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Welcome. The vision for this Blog is to allow an opportunity for our Psychic Advisors to offer helpful guidance to improve your present and future life. This forum is also an excellent way to be introduced to an advisor if you have not had the opportunity to experience their services.


Meet Your Psychic
Welcome Dear Hearts I was born with special talents. It took me many years to accept these talents as gifts. I have now spent over 25 years using my gifts to help people find clarity, make insightful choices in their lives and come to an understanding of their journey. If you chose to have a reading from me, I can’t promise to tell you what you want to hear, but I will tell you what your need to know and I will help you achieve clarity and understanding. So welcome and may you have warm blessings on your journey.

Add a Little Lavender to your Diet


Most are aware of the benefits of lavender in aromatherapy, but it has many wonderful benefits to your health when eaten. It is a phytonutrient and also aids in detoxifying your body. It helps the digestion and can help in soothing stomach upsets.

So, how do you add lavender to your diet? Herb de Provence can be added to soups such as chicken noodle, or rubbed onto your next roast before baking. Add a little lavender oil to yogurt. My favorite is Lavender Lemonade. With summer coming this is a wonderful recipe that I am glad to share with you, you get both the aroma and the dietary benefits of this amazing flower.

Summer Lavender Lemonade:

The juice of 5-6 lemons

About 1 cup sugar (or better yet; honey) start with a little less, you can always add more

Water to taste, I find about 6 cups is right for me, but experiment tasting as you go

1 to 2 drops lavender oil (food quality)

Mix together, chill and serve over ice Garnish with a sprig of fresh lavender if you have some available


Bright blessings and much health

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Let the Universe Guide You

Let the universe guide you to happiness.  Sometimes you have to let go of what you want in order to make room for what you need.  Holding onto something, or someone, that is just not working for you blocks what you need from entering your life.  Trusting and taking that leap of faith can seem frightening, but can open the way for many good things to manifest.

Letting go of someone you love and want to be with feels awful in the moment.  I often suggest that when a relationship doesn't seem to work, take that love and visualize yourself putting in a pretty box inside your heart.  You know it is there, but it no longer holds power over you.  Then let the universe guide you to a new love and relationship.  You can love again.

Same thing is true of just about any situation.  Holding onto what isn't working for you only blocks any chance of receiving peace and joy into your life.  Let go, allow things to move forward.  Allow the universe to guide you with an open heart and mind.

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You Are Never Alone

I don't consider myself a medium, but as a reader of energy I can quite often see the spirits of loved ones that have passed, and when I am lucky they will send messages through my guides to my clients.  I have come to realize that you are never alone and that these spirits are always trying to send messages of love and comfort.

So often when I tell a client that there is a spirit standing next to them they are not surprized, in fact the usual answer is " I thought that I felt them, I just thought that it was my imagination or wishful thinking".  Being open to let these spirits communicate with you will give you much comfort and sometime guidance.  Don't blow off those feelings that your loved one is there with you, they probably are. 

Remember spirit is limited in the ways that they are able to communicate.  The more I deal with these spirits the more I realize they are so excited to finally have a way to send messages, even though my talents in this area are just developing, that they send me so many images all at once that it is sometimes hard for me to keep up.  The most prevailant messages are ones of love and hopes for release from any guilt. 

It's hard to loose someone we love, the grief can last for a long time.  But know that we never truely loose those loved ones, they often stay close by and even when you don't feel them they are there with you.  Take comfort in your memories and look to the good times you shared. When you catch a glimpse of them, don't deny it, accept and charish it.  You are never alone, take comfort in that. 

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Getting the Right Help: Violence Is Not Love

I have had a couple of reminders recently that failing relationships aren't always about who is or isn't your soul-mate or is he right for me.  If your relationship has become violent, leave.  Violence is NOT love. 

I speak from experience.  I tell you this only so that you will know that I am speaking from my heart and from experience.  A violent relationship cannot be saved by staying.  And leaving can be dangerous as well.

Reach out to your local Domestic Violence Hot Line or Crisis Hot Line.  They have resources and can help you to get out safely.  Many people (and yes, men can be the victim of abuse too) find it difficult to call the police and report that they are being hurt.  There are a million excuses that can be made for the abuser and you might even think that it's your fault and if you can just be a "better person" it will stop.  No one deserves to be hit, being "better" will never be enough.

You are a wonderful strong spirit you deserve to be loved and violence is not love. You may not feel strong, but you are.  Open the door, let the light shine into you, know that you can find a love that doesn't hurt.

So, get the help that you need and if there is "hope" for the relationship, the abuser will seek professional help for their problem and then and only then can you start to rebuild.  If not, then you will find love.  A love that will build you up not put you down.  A love that feels good not filled with fear and pain.

Bright Blessings to all of you.  And most of all I wish you love

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Getting the Most Out of Your Reading

There are somethings that you can do to help get the most out of your reading.  Our time together is limited and in a reading there is a lot of information that we, as psychics, have to weed through in order to find the answers you are looking to find.  So if you want a good reading and get the most information you can, there are a few things that you can do to help us.

It is sometimes uncomfortable having a virtual stainger look into the most private parts of your life.  As psychic readers we are very well aware of this and hope to make you feel comfortable with allowing us to share your secret places.  The more that you are able to trust us the more open you will become and the easier it is for us to connect with you.  Trust us to be professional, we will never share your secrets, we will protect your confidentuality and most of all, we will never judge you.  This is your path, your life and we are respectful of this and who you are.  Most of us have had to face judgement and ridicule in our own lives, being a psychic doesn't come without a price.  So trust us to offer you compassion and love, without judgement and always protecting you.

That being said, the next step is openness.  Prepare yourself to allow us to connect with you.  Open your heart and mind.  Take a deep cleansing breath and let down your walls.

Before you call, take a moment and think about what it is that you are asking.  I don't know how many times a client has come to me without a clear idea of what they want to know.  There is a big difference between "tell me about my love life" and "does John really like me?".  The first is so general and will cause your psychic to start looking in a general direction, the second will cause your psychic to focus on a specific thing.  Being clear with yourself and having a clear question will help us get to the Meat of the matter much more quickly and thus give you the information you are looking for quickly.  Sometimes a client asks a general question thinking that we will automatically know what information they are looking for, being psychic doesn't mean being a mind reader, so don't be afraid to ask the question you want answered.

And lastly, we come back to openness.  Be open to hear what we are seeing.  You have friends that will tell you what you want to hear, you have come to us to hear what you need to hear.  We will tell you truthfully what we see happening at the moment you are asking.  Remember Life is fluid and can change quickly.  We are reading in the moment.  If we had infinate time we could examine with you all the possible outcomes the influences that might come into play, but we have a short time together and we will do our best to find the most probable outcome to your inquiry.  

It does happen where you and a psychic don't connect or you don't feel comfortable with one of us.  MYP offers a solution to this.  There are times when it isn't a matter of connection, but that you are not hearing what you want to hear.  So, you have to decide which it is.  Ask for clarification.  It may be a simple miscommunication or we might have gotten onto a different energy path.  Trust that we are here to help and want you to have clarity and gain insight from our time together. 

Your reading is a partnership between you and your psychic.  If you take the time to do these couple of things you will find that your readings are clearer and more valuable.  Trust, Openness and knowing what it is that you are asking will help us to connect to you and give you the reading that you want.

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Remember: Balance

Life is a balancing act most of the time.  There are so many things that need to get done, always something that needs our attention and sometimes it just doesn't seem to slow down.  Just keeping up is a full time task.  I don't know how many times I have suggested to a client to try meditation or to just take a walk, to have them respond "When, I am so overwhelmed I just don't have the time."

I was taking stock of my own life just last night and realized that maybe I should take my own advice.  I have been working very hard to down-size, I do volunteer work in the community and I work here on Meet Your Psychic, to name just a few of my current tasks.  All of which I love and gives me great joy and a feeling of fulfillment.  I have not been meditating as I usually do, I have not done anything creative (the other part of my life is that I am an artist) and sometimes I just don't take the time to simply sit with myself in quiet peace.  

Life lived in balance means that you take care of business and you take care of your spiritual needs as well.  When you live in balance you can avoid many physical illnesses and you are able to experience joy at it's fullest level. As most people know by now, I am a big believer in the powers of meditation.  In meditation you center and ground yourself, opening yourself up to Universal Love and Healings.  It is also a time when you can realize what is missing in your life.  What your passions are.  

I also believe in silly little things that make us giggle, dancing without music, singing at the top of our lungs in the car.  All of these things add whimsy to our lives and keep us from taking things so seriously (including ourself).  

Adding meditation and caring for the spiritual needs often means that you gain energy and those other tasks are accomplished with more ease and sometimes even more quickly. Balance your life, experience all of the benefits of having all aspects cared for.

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Lost in Love

Feeling lost in love?  Can't seem to see which direction this relationship is going?  Don't know if it is moving forward or on the way out the door?  Love can be confusing and sometimes it is hard to know just what is going on with the person that you love.  Sometimes it is just a lull in the relationship, all relationships have ups and downs.  Sometimes after the initial Rockets and Flares of the new love relationship, it seems a let down as you settle into a routine and as you become comfortable with being together.  And sometimes, one of you is thinking about getting out of the relationship.  

The first thing is not panic.  When you panic, you appear needy and can make your partner worry or feel like they can't give enough to keep you happy.  You also will tend to say or do things that aren't healthy for the relationship.  Don't do anything rash.  It doesn't hurt to give it a little time and see if things work out on their own.  But the best thing is to simply talk.  

Be careful, I have seen many relationships fall apart simply because one person allowed questions to go unasked.  If you have a good relationship, then communication is at the foundation of it and questions are acceptable.

If after talking you still have concerns, then I am here to help you work out what is going on.  I can look and see if there is truth in the answers you received or if they were just trying to avoid conflict or worse.  It feels lonely when you are lost in love, but know that you aren't alone.  With a little insight, you might find yourself falling in love all over again.

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The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants

The heart wants what the heart wants, but is that always what is good or right for you?  I always advise to follow one's heart, but keep the mind engaged.  I also advise that you listen to your "gut".  How often after the end of a bad relationship do we look back and say to ourself, "I knew something was off with that person"?

Having a series of bad relationships or even good relationships which end too quickly is a warning sign that something is needed in your own life.  It might be time to tell the heart to be quiet for a moment and start looking within for what is going on with you.  The heart is always looking to love and be loved.  It wants it now and is over joyed when love happens.  But if you aren't ready to accept love and give it in a healthy way, you will continually be searching and never finding fulfillment.  

First, if you are finding that you are always with a looser, ask yourself what it is that you are attracted to in these people.  Are you someone that wants to rescue another person, thus garnering never ending gratitude from them or a sense of being their savior.  Or it could be that you don't feel worthy of a good relationship so you choose someone that there is no possible chance of the relationship working.  You might give off the vibration that you are an easy mark and thus these are the people that come to you.  

Next, if you are still carrying old wounds that you haven't allowed to heal, you are doomed to have another bad relationship.  If you are not good with yourself, there is no way you can offer enough to another person, and they will never be able to give enough to make you happy or secure.  You will quickly drain your partner with you perpetual need to be reassured and cared for.  Or you will be overwhelmed with the fear of being hurt again that you will drive your partner away.  It takes time to heal and if you rush into another relationship you are asking for failure.  When this happens over and over you will find so many scars that it is difficult for anyone to get close to you.  

Everyone wants that perfect (almost perfect) relationship.  The heart wants to be filled with love.  Sometimes you need to stop and let it rest and find love for yourself.  The better you are with yourself and without a relationship, the better you will be in a relationship.  So take some time and fall in love with yourself.  Be able to sit alone and feel complete just the way you are.  Find that you don't Need anyone else.  When you reach this point you will most probably find that you will choose someone that fits your life better.  You will find that you will be content within the relationship and will be willing to take the time to build a good solid relationship rather then rush into something that won't work in the end.  

If you need help exploring what is going on in your life and why you have made the choices you've made, I would be honored to help you.  I can help you gain insight into what is clouding your vision, heal your energy field and help you see the absolutely amazing spirit that is you.  Once we have done that, well you can let your heart have what your heart wants without fear or worry.  

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What's Next???

Are you at a crossroad in your life?  Confused as to which direction to go?  Is your relationship at a stand sitll and just doesn't feel right?  Should you look for a new job or stay put?

We all reach these places in life.  It can be confusing and frightening, you don't want to make the wrong decision.  You don't want to quit your job and then find that the new one you thought was going to be so great is really a dud.  You don't want to dump that lover just to find that you were just bored in the moment.  So, what do you do?

Every moment of everyday we have choices to make.  Some are easy, which shirt to wear.  How can you really go wrong with choosing a shirt?  Other choices are much more difficult and we can become paralized trying to make the right decision.  That is where having a psychic take a look can be of great help.  We can look at what is going on and see how each option might work for you.  

I would be happy to help you look at your options and give you some insights on your possible outcomes.  I am here almost every evening until 11pm Pacific.

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How to Protect Against Energy Vampires

First of all, what is an "Energy Vampire", and how do you know if you have one in your life.  Well, most of us have run into them.  Do you know someone that after just a short visit with them you feel like you need a nap?  Chances are they are a vampire.
Now, I have to say that most of them don't even know that they are vampires.  They are rarely aware of the effect that they have on others. They are always in the middle of groups of people.  They love big groups and often will stir up trouble, just for "fun".  Actually, they are "feeding" off the energy of others.You feel tired or even exhausted after a short time with them.  But most don't steal enough energy to really cause you serious harm.  
Let's face it, if you know a vampire, you probably avoid them as much as you can.
You can do things to protect yourself.  Keep an eye out for the vampires.  Remember that your energy is yours and that you can give it or keep it to yourself.
If the vampire is someone close to you, make sure that you build a strong shell of energy around you before you see that person.  Visualize that the flow of energy is cut and blocked.  Meditate on this see it in your mind.  The energy flow is broken and no longer reaches the other person.  Visualize a strong white shell around your energy field (aura), and that the shell cannot be penetrated unless you allow it.
It is a good practice to visualize this shell before leaving the house.  It will protect you from picking up energy and loosing energy as you move through the physical world.
The last step is to forgive.  It is most likely that the other person isn't aware that they zap energy from others and intended no real harm.  So, just forgive them for doing it.
And of course, if you are having a real problem with a vampire, I can help you resolve this issue.
Have a happy and vampire free journey.
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Try Meditation

I firmly believe that everyone can benefit from meditation. Even mainstream medicine has discovered the value of meditation to your health. It reduces stress levels and lowers blood pressure which is always a good thing.

I have used meditation to control pain, clear my mind so that I can more easily solve problems and of course to balance my energies and clear my chakras.

There is no big secret to meditation. It isn't difficult and you don't need to devote a lot of time to meditation for it to prove beneficial. It is simply taking time to sit quietly without distractions and just be.

To begin, turn off the TV, put your phone away and find a comfortable place where you won't be disturbed. Sit comfortably with your feet flat on the floor (you can try other positions, lotus, or even laying down) rest your hands on your legs palms up. Now simply concentrate on your breathing. Feel your breath enter and exit your body.

Keep your breaths slow and deep. As you exhale feel the stress leaving your body and you muscle just relax. When a thought passes through your mind, and they will, just let it go. Don't focus on having had the thought or that you are failing, even the most accomplished in meditation will have a transient thought from time to time, you just let it go.

You are in a state of relaxation and are meditating. It is a wonderful way to start your day, helps in the middle of the day when energy gets low and you feel like you need a nap or just before falling asleep at night. Any time is good so give it a try. Add meditation to your day and see how you feel.

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I am always...

I am always being asked if I am truly as optimistic and up-beat as I seem. And then what is my secret. I am usually pretty easy going and I find myself looking for the silver-lining to things. I do have my down times, but they tend to be short. My secret, easy:
1. Things always change. So, I send out as much positive energy as I can so that the energy coming back to me is positive.
2. I have survived some awful times, so I believe that I can handle most anything.
3. I keep myself balanced. I meditate, I use energy techniques to keep my aura and chakras open and clean. And I try to surround myself with people who love me with all of my flaws and short comings.
Life is short and finding "silver linings" isn't very hard once you practice.
Stay balanced. Work hard, play hard and Love harder.
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Spiritual Balance is a Walk in the Park

Science and doctors have shown us that exercise is a good thing.  It raises spirits as well as makes you healthy.  But the key to spiritual balance is literally a walk in the park.

Use your time walking to reconnect with nature and with nature energies.  

Earth:  feel the earth under your feet. Think about how she is a natural filter, water is purified by passing through the earth.  The same can happen with your negative energy.  Simply feel all the negativity flow out of the bottom of your feet as you walk.  Let the earth cleanse that negative energy.  Let yourself be grounded.  Feel the connection between yourself and the earth.  Finally, pull a little earth energy into yourself and let it surround you.

Air:  feel the air enter your lungs and then release through your nose.  With each exhale, let the stresses of your day follow the air out of your body.  Let the air blow away more of the negative energy and stress.  Keep some of the energy for yourself.

Water:  stop by the water.  While standing there allow the water energy to wash over your aura and through you.  Clearing away that stubborn stress and negative energy.  Allow the water energy to strengthen your aura and protect it.  And then keep a little of the energy within you.

Fire:  the sun is a wonderful source of fire energy.  Even on a cloudy day, that energy is there and available to you.  Pull that energy toward you and let it burn away any thoughts, problems, stresses that you don't need in your life.  Let it work with water to strengthen your protections.  And keep some of that fire energy inside you.

You are now balanced and clean of negativity.  You hold in you the energy that you will need to remain balanced, grounded and healthy.  Your body has what it needs to help it fight illnesses and attacks from the outside world.  And all with a short walk in the park.
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Making the Hard Choices

Each of us reach places in our lives where we have to make the hard choices.  Maybe it's to stay in a relationship or job, maybe it is to let go of a long-term friend that is no longer a positive influence in our life, or maybe it is to cut connection with a family member.  What ever it might be, we have to face it and make that difficult choice.  So, how do we know if it is the right choice or one we will regret soon after it is made?

First, that is where I and the other psychics come in.  We can help you explore your options and the possible outcome of each path.  Second, you have to just trust yourself, you know better than anyone what is right for you and you know how you are feeling right now.  Here is a little advice to help you when you make your choice.

1.  Never burn a bridge that you may need in the future.  If leaving a job, you might need a reference from that employer, so I would suggest that you Not tell off your boss.  If letting go of a friend, do it gently and with kindness.  There is rarely a time where the "sledge hammer" approach is needed, even if you are never going to see that person again, it is still best that you keep in mind that good karma comes through kindness.  

2.  When considering your options, don't react to a situation.  Action is always better than reaction.  So if you are mad or hurt, this is not the time to make the decision.  Calm down and see how you feel when you have a better perspective.  Then choose the direction you want to go.

3.  If leaving a relationship, make sure that you are finished and your "backyard is clean" before moving on.  It is hurtful to have a new love interest in your life before you end the current relationship.  It is also not good for you.  You will feel guilt and possibly shame.  And don't go looking for a new relationship right away, give yourself time to heal before moving on.  This will help you enter a new relationship feeling good and strong.

4.  Psychics can help you look at your choices and figure out which direction "looks" most promising.  But, it is your life, we aren't living it so don't expect us to tell you what to do.

5. And lastly, if it is relationship you are considering leaving, remember to take into consideration that all relationships have ups and downs.  Times when you feel disconnected or not quite as "in love" as you once were.  It may just be one of those times, don't rush to jump out of what might just be in slow mode.  Remember, relationships are hard work and well worth the effort if you have a good one.

I am here to help you work through these choices and give you a little insight to help you chose, until then, happy days and bright blessings to you.

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Is He My Soul Mate?

Is he my soulmate?  Should I wait for my soulmate?  Is there a soulmate out there for me?  Why haven't I found my soulmate?  All of these are questions that we have asked at some point in time.  These are interesting questions, and the answers are different for everyone.  

To begin with, what is a soulmate?  I have done some exploring (got to love the internet).  The mythology of the soulmate is that once  some humans were both male and female, that the gods were afraid that they were becoming too powerful so the gods broke them apart.  They were then lost without their other half, but when they found each other they felt complete.  (There are a couple of versions of this myth, but in a nutshell they say about the same thing). In today's world there are many definitions of soulmate but most often connected to the strongest bond between romantic partners and a feeling of being complete once this person is found.

So, you are in love and in a good relationship. You know that you are loved in return and everything seems to be good.  Then one day you catch yourself asking, "is this my soulmate?".  Wondering if there is someone out there that is a better match for you, maybe you are missing that truly spectacular relationship.  Is it worth leaving what you have to find what you "might" have.  Or should you count your blessings and be happy with having found a good person and be glad to be loved?  The choice is definately a personal one.  

I am a "bird in hand" type person.  I would work hard to make the person that I am with as close to a soulmate as I can.  How?  By being the best partner that I can be.  I know a lot of "hopeless romantic" types, they are always searching.  I also know the "maybe someday" types, staying in their good relationship, but alway checking for their soulmate (one foot out the door type, ready to go when they find their soulmate).  

If you aren't in a relationship, are you looking for your soulmate and refusing to settle for anything less? Or are you just hoping to find a good loving relationship that will last your lifetime? It is up to you to look inside yourself and know what it is that you realistically expect from a relationship.  Are you willing to work hard to make a relationship work and stay even if it isn't your soulmate (or make the person you are with into your soulmate)?  Do you want to hang out until that magical moment when you find that one person?    There isn't a right answer, there is nothing wrong with any choice, just know that it is always your choice.  Being a psychic, I can help you explore your choices, help you discover what you feel and give you some insight, but even then, the only one that can answer the questions is you.

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