down and read for each other, not by what the book says about each particular card, but by what our inuition told us. I pulled the Lovers Card, in which most people read it by saying, " you have found your soul mate," or " your soulmate is on his/her way to you. She was able to read to me, in a way I couldn't as it is hard to read for yourself as we can't be as objective.  She said this; " This card isn't about love with a human being, it is about you being able to receive love from Source Energy. Before you can love another, or have another love you, you must first accept love from Creator, truely embrace it." It was reversed, in which I don't read reversed, but this was about her and how she received information. " You also are not allowing that love completley in. There are walls built up around you so even though you are married to your soulmate, it goes much deeper than that. This is about love from the Universe, and in turn, self love, self respect, self honor, self dependence. It is all about ourselves." 
If you are curious, look up the Lovers Card and really look at it. There is a bright beautiful sun, and angel and a depiction of Adam and Eve, or two people a man and woman ( if you are gay, it is just masculine and femine energy) naked and vulnerable. SHE is looking up at Source, at God, or whatever your Higher Power is. HE is looking at her. She is the one who is receiving the Power and the guidance of this Power, embueing it into herself, as the man looks at her. This tells me a couple of things. Women, you are the Goddess, you are all power and love. Find that first from Source Energy and as you do, the partner you hope for, or someone else will come into your life and only have eyes for you, dedicated love for only you. This is divine love of two souls who live and breath for each other while us Women channel the diving love of Source.
Remember you are a Goddess in your own right, and you have the power. I beg you to take your power back, and not allow one single man/woman to strip it away. I am very proud of a few clients, one in particular last night finally made the decision to walk away, after years and years of wating. She drew in the power of Source and walked away.
The cycle of " when is he going to come around" must end. It is time for women to regain their power and receive love from Source to reclaim your independence.  It is only then, as you look above to the Angels and Gods and open your arms wide in acceptance and become whole and one with yourself, will the right partner come into your life. Until then, you will continue to attract unavailable partners. Ones that are afraid to commit, who are afraid to feel the love you have, and some who just "use" you to fill THEIR own voids. 
This made me think of all the lovely beautiful clients I speak with day in and day out, desperately searching for love. You keep looking for that one unavailable person, to make you feel whole, feel loved, feel worthy and to feel a void filled. I beg you to cut all those chords and strings that keep you connected to these people. If you are not being adored, honored, and loved, if you are not seeing or feeling that special look in his/her eyes, leave. Get your strength up and walk away. If not, then at least accept it as it is and live with it, for now. We have all suffered from broken hearts. You are not alone and you will survive and eventually thrive in ways you never knew was possible. 
It is challenging to read for people asking these quesions because we honor your question and we answer them, not veering off topic to Spiritual Enlightenment. When the energy of these unavailable people is 'come and go, come and go', we pick up on the now.  We see there is possiblity for a happy outcome, however it won't happen until you can release the NEEDINESS and allow yourself to heal from abandonment issues and everything else that has happened to you and connect to yourself. The happy outcome can come, but not until you let them go. Usually the outcome and the timing is really completely up to you. Although we see one of the paths that will lead you there, and sometimes that path is, time to walk away. Every relationship and it's dynamics are different.
Claim the Goddess in you now, and don't allow anyone to disrespect you or dishonor you. Set yourself free from these chains and you will find the the freedom feels quite nice. 
Blessed Be

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When you refuse to honor yourself, love yourself, put yourself first, stand in your truth by being fully self expressed also known as using your voice, you are not vibrating to gratitude, ease and grace.  When the inability to be fully self express inside of your most intimate relationships is present, step back and reassess who you are being in that moment.

Are you blaming, shaming, guilting or judging the other? Are you playing the victim role? I invite you to stop and take a look at how your significant other is mirroring to you what you have chosen to learn about yourself to empower yourself.  

When you are able to see yourself in the reflected image and love what you see by expressing gratitude and thanks you are now vibrating to truth. If you are vibrating to making the other wrong you will create and experience situations that will validate your partner being wrong.  When you are vibrating to fear of being cheated on, you will create and experience what it feels like to be cheated on. When you vibrate to all is well and great, you will create and experience situations that feel good and this allows your relationship to breathe and expand and make room for more growth and enlightenment.  

Knowing and acknowledging you are the creator of your experiences 100% of the time allows you to take responsibility and see things from an elevated perspective. Seeing what appears to be disrespect is only you choosing to remember to put yourself first. When it feels painful or hurtful ask, "What am I choosing to learn from this experience". Co-creating can be volatile if both parties are showing up as victims, be mindful of what you're vibrating to.

Know what you know beautiful souls, if you feel infidelity in your space speak your truth and address it, if you feel jealousy, look at why don't you feel like you're enough or have enough,if you're feeling shame/guilt find where you are making yourself wrong for something BUT know what you know. All is happening just as you created it, find the gratitude and lovingly move on.

Remember, allowing your relationship to breathe will require you to release the need to feel like a victim and take responsibility for how you show up in partnership. Be fully self expressed without fear of judgement by standing in your truth. ONLY VIBRATE to what you are CHOOSING to EXPERIENCE. NO-ONE is wrong in a blameless relationship:-)

I am choosing to experience peace, joy and happiness

I am creating a relationship that breathes with ease and grace

I am creating clear communication with my partner

I am choosing to experience a relationship that supports me and empowers me

In gratitude~

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Love and relationship is the single most asked question I receive. Spirit guided me today to speak with you, Dear Ones, about this topic.
Most of my calls are about love and relationships. I was a single woman my whole life. In my early years, I fell in love, and lost him to a motorcycle accident. After that, I had to really learn how to survive and live on my own. Although it almost kiled me, I realized that all I really had was myself and my Higher Power. That relationship is what brought about a highly spiritual awakening in me. As I got older, I had some bad relationships, wondering all the while, " why can't I find love" When it occured to me I did. Not only to my late beloved, but myself and my Creator. This, Dear Ones, is what is most important.
Women, for generations still hold the DNA in us, even with the Women's Movement that only a man will make us whole, only a man will bring us validation for who we are, and even more sad, it's the men we can't HAVE, that we think if HE loved me, I would be whole and validated as a worthy woman. This does happen with men, you are not excluded, but this is mostly a woman's issue.
Our wholeness, our validity, our Power and our worthiness does not come from ANY OTHER BEING. It comes from that place inside us,  our Spirit and our connectiveness to whatever God we believe in, if not God, our Higher Self. I ask you to please, let these men go. They won't validate you, they will make you feel even less worthy because if you were, why wouldn't they love you the way you want them too.
It boils down to our own self esteem and a healing of our hearts and souls of just how magnificent we are. I became so happy single, loved it, and knew I would be single forever. I had accepted it, and I learned from my late beloved that I would never ever settle again. Until I met a man who honered me, respected me, communicated with me, loved me unconditionally and gave me everything he had. I was the most important person in his life. I came before his work ( although I supported him) I came before going to bars, and partying with friends. His phone was always on, he always textes me, stays in touch and I always know where he is. But Dear Ones, it wasn't until I found my worthiness and my relationship to Source Energy did this happen. This is true for you as well. Love yourself. Be creative, express yourself, don't settle, live, love and laugh. Be a wild woman and don't behave. Please stop the wondering, " when when he come back" " when will he call?" He may be the man of your dreams, but not until YOU first realize YOU are the woman of your dreams. And only then will he or someone even better step up to the plate and be a true partner.
Heal those wounds, trust me, they need us much more than we need them. So that being said, don't settle. Love yourself because you are beautiful, strong, independant, worthy, creative, loveable and most importantly LOVED just because you are a child of All That Is. That is always enough. Lonliness is only an illusion and not real. Fear is " false evidence appearing real" let it go and let God.

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How long does it take to make a habit? Some say 21days, some say 66. Whichever the answer is, make new memories!!!

Without realizing it, many people live in the past, unable or unwilling to let go and embrace the future. While events are part of our past and in our psyche, reliving it over and over again makes us locked into those memories, living in the past. By consciously doing or thinking positively we are making causes to live in the present, make plans for the future and our happiness. Our past shapes us but does not define us. What defines us is the willingness to keep the doors open to allow good fortune and new experiences to enter our lives. Then before you know it, you will have new habits, new memories, and new experiences!!!

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We convince ourselves that life will be better after we get married, have a baby, then another.

Then we are frustrated that the kids aren't old enough and we'll be more content when they are. After that, we're frustrated that we have teenages to deal with. We will certainly be happy when they are out of that stage. We tell ourselves that our life will be complete when our spouse gets his or her act together, when we get a nicer car, are able to go on a nice vaction when we retire. The truth is, there's no better time to be happy than right now.  If not now, when? Your life will always be filled with challenges.

 It's best to admit this to yourself and decide to be happy anyway. 

One of my favorite quotes comes from Alfred D, Sous. He said, "For a long time it had seemed to me that life was about to begin-real life. But there was always some obsticle in the way, something to be gotten through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, a debt to be paid. Then life would begin. At last it dawned on me that these obsticles were my life."

This Perspective has helped me to see that there is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way. So, treasure every moment that you have. Treasure it more because you shared it with someone special. special enough to spend your time...and remember that time waits for no one.

So stop waiting until you finish school, until you go back to school, until you lose ten pounds, until you gain ten pounds, until you have kids, until your kids leave the house, until you start work, until you retire, until you get married, until you get divorced, until Friday night, until Saturday morning, until you get a new car or home, until your winter, until yor are off welfare, until the first or fifteenth, until your song comes on, until you've had a drink, until you've sobered up, until you die, to decide that there is no better time than right now to be Happy...

Happieness is a journey, not a distination.

Work like you don't need money,

Love like you've never been hurt,

And dance like no one's watching.



Inspired by Mark Twain? Satchel Paige? William Purkey? Susanna Clark? Richard Leigh? Anonymous?

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Did you know that approximately 60% of your body is made up of water? Japanese scientist, Dr. Masuru Emoto tasked himself with discovering a cost-effective way to clean up the countless freshwater lakes and streams, which are still highly toxic and undrinkable because of the atom bombs dropped on Japan in 1945.

As proof, he took random samples of the lake water, tap water, purified water etc. Then, using his own technique to flash freeze water crystals, he was able to take aquatic snapshots of the quality of microscopic water crystals reflecting that specific date and time. Each water crystal is unique - like snowflakes. Dr. Japan took more samples and used the same crystal freezing technique to compare the waters molecular makeup before and after the experiment. The results shown in the photos tell it all.

A. Asymmetrical, discolored ,malformed crystals are highly toxic.
B. Crystals that have 6 perfectly clear, symmetrical points are pure, clean water.

The remarkable part is that when toxic A-Crystals were subjected to a night of music, prayer and/or photos, the crystals would drastically change form. Depending on the "intention" of the stimulants, the crystals would reflect its positive or negative nature. For instance, classical music would transform into an B-Crystal type. While loud, angry metallic rock would change into an A-Crystal.

Saturate your cells with good intentions and you will live a much healthier happier life. The most powerful intention is Gratitude.

Dr. Emoto’s claims are interesting thought stimulators. If they are true, then there are far reaching implications for the world, and the question that is posed becomes extremely important;:

“If thoughts can do this to water, what can they do to us?” 

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We all find ourselves feeling sad or lost, confused, depressed or broken hearted. Be it a patner has strayed away, we have lost a best friend, we have been betrayed, someone we love is just playing games with out heart. Be aware that we are not alone. This is the human condition and it happens to evey one of us at some time or another. Yet instead of acknowledging the pain, feeling the pain, or forgiving the person and releasing it, we hold on to it for dear life. We keep that poison inside of of us, as if holding onto the anger, bitterness and hurt will somehow change the outcome. It doesn't and it won't.  Instead we find ourselves falling deeper and deeper into the abyss, trying desperately to understand, how, what and why it happened. That is a cycle of thinking that will confuse us more and more and then we wonder if we are gong crazy. We can never rationalize with an irrational person. It's a dead end street. There is an old saying that I use often, " resentments are like eating rat poison and waiting for the rat to die."
So how do we release this? One is to forgive. Forgivness doesn't mean what they did is ok, it isn't. It isn't for the person who hurt you, it is for you. It is to reclaim your peace of mind, and spiritual freedom. How does one forgive something so devestaing that it eats up our every thought?
One way is to pray, or affirm something positive for the other person, everyday for three weeks. It may start like " i pray he/she gets what they deserve." Then to, " I pray they feel some regret." till eventually you wholeheartedly pray for their well-being and mental and emotional health. Because honestly, people who betray you and hurt you are not happy, they are actually very miserable people.  Happy people do not do those things to others.
Another great tool I have found is taking a hot hot bath, with sea or epson salt and some oils if you have any. Sit in the tub and bring up all that junk we are carrying around, fill the tub up with it. Imagine the tub filled with all that negative energy then pull the plug and imagine it going down the drain. Close your eyes, and sit in the tub till it is empty. Lay down on your bed and as you cool off, imagine yourself surrounded in the middle of a gold or white bubble, and give yourself a smile.

Another way is to say affirmations to yourself.  " I am a being of love and light. I attract all good things to myself" It may sound corny but it works and it raises your vibration to a higher level to where that pain is a distant memory. Releasing negativity is very important. If we carry it around too long it can cause dis-ease, illness, mental wear and tear and most of all we are not in alignment for our hightest good. We will miss out on awesome opportunities. Don't miss out another day. 

People are going to hurt us, until we learn the Law of Attraction, even then, we can get hurt or angry.  But until then, if things just are not going right for you, don't focus on it. Find a lesson in there somewhere, find a way to release the junk. Let it go and start iving life. The scars are reminders of what we don't want in our life. It takes some work, but it can be done. I believe in your power to let it go and start living again.
Blessed Be

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Psychic readings can be an extremely useful tool to help guide you through some of life's most challenging moments. Here are some helpful hints by some of the world's most successful spiritual advisors about how to use your time to your best advantage.

1. Prepare Mentally

What’s on your mind that caused you to make an appointment for a reading?  A day or so before your session take a little time and think about the questions you'd like to ask, or the areas you’d like to cover during your appointment.

2. Oxygenate your brain cells for peace and clarity

Here is a very simple, but helpful breathing exercise guaranteed to relax your body and open you up to your reading.

Sit in a quiet, cool, comfortable room. Slowly count to 4 in your mind as you breathe in deeply. Hold your breath for another 4 seconds (once again counting in your mind - blocking out everything out except the visualization that you are replacing every cell in your body with clean oxygen). Slowly exhale counting to 4 once again. Repeat this cleansing technique 4 times. You will feel clarity and a calm aliveness. Now you are ready to receive your psychic reading.

3. Relax

If you arrive at your session and find that you are a bundle of nerves, don't worry, you are exactly like the other 99% of people about to geta reading.

The good news is that you have the power to take control of the situation and easily relax your mind and body. First take a moment to quiet your energy by practicinh the Clarity Breathing Exercise discussed in # 2. When you are finished, take a few minutes to talk with your reader.  Explain that you are nervous and spend a few minutes making small talk. This will often be enough to help put you at ease so you are ready to go forward.

4. Ask the Right Questions   

Try to stay away from simple "Yes or No" questions. It's very hard get insightful readings with that type of question.

Instead, try asking something like, “What am I supposed to be learning from my relationship with my in-laws?” or “How can I repair my relationship with my in-laws?”

See the difference? The second type of questioning leads the way for an in-depth exploration of the issue. You will have a much more powerful psychic reading if you use this style of questioning.

5. Keep the Energy Flowing

This is key to a powerful psychic reading! You can't drive a car when it's out of gas; neither can you keep a reading moving without a continuous supply of energy.

One great way to do this is to be open to all possibilities. In your reading, discuss the issues you came for, but welcome the unexpected also.

While it's true that the reader should be doing the majority of the talking, you should participate to keep the energy going. You can interact. You'd be surprised how an enthusiastic Yes! keeps the energy high.

P.S. Don't worry about psychics reading your mind. They can't. It's just a myth. So feel free to relax.

6. Take Notes

Always start your sessions by either purchasing a $7 recording of your telephone read or by taking notes with pen and paper. Even if you have a memory like an elephant, take notes. People always say they will remember everything - guess what, they don’t. So write down important points.

Also, things sometimes come up that don’t make sense at the time of a reading. Even if these things seem insignificant, write them down too. They may make sense to you later on, or someone in the family might be able to confirm the information.

7. Use a Proper Phone

In order to get a powerful psychic reading, it is usually better if you use a land-line instead of a cell phone. If a cell phone is all you have, make sure you are in an area where you have good reception. Remember that there is alot of energy involved in a reading, so a solid, dependable line is extremely important. Nothing worse than losing the connection at a key moment in the reading.

8. Eliminate Distractions

A powerful psychic reading cannot take place if you are distracted. During your reading, you really want to focus on the task at hand. If you are having a phone reading, make sure you are in a quiet, comfortable place with no distractions - that means no kids running around, ignoring call waiting, etc.

9. Don't Show Up for Your Reading Under the Influence

Alcohol and recreational drugs can lower your vibration and negatively affect your energetic fields. For this reason, you should never drink alcohol or take recreational drugs in the 24 hour period prior to your reading.

Prescription and over the counter medication are fine.

10. Finally ... Enjoy It!

Above all else, enjoy the experience! A powerful psychic reading should feel like a conversation with a friend that you don’t want to end.


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The definition of mental illness have been changing as long as mankind has been sentient. Mental illness easily falls within the parameters of "Pop Psychology". This year's Depression may be next year's Schizophrenia. It's a no-brainer to say that pharmaceutical companies are a huge influence on what mental illness to push this season.

"We are overstocked on Prozac. Let's push Anti-Depressants this quarter ... Harumph, harumph ..." (This is my dramatic "Boardroom" re-enactment).

However, what if mental illness is more accurately a "mental awareness" of what is going on in this huge interconnected ball of energy we (meaning humans, animals, rocks, water ... basically everything) call home?

Take schizophrenics for instance, they are diagnosed based on such undefinitive criteria as having auditory/visual hallucinations. Clairvoyants/Clairaudients are prided for these same abilities -- only they are not labeled as mentally ill. Instead, they are commended for their ability to "see" and "hear" what the average lay-person cannot.

It is a fact that each person has some natural "super power". Whether tap dancing, spelling, nurturing, writing, communicating etc., all people are born with unique gifts. The trick is finding yours.

Imagine a culture where we are encouraged to celebrate the awareness of this gift. We are given the resources and guidance to experiment until we find our talents. Once discovered, we would be able to exercise this passion to reach our greatest potential. Nothing builds a sense of worth and a reason to get out of bed every morning then when you have a passion for something.

In this enlightened culture, I suggest a world where we don't pump drugs into schizophrenics and other "mentally ill" people to try and numb out any feelings, visions and voices they may have. As a substitute, the community would invest more into the why and what of this phenomenon. Who knows what may be learned about communication through the eyes, ears and minds of these uniquely talented individuals. Imagine what we could learn if we made the full commitment to decipher their languages. What a wealth of information we could collect from this untapped pool.

Who knows? Maybe their contribution may be the next Rosetta Stone to our communication evolution.

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