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Welcome. The vision for this Blog is to allow an opportunity for our Psychic Advisors to offer helpful guidance to improve your present and future life. This forum is also an excellent way to be introduced to an advisor if you have not had the opportunity to experience their services.


Meet Your Psychic
I have a natural pyshic ability that has been since birth. I have developed my skills and crafted other techniques since 2014. I can help you in love business, legal matters , health concerns and life path directions . I have made a difference in many people that I know life. I know once yoou give me a try , you will continue to get readings from me in the future.


​Positive energy is important in what we need to have in order to see a change, in our lives or situation. Hope is needed as well, with a healthy balance. As  a reader we are reading your energy and spirit guides. In order for a shift in your situation, you have to be willing to do the work, this work is changing your thought process, and continue to live your life, but keep the energy field clear and positive. Easier said then done, I know, but trust me it works . Put out there what you want in return, and be open to how it comes back to you.

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The Mountain

Hello all,

It's Africa, today I wanted to share with you this evening about the Mountain I faced over the weekend . Last Friday I was in Bogota Columbia, I went to a popular destination called Monseratte. If you have never been before, it's this mountain that has a church on top, built from the 1600's. So it's holy and been around a long time. How one gets to the church is either by a steep train or cable car. Psychic Africa couldn't wait to see this. I was in line to take that steep train ride up this mountain, and then a butterfly landed on my finger. This butterfly was on my finger for 10 minutes, no lie. I love butterflies, so it was an overwhelming feeling, and in the moment, I no longer was able to go up the mountain, I can't explain it, but my body wouldn't allow me to get on that train. So I didn't get to see that church on top of the mountain. I just wasn't supposed too, My spiritual moment had happened with the butterfly, so I decided not to go. I think about that decision and ask myself why did I not go? I realized that I was experiencing transformation and I need to take that all in.

What transformation are you going through? Have you been going through changes like me? I want all of you to know that this year is going to be awesome. Take a leap of faith and follow your dreams. love Africa

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Why I get psychic readings

​Hey guys and dolls  its me Africa,  I'm  new here on Meet your  psychic. I wanted to share with you from the heart .  Back in 2006 I received my first reading from a lady at a restaurant . She was a very small woman. But full of life. I told her about this man I was dating. He was very successful, and all I wanted was to live a glamorous life, and so I put up with a lot . But I was determined. I just knew no other woman was better then me ( hashtag arrogant). I ignored every red flag, and stayed positive.   I said he cant find better then me.  When I went to that little lady she told me," honey this is not your man, he belongs to someone else". I was like NO WAY, never. Couldn't see it. But u know what she was right . Behind my back he rekindled a relationship with some woman that knew before he was "rich". He left me and embarrassed me. He told me that I was his fantasy woman , but I was money hungry( btw he apologized years later). I was devasted, but grateful, I said I'm getting readings now. I need to know in advance to soften the blow. You know what , it worked I was able to make decision's that benefited me. No longer was I a trophy , but a woman with strength and substance, and with choices. How grateful I am  to that little lady that told to run for the hills. She was right. I want you to know I understand hurt and disappointment. I'm here to give hope and encouragement. 

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It feels like a punch to the stomach

Have you ever  seen something ( a picture ) or a received  a call, or worse a text by the one you love telling you it was over. For me it felt like a punch in the stomach , literally. I would eat ice cream and listen to love songs. None of which helped, all I did was get fatter, so that didn't really help. Then I would call friends and my mom, they tried to help, but  I felt worse.. So what should u do?? Call me , because, I'm here to listen and I'm better than a girlfriend because I don't really have any biased opinion. Let's find out if he is worth the heartache, maybe it was the best thing that could have happened to you.

Let me help you with those burning questions you have. Trust me I have been there too, we all need a caring and intuitive conversation.


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What do you do after you receive an awesome reading?

​Have  ever received a reading and then just felt like you were cloud nine ? Was the reading so juicy you counted down the days after you received the message. Did you change your behavior once you received that reading ?

If yes, you and I have both guilty of doing this , But should you change your behavior based on your awesome   reading ?

The answer is NO, write down what was said on a notebook, then put that notebook away. Conduct your self like you normally would, this is to ensure that the positive outcome HAPPENS. If you change things too much , then you might affect your outcome. This is energy and spiritual work, so you have to just stay positive and live life normally, once that awesome outcome happens, then you can celebrate. CHEERS!!

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