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Please Let Me Know!
Most people have said this from time to time … at one point to someone and have heard it as well. But … what does it mean to you. To me I read the cards and over time build a relationship of knowing where I have seen in whatever way I am invited into your life… and who I meet along my life’s path.
And it’s easy to look at one’s picture or a quick profile … and something clicks … I will let this person read for me … and I do … and I thought this would be a good place for you to let me know how I did … any advice or comments are more than welcomed!
Hope to hear from you soon! Love and Light!
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What makes a good psychic … That is a question that has been presented to me. I have never really thought about what would make a good psychic… is it because that person was born a man or a woman; because they were born with gifts; because they were taught how to use those gifts and other knowledge … what would make a person be a good psychic?I thought about this for some time and this is how I answered.To be a good psychic; first and foremost … You have to be attuned to not only who you are … but the world around you. Not the physical reality that we all see … but … the greater world that most don’t. Have a calling to use those gifts that almost everyone was born with … just most choose to allow those gifts to go by the wayside.Second … training … To have a guide assist you to learn how to tap deeper within your gifts; to reach down to your core and show you not only who you were in all past lives … but … who those live have made you into today. Seeing and speaking with whatever medium the psychic uses is only part of the ability… if you don’t know who you truly are … then how can you assist another to find their path.Third … faith … This is where some people have issue with what I have to say. Having faith in yourself; knowing that even though you are seeing something that might not be a wonderful thing for someone …but knowing and having faith that what you are seeing is the truth and you are trying to help another keep their faith that all will work out in the long run; that is the hardest part of the calling…I personally have been trained, have the calling, and have the faith in what I see and say … and sometimes seeing through the eyes of another helps us to see things that we choose to ignore or try to … That is why I chose to walk this path and choose to try to help any who call upon my services. Namaste
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I have always heard of “letting go” of whatever was bothering you … the only problem is that no one ever really told or showed me how. I was a young man trying to figure out what to do with my life … when this older gentleman approached me and said that I had a look of despair upon my face, I told him that I was trying to figure out where my life was taking me and what I wanted to be when I grew up.
He looked at me and said … “let go” … I said, “Of what?” … he said of everything! I just looked at him and never really figured out what he meant. Many years later and much discovering about myself, I ran into the same older gentleman and he asked if I ever let go … I told him that I had lost many things and had to release many other things … he just shook his head and said, “but you still haven’t let go”.
I just stood there wishing he would just explain what he was referring to or what the meaning behind those words was. A few years later I had the joy of seeing him one last time and before he even opened his mouth, I told him, “NO, I still have not let go … I don’t know what to let go of, how to let go, and not even sure what or why I would even want to.” He smiled and said, “Now you are ready to learn.” “Learn?”, I replied … and then he sat down with me and explained that if I wasn’t ready to let go, no one could help me with letting go, if I wasn’t so frustrated with where my life was and confused as to where my next step was … I couldn’t let go.
I thought that was all great information, but what did it really have to do with me? Then, it dawned on me … I couldn’t let go because I didn’t know what was serving me and what wasn’t. I shouldn’t let go because I wouldn’t realize what I had lost till I found it. Then like a flash, I came to the pivotal moment in my life when I looked back and saw all that I had “lost” wasn’t lost, just moved on. I still had all my gifts, I still had my spirit, and I still had me.
The tarot is like that “older gentleman” … it is showing you what to “let go” of and how to reconnect with who you truly are.
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I am new to the computer age in one aspect ... I have never posted till here. My Guides have encouraged me to open up about myself that might relate to someone that is reading it... which is very unique to me. I am very open about my past ... when asked ... but ...
usually I am the quiet, in the background type of fellow.
When I look into my own cards, I try to be as objective as possible... and make my choices from that aspect along with other factors. Which are what the tellers and seers of ancient times for the rulers and shakers of the times past? Just in case someone has ever asked how old this profession is, old.
Even when I see trouble and major storms... but ... a fantastic outcome ... I weigh out that and if I can even avoid it or have to just wade through it ... and knowing if I can avoid it, not enough return ... then I can. If I can't avoid it, what are my options to make it through the best way I can. If I can't avoid it and my options are very grim ... then ... how can I prepare to make it as smoothly as I can?
When I look into the cards for others ... I use this same procedure for them ... and my thought process as to how I get the information as best and as through as possible.
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I wanted to take this moment to also offer as part of my services … I am a Certified Intrinsic Coach … I help people see there best thought process through guiding them. I was trained and received my certification through Totally Coached Inc.
That was one of the major turning points in my life. Not only was it a profound experience to experience; but, on so many levels … that wasn’t anything I expected. The class showed me where to open up my possibilities and has really helped me be where I am today.
And that along with the tarot … along with my guides … LOOK OUT … and that is also the beautiful thing about our network… MANY TALENTED PEOPLE, DOING MANY TALENTED THINGS! Smile
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I look into people's lives and have seen much joy ... and much sorrow.As myself has experienced such ... nothing profound there. But, have you ever took the time to do a "pre-life review" and really took the time to see how many hats you have worn over the time you have drawn a breath.

I was born with the veil over my eyes ... my Grandmother's words. Which I found out later was a "old wives tale" meaning I had a section of the placenta draped only over my eyes. Has a impact? Anyones guess ... but ... going back to the many hats.

I have held many jobs, done many things, seen many things, and to have the honor of sharing those days ... however long it is in that day ... is special. And to have the GREAT honor of having another say to me ... "Look into my life ... and help me see a better hat ... whichever hat it may be.

Namaste :)

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Sealed When I look upon the cards and see what lays ahead ... I have to first see what has brought you to this point. Then we both can look to see how to improve your path ... with the guides from the other side. That was one of the hardest lessons to learn from my master ... Al. I met him when I was 11 years old. How I met him is interesting and how I lost him is still a mystery. I had gifts that are not of this world ... I was born into a Southern Baptist home with a abusive father. But we all chose a path because of some Karmic past life debt. That is for another discussion ... I pretty much lived at the public library ... reading everything! That is where I met Al. He walked up to me and said ... "I have been led here to teach you." I of course looked at him and said ... " Yea right" He then proceeded to tell me things that NO one knew ... except me. I asked him, "WHO are you and how do you know those things!?!" He calmly led me to the back of the library and said ... " I have been led here to teach you ... do you accept?" I said ... "Yes." And for 6 months I was taught many beautiful and wonderful things ... and saw many things that to this day I can't explain. He lived two blocks away from my house and I saw him every single day for those 6 months ... rain or shine ... in Mississippi ... In the summer! No swimming!! My whole world revolved around Al ... he never hurt me nor raised his voice ... he taught me art and science and speaking beyond the veil ... and much more. One day in autumn ... I went to his house as I had done on every other day previous ... and found a note on the front door. "I am off to teach another." I stood there for a moment ... and then went to the neighbor's house and asked when did Al leave? and such ... He looked at me and said, "Who?" I said , "AL?? Your neighbor next door, older gentleman ..." and described him for a minute or two ... He then looked at me and said ... " Son, I don't know who you are talking about... that house has been vacant for three years ... NO one lives there and ... Are you lost?"

I said, "Yes ... I must be ... Sorry." But he followed me home  ... to make sure I was ok. And told my father. 
Needless to say ... it wasn't a good night ...

I don't know if he was real or just a delusion ... or something else. I can describe to this day the details of the house inside ... I know this because a friend of mine moved into that house a year later ... but ... that is a another story as well.

I say this so that you can see where my path has walked will help me to receive your energy to see your path. 

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I had the good fortune to assist a private client the other day with speaking with her departed husband ... after the session was over ... she shared with me the joy and sorrow of the experience. I knew that the gifts I was born with and trained with were powerful tools ... but ... I never really considered how they helped others till then. 

I have done this many times for others, but never had someone really explain what effect it had on them. I knew it took a lot out of me and I felt so joyous that I helped another person come to terms with the loss. She explained to me what it meant to her to be able to have that closure and to have that chance to speak one more time with him.

It awestruck me to think back on all the other times and never considered how it effected them. I just always felt honored to be a part of the healing. I know that with everything that we have thrown at us ... its so easy to not look at how we effect others ... in positive or negative ways ... 

I always hope that in all that I do I help bring positive results and change not the world ... just my little corner.

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I know that sometimes its hard to look toward the future ... because you are looking at the past. We all have done it and sometimes we are in such a habit that it seems to be normal. To me, that is where tarot has helped me help others see that habit and break it! I had a client that could not see why she kept repeating the same mistakes and why her life wasn't moving forward ... I had never met her before and didn't have a clue to what was going on in her life. 

When I first met her, I started telling her things about her life ... she stopped me and said that is all past stuff ... and I told her ... yes and no ... You are caught in a loop and you seem to be repeating those old issues because they are comfortable and even though they are causing you pain ... You know what to expect and nothing can hurt you because you know what is about to happen. She flew into me and said that I made her sould like she wanted to play the martyr ... I said in a twisted way ... Yes ... but; after a moment of letting her vent her anger and fear ... I told her this is how we are going to get you off that merry-go-around. 

I took several readings to break that habit and to show her who was helping and who was trying to keep her on that ride. I am proud to say that she did make it off that ride and is so happy with her life ... and I hear from her to "check-in" to make sure that the past doesn't try to trap her ever again.

That is the power of using these tools to bring you to a better quality of life!

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I caught myself floundering in my own self-pity yesterday. I was wishing that some things in my life would be different. It wasn't long before I realized that focusing on what I didn't have was really making me feel depressed. I was resisting what I currently have now when I should have been celebrating it; at least the effort it took to get it. I know better than that. I remembering hearing about how emotions will dictate one's life. It's how you FEEL about or VALUE life that matters. If you feel that your life is absolutely horrible, you are probably struggling every day. If you feel that your life is grand, things are probably going well for you. So, I began to focus on what "is" rather than "what could be." I started to realize how thankful I was for many things. I was saying out loud, "Thank you SUN for your warmth; Thank you AIR for keeping me alive; Thank you MUSIC; Thank you PETS; Thank you FREEDOM OF RELIGION!" I even thanked my cell phone and Internet for making it easier to stay in contact with friends and family...and then I was smiling!!!! What are you thankful for?
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You go to work. There, you encounter the one person at your job who hates everything about the workplace. No matter how nice you are to this person, he/she has something to complain about. You’ve heard the complaining all day long and you go home with a headache.

At home, your spouse is nagging about the house being a mess, dinner is late, and the kids are too noisy! Now, your headache is a migraine. Sound familiar?

Too many times, we encounter negative people. I call them energy suckers! They have a way of just sucking the quality of life right out of you. Well, you may not always be able to avoid the negativity, but you definitely can protect yourself from it.

First, never succumb to the negativity. If someone is speaking ill of another person, remain neutral; even if you somewhat agree with the statement. Remember when you learned the statement, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it at all?” Well, that was really good advice. The vibration of your words is very powerful. So, if you speak a negative statement, you are casting off a negative vibration into the Universe. In turn, you will continue to attract more negativity in your life.

Second, visualize a radiant and ever loving white light around this person. Affirm that this person’s negativity is not allowed to reach your energy field. Include that you wish this loving and positive light to heal this person from further negativity.

Now for the most important. Every morning before you even get out of bed, visualize that same white light completely surrounding you like a giant capsule. Affirm that no negativity shall be allowed to enter your capsule today. State that your day will be filled with positive thoughts, words, actions, emotions, and PEOPLE!

Practice this every day and soon you will see that you are ridding away negative people from your life forever! They will be replaced by positive and like-minded individuals!

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Thank you for your dedication to the Psychic Community and your committment to excellence goes out to the Founders and the staff of Meet Your Psychic. As a professional Psychic, I have never come accross such a dedicated staff so interested in loving and teaching the Public about giving the World the knowledge to help our fellow man. This site has displayed the finest in the Artistic profession Psychic Intuitive Integrity in our business for years. Therefore, I say here and now what a blessing to be working as a featured Psychic on this Psychic Network. I promise that I will give my all to you and our clients from my very heart, and out of the depths of my intuitive soul I shall read the public knowingthe depth and  of the commitment shown to me by my fellow Psychics and our Founders. May G d use me to help those who need our G d given gifts. What a blessing to be on the Meet Your Psychic Team. Thank you for having me!
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I'd like to share a message with you, this is one that  was given to me by a dear psychic friend, and one that I have received for many of my clients as well.

"Let go of the things that no longer serve you, and embrace the things that do"

We hang on to things for many reasons, because we've tried to save them, fix them, or because we feel obligated in some way to carry them with us.  This is the time to revisit these things, feel them, embrace them and then let them go.  It is a time for emotional cleansing and healing our hearts from carrying the things that we can't change.  By doing this we make room for wonderful things to enter, the walls are down and the sun comes in.  It can be painful to revisit, but by seeing things as they are not what they could be, we are able to let them go and move forward.

Remember you're not alone in this adventure, and if you feel like you are, reach out...we're all in this together.

Love to all,


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I don't know about you, but the last few days for me have been a challenge.  Sometimes life throws a few road blocks our way just to keep things interesting.  

Maybe we aren't real good at jumping them but if we can help each other get a leg over and then the other we're home free! Many people call for help to get over these hurdles and I just want you to know that when I am able to help you, it helps me too.  

Good bye road blocks...and good riddance! 

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We are spiritual beings having a human experience and sometimes we say "I'm only human" to justify  some limited belief or action. We are all light houses finding our way through the veils of illusion called life. What if today you decided to release your past and all the pain that lives within your soul? What if today you decided to forgive those who seemingly wronged you? What if today you decided you were going to experience being fully self expressed without fear, doubt or judgement. What if...

Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen what if you consciously created a life that was full of joy and laugher, abundance and certainty...what if?

It is time we all stood tall and said no more playing small, the time is NOW for us to release the limiting beliefs that play over and over in our brain space. It is time to stand up and walk toward the light that will and has always guided you. Open  your eyes to the truth, open your eyes to what's possible, things are never what they appear to be.

When you feel the lights dimming, go within and ask to be guided. Love will never lead you into darkness but your identity will. It will be your identity that will have you believe you are lost, unloved and unworthy and if you fill the shoes of your identity, you will never see the path ahead.

Love and Light is synonymous with God  Love is all there is, light is the absence of darkness and darkness is the absence of light, BE the light, BE love. We are made in the image and likeness of that which we call God. If you still find it difficult to see, open your heart. See with your heart and love with the essence of your mind.

When the lights are on and you still can't see...It is an illusion
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I dance.  Freely, easily, gracefully, when I feel ready.  On the sidewalk and in the park, across the fields and in the middle of the roundabout, I dance for life.  We are not alone in this universe, and many wonderful ones, angels of God if you will, are desiring to connect to us.  When I danced today, I only did what I felt like doing, what made me feel free and happy.  I was a swan, a ninja, a flamenco dancer, and I was me through it all.  I felt the divine energies of God, of inspiration, flowing through, helping to bridge the invisible infinities of universal energy to Earth. 

I noticed that the dance is a key to breaking the mental grip of the Matrix.  I  tap into a special place of inspiration that frees my mind from worldly cares, giving my body more reign to move.  I as my body love it, need it. Step out, in trust of what feels needed to do, to follow the divine instructions when they come. We are wild and beautiful, longing to see this reflected through each other.  I am becomes through expression.

In order to nurture soul and free the psychic field from the dross of the material consciousness so prevailing, discipline and diligent attention must accompany regular spiritual practice.  In addition to my daily "psychic hookup" meditation, where I bridge the cosmos and Earth through my body, I regularly spend time in prayer, cleansing and nourishing my field with herbs.  When the energy builds to sufficient momentum, I channel and bring forth energies through my body that help charge my field with power, love, and knowing.  This regular access to invisible dimensions, grounded in faith through the Earth mother and the Heavenly Father, is the bread and butter of my work.  Through the experience cycles, reclaiming past and future lives, parallel lives, off-world lives, and releasing old emotional gunk, awareness links into remembrance of ancient knowing.  When the knowing becomes exquisite, the Divine Order becomes clear, and all is well.  Everything can be forgiven and released; that fresh life is always available.  It is up to us to consciously awaken to that freshness, and this is why we regularly practice:)

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Answers to the questions you seek are within your grasp. (So all I have to do is think positive) It is much more than that you must believe and practice knowing your spirit.  As a child you believed everything was taking care of, not bound by doubt and fear.  You say well my parents were taking care of everything; all you had to do was ask.  If you did not receive what you asked for, you realize now it was for your own good. God whatever you perceive the creator to be is vast, the universe is colossal, energy is everywhere! Google and look at the cosmos even better yet connect night and day looking upward and onward, instead of limiting your space and abundant energy within your grasp and harness that energy yours for the taking.  Angels are assigned to each of us at birth and stay with us on our journey. ( But my angels don't hear me) Yes they do, it is their purpose, you are the decider of listening.  There are positive and negative forces in the universe. You decide whether to hear the positive messages or listen and feed negative messages clouding and blocking your true potential and abundance.

But - I'm worried - Afraid - Not sure - Regret - These all and there are many belong to the negative forces of the universe, blocking you from your joy, it is their purpose.  ( But I want and I want it now) You can block your true potential with this thinking just as a child tries to get what they want now - it is not good for them, or the right time, or they are not ready yet. Free yourself of the bondage you have allowed to define your being.  Together we can unlock the secret of your true balance and true potential. Now's your chance, together we can increase your spiritual state, progressing all pathways of your life. I have no doubt I have seen visions the universe wishes to show me. I have seen, felt and heard my angels and others have seen them upon me. I resisted for a long time even though everyone was urging me to tap further ever deeper to help. You can soar to new heights and achieve.

Don't miss out on what the universe has to offer you.  Just as the earth has seasons your life has seasons, learn what season you are in. Are you at a time in your life for change, cleansing, growth or ready to receive your gifts because you have practiced, learned, overcome and ready to receive? Just as the earth has gravity, although you cannot see it with your natural eyes you BELEIVE it is there. We have an aura that is four to six feet around us, protecting us. Is your aura/spirit depleted? You can strengthen it.  Meditation is important to practice for in the private sanctuary of one's own conscience lies that connection with the spirits with determination to cast of negativity and rise up to your true potential. Allow our spirits to align and connect with the universal colossal beings, increasing your spiritual state leading the progression of your life in a positive direction. Only you can decide when you want to clear what is blocking you from the next chapter in your journey, choosing to live life to your fullest potential.

You don't have to focus so much on trying to fit in, instead be inspired by your inner self spirit and stand out!

With a song in your heart, a dance in your step and a smile on your face you'll win the race. What race? The human race.

The future is soooo bright!


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You can soar to new heights and achieve your right to happiness.  Don't miss out on opportunities within your grasp.  Unlock the key to the universe increasing the quality of your spiritual state to success and progression in all pathways of your life.  Among the chaos and frustration, the peace you seek can be yours. If you allow your angels to be on assignment.  Your guiding lights, let them shine with you as you take each step towards your authentic life path and fulfill your destiny.

physical pain is acknowledged and you act immediately to save yourself from harm’s way.  Emotional pain and baggage are acknowledged as well but cause the most damage and lasting harm shaping and molding us. Until you reach a breaking point! That's when your brain starts sending you a very important message a change is needed "now"! The message begins to resonate stronger and stronger. Your spirits will continue to send this message until you act and seek the guidance being offered to you.

Your celestial beings never stop seeking you and sending you messages.  You stop listening or can't hear them because of the continuous bombardment of all the noise, expectations and demands you allow to define your existence.

Allow the love above spirit guides to clear your energy, bring more light into your life, overcome past conditioning thinking and stuck attitudes.

The future is not what will be but what may be. You have more power over your circumstances than you believe.

Why not choose this positive energy yours for the taking and begin to consciously design your life again!

The spirit in me honors the spirit in you

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If you keep reading the same page in the same chapter, you will never know how the book ends. When feeling hurt or disappointed by life experiences, choose something different. Choose to turn the page however, if you feel the need to re-read the same page several times perhaps you'll begin to see it from a different perspective, leaving you curious about how the book ends.

Translation: If you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got. Do something different.

When you take responsibility for your role of the disconnection within your relationship, you began to see it from a different perspective. Maybe, you begin to see that it's disfunction is due to fear and doubt of being left alone, or feeling unloved. Fear comes from societial and lilmiting beliefs, it is your reaction to something you believe to be true. Fear is being out of sync or alignment with what and who you really are. It is having your beliefs cancel each other out and now you begin to question what you KNOW to be true, you are always loved :-)

Truth: we are all made in the image and likeness which means we are part and parcel of the divine consciousness or vibration that created the universe. We are all there ever was, ever is and ever will be. I know that is a mouth full for some however it is my mission and intention to assit others in remembering their worthiness. Worthiness cannot be measured because it is merely a limiting belief (non truth). Love is all there is and we are one.

In gratitude~

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If you keep reading the same page in the same chapter, you will never know how the book ends. When feeling hurt or disappointed by life experiences, choose something different. Choose to turn the page however, if you feel the need to re-read the same page several times perhaps you'll begin to see it from a different perspective, leaving you curious about the following pages.

Translation: If you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got. Do something different.

When you take responsibility for your role of the disconnection within your relationship, you began to see it from a different perspective. Maybe, you begin to see that it's disfunction is due to fear and doubt of being left alone, or feeling unloved. Fear comes from societial and lilmiting beliefs, it is your reaction to something you believe to be true. Fear is being out of sync or alignment with what and who you really are. It is having your beliefs cancel each other out and now you begin to question what you KNOW to be true, you are always loved :-) 

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