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What is this thing called the power of manifestation?  Well, for one, we have to be clear about what we truly want... That's the first step and a confusing one because overwhelming patterns can cloud the mind and leave us powerless to create... We only seem to have enough power for sadness or anger... but anger is meant to be be acted upon...not acted out... These emotions are like our children... and they need to be acknowledged... When angry with the world we're usually angry with ourselves and we're just trying to shake things up.... without knowing it we're trying to break down the walls of resitance and the difficult karmic patterning that stands between us and our dreams....

Well, it just may be time to return to Love and gratitude for what is in the given moment and give a listen to what is being announced from the shadows.. Something within is asking for a more authentic life no doubt.. for freedom... and for aliveness.... and for the very same within your relationships...

So, how do we get that when things seem to have gone awry????  I'm going to cut to the chase... We really must bring our own energies into alignment and that entails a process... We need to engage in the process of caring for our souls on a daily basis...And we need to keep our eye on the sparrow of our greater dreams simultaneously... 

The true power of manifestation begins with grace... It's power is :Light and Love.... and sometimes we need to release our more local personality's need to control... We 

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                                                                                           We are the Lovers of the Universe

                                                                The Stardust

                                                                 The original

                                                            And the final song!

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"The moment you have in your heart this extraordinary thing called love and feel the depth, the delight, the ecstasy of it, you will discover that for you the world is transformed." ~ Krishnamurti
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So often, clients begin their session requesting a literal timeframe for any given subject, for  love to come in..or for it to return... for success to finally appear  etc. 

Well of course we know that "time" itself is relative. So, I'm always hesitant to think in absolute terms. But more importantly, Dear Ones, things can change at any moment when you are standing in the power of your inner wizardry. With the proper energy and passion there can be a "quickening" to desired dreams . My job is to help you See the light at the end of the tunnel... And to help you harness the light that is your birthright.... that is your true "coding"..... the light that is the Power of your inner Wizard!

We are all living in the best of times and the worst of times.. It takes a certain centering and grace to navigate the Universal dramas that can effect us all. And because of that, now more than ever before  it isessential  to escavate the conflicts and blockages that are bound to hit hard from time to time. All that is, including the deepest  most Sacred wounding is part of your journey. So, entering into the "problem" with a certain openess can be the start of a much bigger opening. 

You have within you the ability to manifest your dreams but when energies are diminished your loss of power will elicit any number of crisies...

Take a deep breath, Dear Ones..... and don't forget, "What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us".

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Please Let Me Know!
Most people have said this from time to time … at one point to someone and have heard it as well. But … what does it mean to you. To me I read the cards and over time build a relationship of knowing where I have seen in whatever way I am invited into your life… and who I meet along my life’s path.
And it’s easy to look at one’s picture or a quick profile … and something clicks … I will let this person read for me … and I do … and I thought this would be a good place for you to let me know how I did … any advice or comments are more than welcomed!
Hope to hear from you soon! Love and Light!
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I am often asked, “how do you know what Rocky is saying.”  Well it is simple, as a pet psychic I raise my vibrational level and I have the ability to communicate with your pets telepathically, by phone.  I can relay telepathic message to you from your pet.  If your pet is acting out, they will explain the issue to me through what is called telepathy and clairvoyance.

All pet owners communicate with their pets telepathically, it is how you know when your animal is hungry or needs to use the bathroom.  Your pet does not speak words but speaks to you through energy and communicates to you every day, all the time.  You may think it is normal that Rocky knows every night at 9:00 p.m. it is time to go got to bed, but he is reading your energy and speaking to you.

My very own animals will let me know, through energy when they have lost a toy and need help finding it. If your pet is behaving inappropriately or is sick, they will want to communicate to you and express their needs.  You pet is an emotional being and often change can cause anxiety and they will do destructive things to get your attention.

If your pet has died, I can speak with their spirit and act as a medium for you.  This is a form of Extrasensory perception, which we are all born with.  Having this gift has allowed me to help many families to mitigate costly pet expenses by talking to their pet directly and determining their issue.

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What makes a good psychic … That is a question that has been presented to me. I have never really thought about what would make a good psychic… is it because that person was born a man or a woman; because they were born with gifts; because they were taught how to use those gifts and other knowledge … what would make a person be a good psychic?I thought about this for some time and this is how I answered.To be a good psychic; first and foremost … You have to be attuned to not only who you are … but the world around you. Not the physical reality that we all see … but … the greater world that most don’t. Have a calling to use those gifts that almost everyone was born with … just most choose to allow those gifts to go by the wayside.Second … training … To have a guide assist you to learn how to tap deeper within your gifts; to reach down to your core and show you not only who you were in all past lives … but … who those live have made you into today. Seeing and speaking with whatever medium the psychic uses is only part of the ability… if you don’t know who you truly are … then how can you assist another to find their path.Third … faith … This is where some people have issue with what I have to say. Having faith in yourself; knowing that even though you are seeing something that might not be a wonderful thing for someone …but knowing and having faith that what you are seeing is the truth and you are trying to help another keep their faith that all will work out in the long run; that is the hardest part of the calling…I personally have been trained, have the calling, and have the faith in what I see and say … and sometimes seeing through the eyes of another helps us to see things that we choose to ignore or try to … That is why I chose to walk this path and choose to try to help any who call upon my services. Namaste
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In order to be successful in bringing love back to your relationship, you must be 100% sure your relationship is worth saving.  If there was no love, then you will have little influence, bringing back those blissful feelings. There are generally two reasons the relationship breaks down.  One is because you are in different phases of the relationship and the other is because the relationship is not emotionally rewarding.


If you feel your relationship is doomed or hopeless, then learn to venture on with a positive goal.  Make sure to talk with your angels to heal yourself and your relationship.  Ask the angels to release any existing anger you have towards yourself and towards your partner.  Being cleansed of all anger will allow you to see you and your partner with the eyes of love and will allow you to work with your partner and renew your love.


If a person decides to be happy and willing to heal, there is a very good chance to reconnect the love that once was.  Release what made your relationship end and make the needed changes to yourself to you can reconnected to the love that once was.  If he perceived you as needy, clingy or controlling, you will need to fix these aspects about yourself before you can bring back the love.


When the bliss has faded, this means he has decided to take action, usually without sharing the reason why, that he needs healing. To move him closer to you, respect the space that he creates, and reaching out, only to build a friendship.  Being his friend during this time, give both people the opportunity to decide if the bliss is worth saving.  Having patients is key and understanding sometime magic does not return over night.   All interaction with him during the break up, should be happy.  This bond will bring you closer together.

I can help you work on your heart and brighten your flame to attract what once was back into your life.  It is my specialty to help those reconnect with their love and transform your relationship back to love.

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Everyone is born with a two guardian angels.  Your angels want to help you with everyday life and decisions.  You will notice common numbers repeating themselves on the clock, radio or license plates.  These are your guardian angel communicating with you.  Your angels desire to give you advice regarding a personal life and are here to help you attract your soul mate and the love of your life.  Your guardian angels know you so well, they can guide you in the direction to be with the person who will bring joy to your life.

Your angels know your purpose and life’s mission and will guide you on how to fulfill your propose.  Your guardian angels want to help you with your spiritual path, and help you fill when you feel stuck in your life.  Working with your angels you will fill more at peace and less anxious throughout the day.  There are legions of additional angels provided by the universe that will also help you when called upon.

To invoke your angels all you need to do is ask.  There is no special way and you can used words or thoughts. I often right letters to my guardian angels who immediately answer my call. Since we have free will, we must ask for Angel and divine guidance. We can all talk to angels to get guidance and solutions, the angels will always counsel you from a place of love, so there is no need to be afraid. You will never be given information you cannot handle.

If you would like to attract love, ask your angel to speak the angel of your soulmate to bring love into your life.  Your angels will provide you with an intuitive vibe, to go out and attract love.  You maybe given an invitation and meet the love of your life.

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YEAH YEAH YEAH the Retrograde is here May 18, 2015 throught June 11, 2015.

I have personally experiences some of the best things in my life during the Retrograde. I have solved some of my most challenging cases during these times as well as finding and reuniting loved ones.  The retrograde is nothing to be frightened of, and when you understand how to become alligned with the planets, life can be very magical.  It is simply the time in where planet Mercury slows down and moves backwards.  This happens three to four times per each year.


Here are three things I remind myself each Retrograte.

1. Stuff is gonna break especially anything electric. Think about all the good karma and money for your mechanic and electricians. Turn it into a networking opportunity for you.  One of my best friends found the love of her life when she got a flat tire on the freeway and her twinflame came to assist her. ...

2. Entering into a new contract. If this has to be done read it read it read it again. This is very important for anyone who is in Real Estate or and an attorney. Read it 10 times before you execute.  My sister always buys her cars during the retrograde.  She has gotten the best financingI believe the banks fail to see her negitave credit rating.

3. And lastly communication with love ones and friends. This is actually a good time to forgive and forget. The retrograde encourages us to tie up loose ends and keep the peace.  Do not be suprised if you hear from an ex "out of the blue" wanting to know how you are. 

The devine made us all magnificent and we get to enjoy the good and learn from the bad. I've learned do not wash the outside of a pressure cooker during the retrograde..

I've learned how to make the most of the Mercury retrograde and still use my magic and so can you.

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The Fool Tarot



Accessing the pure energy of The Fool to Live Your Highest Good and Manifest your Ultimate Job, Relationship and Joy!


The Fool card in tarot offers a space where there is room for infinite potentials after the end of the last phase and before the beginning!  Maybe you can relate if you are in between relationships, jobs or other transitions that can occur in life. There is the absence of that, which you want, yet also the desire and a space that may be filled. The fool has been released from the past cycle and is now getting ready to enter a new one.  On The Fool card there is an individual meandering and walking about, representing that there are opportunities out there waiting for him. The cliff is cracking and crumbing away and if he falls anything could happen.  He is at the beginning of a journey with unlimited possibilities. If you resonant with this favorable space then you can align your vibration with the highest prospective of your new lover or anything else that awaits you through the fundamental energy of the fool.

What is your intention? What vibration are you putting out into the universe?

The Fool card whispers of the power of the psyche and higher self to break through the self-destructive cycles and over throw negative programs.  Often times we can broadcast one signal from our conscious intentions and a different from our subconscious. The archetypal energy of the fool can help by sidestepping the conscious mind in order to harmonize with the subconscious and the conscious. At the on-set a happening may occur to clear energetic space and also to bestow benefits. This may manifest itself as energy closer to the Death card or Tower card, but it is analytically closer to the Wheel of Fortune or the World card. In order to work with universe, one must be schooled by the universe. If you are in the middle of lovers than you have recently been schooled! So now you are in the midst of leaving old patterns and vibrations behind, desiring the new.  What training did Divinity impart you to help advance your consciousness through your last relationship? Take some time to honor this deeply spiritual process you been through to honor your soul’s growth.

Rituals are a great way to honor and release your last relationship. The can be done simply by writing a letter to Divinity filled with all the gratitude you have for acquiring the lessons that…... Be specific. Love what you have learned!!   Then read it out loud and burn it. Have a good time leaving behind old patterns, attitudes and relationships.  This will help you commemorate your soul’s growth as a celebration! Ah, there is that fool’s word: celebration!! Once you have cast off the old, you can begin to work on becoming a vibrational match to what you desire! Like The Fool, you will carry a bag of wisdom, lessons and tools with you along the journey.

Now that you have shed your old skin in this state of renewal, you may side with the undertaking of Love. Each day is an adventure where each moment can be lived to the fullest. Like The Fool on the card about to fall from familiar ground, you too must set forth into uncharted territory. Throw away your map; it is time to explore the world again!! In life we can get stuck in routines. We drive the same roads to work. We stop at the same gas stations. We watch the same shows. We wait on something new to just show up. It is time to wait no more and to unshackle our souls. You have been served a TV dinner, a prepackaged life, but it is your choice whether you will sit there and eat it. Where is your meaning? You are divine consciousness and you manufacture meaning into existence. As long as you are willing to have people tell you who and what you are, and how you should be, then you earned being talked out of your authentic self. You are at the precipice and it is time to jump.

DO something new! What excites you? What is something you have always wanted to try, like yoga or stand up paddle boarding, maybe singing or pottery?

To access The Fools archetypal energy one must live spontaneously. Inside each person there is a natural instinctive nature which is free.  All things spring forth from innocence. Do not stay in old structured belief system. Be open to opportunities. ANYTHING could happen? You define your own success, your own love life. The goal here is to hold that vibration of innocence, wonder and play so that you can compose with the universe in bringing the highest and most loving life!

Have faith. Trust in the universe. In constantly seeking and projecting what you want upon the external world, you create blockages and indirect realities. The Fool has no expectations beyond the blissful look upon his face. He has released control of the destination. The law of attraction means you are the point of attraction. By vibrating at the frequency of that which you want through finding your joy and living your utmost life now, you become that guiding light that draws your highest joy.  The dog is considered man’s best friend. Dog backwards is God. With all the loyalty and alertness of Source energy as your guardian and helper, there is boundless possibility. This is what Jesus meant when he said for us to become like children (Matthew 18:3). It is a return to who we really are. It is a return to our identity with the complete universe and all of its incredible possibilities. It is time to live in authentic existence. We are as mirrors, when we look with fear it is fear we find and if we look with Love then it is Love we find.

Only the fool laughs at the blade. These silly and profound lessons may seem extreme at times, but it is to let go of things so that we may move closer to our authentic self.  Find your laughter again. Only The Fool can kid you straight out of your ego into an amusing, crazy fit of irrational giggles! It is time to play and the entirety of the universe is your playground. Like a dogwood tree blooming after a harsh winter, you will have a new face and new color.  Joy has the power to ignite the spark of Divinity within you. ‘Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that.’ Make light out of the life through laughter.  The Fool is depicted moving ever forward. To assimilate the art of walking and meandering, one simply has to begin.  For example,   start walking around your block at work; you will begin to discover and experience freshness. In that state of awe and newness, there is creation energy. Throw off convention and become a fool, a child of God once more.

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I have always heard of “letting go” of whatever was bothering you … the only problem is that no one ever really told or showed me how. I was a young man trying to figure out what to do with my life … when this older gentleman approached me and said that I had a look of despair upon my face, I told him that I was trying to figure out where my life was taking me and what I wanted to be when I grew up.
He looked at me and said … “let go” … I said, “Of what?” … he said of everything! I just looked at him and never really figured out what he meant. Many years later and much discovering about myself, I ran into the same older gentleman and he asked if I ever let go … I told him that I had lost many things and had to release many other things … he just shook his head and said, “but you still haven’t let go”.
I just stood there wishing he would just explain what he was referring to or what the meaning behind those words was. A few years later I had the joy of seeing him one last time and before he even opened his mouth, I told him, “NO, I still have not let go … I don’t know what to let go of, how to let go, and not even sure what or why I would even want to.” He smiled and said, “Now you are ready to learn.” “Learn?”, I replied … and then he sat down with me and explained that if I wasn’t ready to let go, no one could help me with letting go, if I wasn’t so frustrated with where my life was and confused as to where my next step was … I couldn’t let go.
I thought that was all great information, but what did it really have to do with me? Then, it dawned on me … I couldn’t let go because I didn’t know what was serving me and what wasn’t. I shouldn’t let go because I wouldn’t realize what I had lost till I found it. Then like a flash, I came to the pivotal moment in my life when I looked back and saw all that I had “lost” wasn’t lost, just moved on. I still had all my gifts, I still had my spirit, and I still had me.
The tarot is like that “older gentleman” … it is showing you what to “let go” of and how to reconnect with who you truly are.
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When you realize we are all connected and are all one energy, life is very magical.  The heart chakra is the LOVE Chakra which is located in the center of our bodies and is the fourth chakra.  It is the energy source which is in control of the heart and respiratory system.  Often when the heart chakra is blocked, we feel as if we cannot breath!!!


I truly believe the heart is the main chakra that controls our happiness and unconditional love for others. Often the heart chakra is damages at an early age and we are made to feel unloved and unwanted.  It is very imported to have a clear and balanced heart chakra, so we may connected to others in regards to their energy center and their vibrational frequency.


When you are psychic you can see the chakras as colors and circles.  There are several charts you can study to enhance your own psychic gifts, and you then can experience the funnels, and flowers that surface around each of the chakras.

Opening up the Chakra can be accomplished on many different levels.  Talking to someone like myself, who is an energy healer, will provide you with tips and affirmation on how to open the chakra.  Drinking green tea to cleanse the chakra will help as well a yoga and meditation.

To have this fourth chakra energy fully be open requires practice. This begins within our self, for without the ability to love ourselves, we cannot truly experience love from another or give it truly to another. In loving ourselves we allow the intent to generate the feeling of unconditional love within us, and then to share this feeling with others. Whatever we send out is returned to us.

Once your energy source is open, feel free to connect to others like a tunnel sending love and light.  I am very grateful to show you how to heal your heart chakra and am available as an intuitive advisor for any questions.

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Your twin flame is the other half of your soul.  I believe we were all made in pairs, so your twin and you are split in half and reunite each life time. Some believe, we only reunite with our twin flame during our last earthly life time.  As a twin flame, ach soul completes the other and when we have are twin flame, we feel more balanced and at ease.  All other relationship before reuniting with our twin, is to prepare you for a higher level soul connections.

Your twin will reflect you.  If you miss your twin, your twin misses you.  If you love Bob Marley, so will your twin.  Even if your twinflame lives in a different time zone, where there is no physical communication, you can speak to one another telepathically.  Since there is an empathic link with your twinflame, you will have a constant flow of communication and be able to read each other’s mind.

Often times the bond and love is so intense, one of the flames will run away from the intense passion. This is what is often referred to as a separation of the flames. It is natural to be afraid of something so special and not want to get hurt. However remember the bond is a magnet which glues the twins together.  There will always be a gravitational pull back to one another. It is believed you have your twin’s DNA imbedded into your soul and there is memory there from past lives.

Prior to reuniting with your twinflame in the physical, you must resolve issues with yourself. Healing your heart charka and working on your own energy, will attract your twinflame back into your energy.  When you are a bright energy source, your twin will feel an intense need to reconnect.


During the separation, understand that your twinflames emotions are a mirror image of yours.  No matter the distance or time, if this person is truly your twinflame, your energies will reunite.

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I am new to the computer age in one aspect ... I have never posted till here. My Guides have encouraged me to open up about myself that might relate to someone that is reading it... which is very unique to me. I am very open about my past ... when asked ... but ...
usually I am the quiet, in the background type of fellow.
When I look into my own cards, I try to be as objective as possible... and make my choices from that aspect along with other factors. Which are what the tellers and seers of ancient times for the rulers and shakers of the times past? Just in case someone has ever asked how old this profession is, old.
Even when I see trouble and major storms... but ... a fantastic outcome ... I weigh out that and if I can even avoid it or have to just wade through it ... and knowing if I can avoid it, not enough return ... then I can. If I can't avoid it, what are my options to make it through the best way I can. If I can't avoid it and my options are very grim ... then ... how can I prepare to make it as smoothly as I can?
When I look into the cards for others ... I use this same procedure for them ... and my thought process as to how I get the information as best and as through as possible.
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I wanted to take this moment to also offer as part of my services … I am a Certified Intrinsic Coach … I help people see there best thought process through guiding them. I was trained and received my certification through Totally Coached Inc.
That was one of the major turning points in my life. Not only was it a profound experience to experience; but, on so many levels … that wasn’t anything I expected. The class showed me where to open up my possibilities and has really helped me be where I am today.
And that along with the tarot … along with my guides … LOOK OUT … and that is also the beautiful thing about our network… MANY TALENTED PEOPLE, DOING MANY TALENTED THINGS! Smile
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Do you believe?


Our universe is inundated with many mythical beings who provide protection and magic all around.  One of the many magical legendary creature is a Fairy, also known as Fay, or Fae.  A Fairy is a form of spirit and considered to be the angels for animals and the environment. Fairies are absolutely real indeed.


Fairies are different from Angels in where they are earth dwellers.  Angels reside in the angelic realm of heaven, and deliver messages from the divine.  Fairies are kind and pure beings but different from Angels who provide unconditional love to all human beings. Fairies are bias, unlike angels and will assist people who give back to or care for animals and our planet. There are many open minded kind hearted individuals who’ve experienced Fairy sightings.  Since many people are prone to skepticism, they are unable to sense or see them.


In my everyday life as a Psychic Detective, I utilize Fairies to assist with my search for lost items. Fairies have many healing abilities, and enjoy assisting individual and animals as well as help clean the environment.  It is as simple as asking your Guardian Angel for guidance and protection.



You may reach out to Fairies and ask for their assistance in most aspects of your life’s path.  They will assist individuals who extend kindness toward Mother Nature.  Fairies may provide you with an assignment to test your good nature.  They have help many to improve their health and finances.  Once they’ve deemed you trust worthy, let the magic begin.

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I look into people's lives and have seen much joy ... and much sorrow.As myself has experienced such ... nothing profound there. But, have you ever took the time to do a "pre-life review" and really took the time to see how many hats you have worn over the time you have drawn a breath.

I was born with the veil over my eyes ... my Grandmother's words. Which I found out later was a "old wives tale" meaning I had a section of the placenta draped only over my eyes. Has a impact? Anyones guess ... but ... going back to the many hats.

I have held many jobs, done many things, seen many things, and to have the honor of sharing those days ... however long it is in that day ... is special. And to have the GREAT honor of having another say to me ... "Look into my life ... and help me see a better hat ... whichever hat it may be.

Namaste :)

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Sealed When I look upon the cards and see what lays ahead ... I have to first see what has brought you to this point. Then we both can look to see how to improve your path ... with the guides from the other side. That was one of the hardest lessons to learn from my master ... Al. I met him when I was 11 years old. How I met him is interesting and how I lost him is still a mystery. I had gifts that are not of this world ... I was born into a Southern Baptist home with a abusive father. But we all chose a path because of some Karmic past life debt. That is for another discussion ... I pretty much lived at the public library ... reading everything! That is where I met Al. He walked up to me and said ... "I have been led here to teach you." I of course looked at him and said ... " Yea right" He then proceeded to tell me things that NO one knew ... except me. I asked him, "WHO are you and how do you know those things!?!" He calmly led me to the back of the library and said ... " I have been led here to teach you ... do you accept?" I said ... "Yes." And for 6 months I was taught many beautiful and wonderful things ... and saw many things that to this day I can't explain. He lived two blocks away from my house and I saw him every single day for those 6 months ... rain or shine ... in Mississippi ... In the summer! No swimming!! My whole world revolved around Al ... he never hurt me nor raised his voice ... he taught me art and science and speaking beyond the veil ... and much more. One day in autumn ... I went to his house as I had done on every other day previous ... and found a note on the front door. "I am off to teach another." I stood there for a moment ... and then went to the neighbor's house and asked when did Al leave? and such ... He looked at me and said, "Who?" I said , "AL?? Your neighbor next door, older gentleman ..." and described him for a minute or two ... He then looked at me and said ... " Son, I don't know who you are talking about... that house has been vacant for three years ... NO one lives there and ... Are you lost?"

I said, "Yes ... I must be ... Sorry." But he followed me home  ... to make sure I was ok. And told my father. 
Needless to say ... it wasn't a good night ...

I don't know if he was real or just a delusion ... or something else. I can describe to this day the details of the house inside ... I know this because a friend of mine moved into that house a year later ... but ... that is a another story as well.

I say this so that you can see where my path has walked will help me to receive your energy to see your path. 

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Just like catching a plane we can all have an out of body experience. Traveling long distances is not an issue through astral projections. The ability to leave our body is a special gift and should not be scary.  Do not worry, our body is just that “Cadillac” that drives our soul.  So park it and enjoy the ride.

Astral projection experience means putting the mind to sleep.  Most people who leave their body at night, do not remember the experience because the subconscious takes over. Create a comfortable and safe atmosphere for yourself, prior to sleep.  Avoid television and electronics 2 hours prior to rest.  It is best to play soft background positive vibrational music in the background.  Breathing will help calm the mind and prepare you for travel

Listening to Astro projection music will guide into a deep peaceful sleep and allow you to enter into a state of vibration.  You will feel the vibrational waves and frequency as the soul prepares to leave the body.  You should not be afraid, being in a meditative state instead will control your body.

Do not worry the ethereal body will always return to the physical body.  During the travel, you are not defenseless.  You will always be attached to your body by a silver cord.  The silver cord is the life thread, which is linked to your physical body.  Enjoy the time you have to travel, explore and you will return in good time.

Naturally your soul will return to your body.  Often people experienced a quick and sudden jolt or a feeling of falling. This can also happen several times prior to take off.  Just relax and allow your mind to be free of negative thoughts.   You can also put an intent to visit loved ones and travel anywhere around the world.  Travelers can go from one realm to the other.  When you become very comfortable you can enact dream scenarios on the

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