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Welcome. The vision for this Blog is to allow an opportunity for our Psychic Advisors to offer helpful guidance to improve your present and future life. This forum is also an excellent way to be introduced to an advisor if you have not had the opportunity to experience their services.


Meet Your Psychic
I am here to provide clear guidance and support for any issue you wish. I will be using the healing modalities of Sound Ascension offers messages of GUIDANCE in CAREER, LOVE, HEALTH, LIFE PATH, BUSINESS and HEALING ENERGY with channeled, accurate messages to your direct questions. She speaks to your Ascended Guides to offer you direct, clear Life Path Direction. If it is romance you are concerned about or attached negative energies, look no further as her healing techniques will cleanse your mind, body, and spirit no matter where you are located. Her recommendations ring true and are customized to fit each of your individual situations. Her ability to listen and offer immediate clarification and direction is prized by the clients she has helped. Let Dancing Feather be your guide to navigate the planet Earth and accept your Higher Self. SOUND ASCENSION:Expansion Awareness offers reaching higher states of Consciousness thru sound-tuning forks, Native American Round Drum toning/singing. Cleanse your "gook" layer of unwanted attachments, spirits, old past life karma and pain.

Gratitude is the Key to Love & Abundance

Gratitude is the Key to Love & Abundance The first step to attracting the love and life of your dreams starts with the ability to resonate at the high vibrational frequency of Gratitude. Did you know that we are energy vibrating machines?

Science has proven we are made up of electrical impulses. Your heartbeat is a prime example of this phenomenon. When your heart stops beating the medics will zap you with an electrical defibrillator which sends an electrical jolt to "jump start" your heart. It is just like your car battery.

Were you aware that you can raise your vibration up or down based on your mental focus. This is the key to co-creating the reality you wish to be living within. To start this process you must first be grateful for where you are-compleatly and in perfect resonance with the universe.

How do I do this? You ask..well here are a few simple ideas to get you started on a "daily" practice of Gratitude.

  1. Make a Graitude List-this is simply a list of all the things that you are grateful for in your life. Add to your list daily and or create a new one each day. This will hep you sit in the vibration of "gratitude".
  2. Gratidue Journal- this is a more detailed daily paractice to keep all your grateful thoughts together.
  3. Volunteer-if you think your situation is me there is always someone who is worse off.
  4. Appreciate Everything even those situations and people who seem to cause you the most pain. Learn this lesson and you are truly on your way to the reality of your dreams.

Once you continue to hold space for gratitude you can harness this energy to atttract and manifest more of what you desire. Suddenly you have the life of your dreams and hardship slips away. Of coruse you will still have painful moments. This is the sole reason you came to earth-to feel emotions. So be gratful for the sadness, the pain and the struggle-all of it!

For more ways to raise your vibration and clear limiting beliefs give me a call and we will work together to co-create the reality you deserve and desire.


~ Psychic Cassandria ~

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Love on a Friday Night!

So it's Friday night and you are sitting at home second guessing all of your love decisions.

Did I do the right thing breaking up with him?

Is he out with someone else?

Why hasn't he called?

Why am I always stuck at home on a Friday night alone?

Well, we can go down this dead-end track all night. That is not the point. This is an excellent time shift your self defeating and limiting ego beliefs to the practice of self-nurture. This is where you give yourself a break from the chaos of thoughts and choose actions that will fill up your soul not put it down.

You can go hiking, take an aromatherapy bath, facial, play football..any activity that resonates and uplifts your soul. The goal is to get out of your head and into your heart.

This is the pure space of co-creation which is the key to manifestation.

Self Love and enjoyment in your own space will allow you to be your spiritual self on earth in a faster momentum. This is all a part of fulfilling your Divine Destiny on Earth by loving yourself more. Accept being at peace and fulfilled when you are only with self. In this, you realize you are never truly alone. It feels really good.

If you are seeking specific guidance just give me a Holler!



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After the Break Up-The 3 Rs of Healing

The three "Rs" in break ups-Retreat, Regroup and Relaunch.

Relationships are can be hard. In fact, they are work. Sometimes no matter how hard you work to keep your relationship moving forward it just seems to break down. Now you are broken up and unsure of how to pick up the pieces. As a Relationship Coach, I get a lot of calls about what can a person do to "get over" the pain.

I have come up with the three "Rs" after a relationship break-up. This is not an absolute formula, meaning you can add in other strategies that will work for you. This is simply a possible fall back method of immediate response when the pain is too great and you are frozen in sadness and indecision. Think of this as your relationship- "stop, drop and roll".

RETREAT PHASE- This step refers to giving yourself some downtime. This is a very important step that most people brush off and assume that they are "just fine." I am not talking about wallowing in your self-pity, although that is a perfectly natural part of the process. This is the time for you to really identify your feelings and give yourself permission to feel them. All of them to the utmost capability you can muster. You might be think "that is crazy! I don't want to feel more pain, more sadness. This hurts too much" You are right. It does hurt. This is very important

"You have to feel it to heal it!" So living it to the fullest is the key to the starting point of healing.

When you continually suppress each emotion all you are doing is locking in the trauma. This trauma sits in your energy field and your physical body where it can fester and build. It will also affect your ability to attract and manifest a new partner. Remember that like attracts like (see my blog Law of Attraction) So if you are angry, sad and filled with unresolved trauma, guess who your next partner might be like? That is right-just like you in the moment. So raising your vibration, doing the clearing work will set the foundation to attract a balance, healthy partner into your life.

REGROUP PHASE- In this phase, you are working on forgiveness and visualizing. It is important to acknowledge that letting go, moving forward from the old patterns of this relationship is the best place for you to be . Again, I am always encouraging my clients to only focus on the present. You got to relive and beat yourself up for all the actions, words of the past in the Retreat phase. So now is the time to stop rehashing the past. Being in the present moment allows you to sit without judgment of self. It is time to acknowledge your role in the situation and forgive yourself.

Practicing positive affirmations and correcting yourself when you are in the middle of negative self-talk is vital. Realize that every relationship perceived "good" or "bad" propels us closer to truly understanding who we are and what our relationship needs are.

Say this statement as many times as you need too out loud until you believe it. This positive present tense affirmation will support your shift to forgiveness, acceptance and healing.

"If I could do it all over, I might do it differently. It is in the past and I am now in the present. I forgive myself for the past. I have moved on."

Good Job. Now you are ready for the next phase

RELAUNCH PHASE: In this step, you have in essence put all your pieces back in place. You now feel are feel whole, confident, and attractive. Visualize putting all your "stuffing" back inside your body. You now realize that have let go of limiting beliefs about your next relationship and the past has skyrocketed you forward.

Another important part of the relaunch phase is to visualization. I want you to write out a description of your exact, right, loving partner. This is a way for you to acknowledge the character traits you are attracted to, as well as the way you want to feel about yourself with this partner. You can add physical aspects as well just make sure to include personality components. Also, how does this person treat you and how do you want to be treated. Now keep this paper near you, in your pocket or purse, wallet so that your request to The Oneness/Universe is constantly being broadcast. Also, pull it out from time to time and add or subtract items as you see fit.

Now it is time to mix and mingle with your reality. Get out and do the things you enjoy by yourself or with friends. You can begin your new love affair with yourself (read my blog The Soulmate Question part one and 2). You have to get back out and be social. So unless you want to date the Pizza Deliver person, your next right partner for you will not be just knocking on your door.

Remember healing is a process and it is important that you allow yourself the necessary time to heal. Follow your gut (inner guidance) and there is no time clock ticking. That is an illusion of your Ego. Take your time and know that you are valued and special.


~ Cassandria~

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Five Tips to Receiving the Best Psychic Reading

You woke up today and decided it was the day you were going to get some advice from a Spiritual Adviser. That is great. Congratulations on taking control or your reality by seeking another perspective on your situation. I wanted to offer you a bit of guidance and etiquette to help support you to obtain the best results to your query.

First, there are some ground rules that you might not be aware of. They kind of fall under etiquette. Be mindful that each reader has their own ability to communicate and offer results. So whether you are calling, texting, chatting or sending a recorded/live video, please offer some background facts about your situation beyond your question(s). This allows the Reader to "tap" into the energy around your situation and offer clearer insights.

Here are a few guidelines to follow to maximize your experience with your Spiritual Adviser.

1. "Don't Trick the Psychic" This means that you are willing to offer some background about your situation as well as answer some clarifying questions. When you say things like "You are the Psychic, don't you know?" This only serves to create tension which blocks the flow of receiving for the reader and you.

2. "Be Open to Receive" This is an understanding that you welcome the flow of communication/energy between you and the reader. Your willingness and ability to understand that the Spiritual Adviser only gets what information/impressions they receive. So ask more questions about the response you are given to help clarify the information in your terms. In other words, when you have preconceived ideas about what the answer will be and you start arguing with the reader, you are halting the energy exchange between the two of you. The suggestion is to walk into each reading with an openness to a new perspective. Let's face it if you already knew the answer you would not be calling, right?

3. Ask About One Subject/Situation at a Time- When you jump around from topic to topic, it inhibits the reader's capability for the flow of receiving. As a Direct Channel, I am receiving information from a variety of sources often simultaneously, so it can be hard to just turn that off. This can also lead to you missing out on pertinent information about your situation that might be vital to your growth.

4. "Leaving a Review"- The old adage "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" truly applies here. I am not saying that you are not allowed to leave a review that is not favorable, I simply mean be aware that you are critiquing the style of the reader based on how you were treated and not the content of the message you received. Posting a negative review has serious implications to the success of the reader. Often causing lost revenues, lesser exposure and sometimes being displaced from the agency. Take a breath before you leave a rating and if available wait until the next day. When you are emotional about a situation it can be difficult to hear what is being said. We are not trying to hurt your feelings only to provide the the answers received. Sometimes the true information is revealed to you overnight and the reading offers additional clarity you were not able to see in the heat of the moment. Be kind. We all believe in this little thing called Karma.

5. "Set a Follow-Up Appointment" Life is fluid and energy around situations changes as we each react/respond to situations around us. It just makes sense to set a follow up with your Spiritual Adviser about the initial questions so you can gain additional insight into the situation. This is also very helpful to validate your progress and growth.

In the end, every Spiritual Adviser has one thing in common. We want to help provide you with clear, accurate guidance that will uplift you and help you feel more secure about your situation. Please always, always, always use your own inner voice and tap into your own intuition when acting ao information you have been given. If the advice does not "sit well in your gut" then it is probably not the direction you might choose to go.

Be Blessed

~ Cassandria~

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The Soulmate Question (part two)

So today you are probably asking yourself- "Are they the One?"

It is the day after Valentine's Day and we are socialized to focus only on Love. Yet, what is this concept of Love we are made to embrace? Is it an emotion, a feeling, a mythological unattainable thing we will never truly have?

So you have let your self-doubt sink in. This fearful place of criticism that stems from your Critical Parent Ego or Childish Ego state. (see my blog on The Ego) You have doubt in yourself that do you even deserve love? How can this person really love me? How could this person leave me after saying they loved me? How could I want to leave them?

I am asking a lot of questions in the hopes you will start to question your own perceptions of your reality. Time is a construct, bent upon the illusion it is linear and exists. So are you really running out of time to find love? No, not at all.

What you have forgotten is that we are all connected, One in nature. So if the definition of Soulmate is to find that other part of ourselves and we are already connected- why do we always feel so alone?

Again, this is an illusion of our "Earth Ego Mind". (Ego Blog) This human part of ourselves that craves to be whole and has to generate a struggle within to get its needs met. So we as humans can spiral out of control and be motivated to greater heights. Love is one of the most powerful motivators. There is very little separation between love and hate/anger. These lower vibrational emotions really have served to create some amazing things-The Mona Lisa, Taj Mal, wars and babies. You get the idea.

So why does this matter to me you ask? I just want my Soulmate. The answer is- You are your own Soulmate. That when your focus in on connecting with self, and not seeking such connection externally, your vibration shifts and you have suddenly come to be whole and completely in love with yourself. This frequency emits from you in very powerful waves and you boom-now everyone wants to be around you. Well actually only those individuals who share your frequency vibration. "Like attracts Like"-The Universal Law of Attraction.

These others gravitate to you because like magnets they are combining their energy with yours to become even greater than the sum of parts. You have succeeded in creating a new whole new divine beingness. This "Love Vibration" now is shared and sent across the world. What a gift!

So as you seek to understand the mystery of being in love, having love, sharing love understand that you are love when you chose to raise your frequency to the vibration of love. It is not an emotion, it is a State of Being!

The Secret is by being your own nurturing, accepting and grateful partner you will find others of similar resonance and the illusion that you are alone or forever lonely with fade.


~Cassandria ~

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What they don't want you to know about Psychics.

Greetings! I wanted to take a moment to explain a little bit about my gifts. The reason I have decided to share this as my first blog post is I am asked so often "How do you do that?" More importantly, "How can I do that?"

As a teacher I enjoy empowering others to find their own Divine Purpose by resonating and connecting more fully with their own gifts. YES! Everyone can do this work. 

By work, I mean tapping into your own connection to the "mass consciousness" and grasp information. There are many ways that have been classified to do this which is another blog in itself. Looking up information on basic ESP can help to clarify these.

I am here to share with you a bit about what they do not want you to know. You can do this work too! So when I work with clients I am always tapping into their higher self plan. I say " My Higher Self is talking to your Higher Self and I am the interpreter in the middle." AKA- A Channel My goal is always to help my clients be more Interdependent versus co-dependent.  I want you to call me and share what you have learned not always asking the question what should I know. All answers are within you. 

Being a Clairaudient Channel allows me to see beyond what your human Ego wants you to know. I can bypass these thoughts and behaviors and reach into the 8th Dimension and beyond. This is where higher consciousness sits. In this space there is no self-judgement, no limiting emotions and beliefs and only the highest good. This information is usually received poorly by folks who have yet to awaken into the awareness that there is more to our current existence. More than just the bills, the car, the job, the significant other. You get the idea, Please understand I am not criticizing this I am merely stating a different paradigm than the one in which I function. If you are ready this, then my guess is you function in tis greater awareness world too.

In a nutshell, the SECRET is you can be awake and aware too! So listen to your higher self, that internal voice which whispers to you in your dreams and follow the messages. Notice the signs and enjoy the "Ahas".

So if you are ready to understand more and wish to gain deeper clarity about your #DivinePurpose please give me a call or a chat! I am hear to be of service and act as guide, interpreter for your Higher Self messages. Again "All Answers are Within You!" Sometime we just need a little support to listen. Looking forward to your call.


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What is Love?

"What is Love? Baby don't hurt me-No More." Lyrics to te song by Haddaway sum up our complex relationship with the word 'Love", yet what is it really? 

Isn't this one of the age old questions? Love has caused people to risk everything, even death to obtain it. Songs have been written, wars waged and new people made in the quest for love. So I ask you- "What is Love?"

When coaching my clients, I always start by responding with the question "What is love to you?" It is important to articulate what a word or situation means relative to your own personal perceptions and not to assume that everyone sees the their reality by the same definition. 

This in itself, is what makes being in love, falling in love, searching for love such a conundrum. "Does he/she Love me?" I don't know "does he/she?". Does he/she even understand what love means to themselves before they can ever hope to understand what love means to you?

 I am always redirecting my clients back to themselves. By understanding your own relationship with your personal concept with what love is to you, only then can you choose to allow more in. Self Love is always the answer. It is the actual key to attracting more love into your life, including that elusive life partner. (stay tuned for my future blog on Soulmates)

Are you starting to get it? I hope so. If not, do not worry. Give me a call and we can figure it out together. 



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How do I get a handle on my Career and Finance?

I get this question at least once a day. I am a clairaudient channel and can connect to higher ascended masters and guides to offer insight about the energy around your situation as well as answer specific questions. When I put text in between quotes " " this is a direct message from your guides. If this is a question you require a personalized explanation feel free to set up a phone reading or active chat reading and I am happy to be available.

So let's get started:

"Following One's passion is the simplest wisdom of life"

So when was the last time you took a written inventory of your passions? A list of goals and dreams that help you raise your vibrational frequency to a level of receiving. We are always creating and our thoughts become reality so be conscious of your ideas"

"All of these questions are to led you in the direction of co-creating your best reality. One in which you have no fears and doubts about your abilities and can succeed at any job. The oneness is the mind of God-it is now as you call it "The Universe" which is just a part of the concept of The Oneness. What you are really asking is what is my Divine purpose in this life- am I right? So to address this higher source question we ask you to explore your own likes and dislikes of current and past job situations. Taking an objective view and inventory of your pro/cons list for each job starting with the first will enlighten you to the future course of direction."

So that was some deep advice. Right? I hope it makes sense. In a nutshell, it is a great time to reevaluate the direction you are going in career and determine if it in a match for your passions and goals you set for yourself. The point is to really fill yourself up by following your heart which is feed by the doing of what you are passionate about.

When you are BEING the best expression of you and really resonating at a high vibrational frequency everything you desire you manifest. This is especially true of money and finances. So trust you have everything you desire and all will be provided to you!

Visualize money coming in the mail and enjoy your new found successes.

For a personalized reading just connect with me and together we will figure it out



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The Soulmate Question (part one)

As a Psychic Life Coach, I get asked this questions several times a day.

"Where is my soulmate?" or some variation

"Are they my Soulmate?"

"I know they are my soulmate, so why aren't we together?"

There are many variations for this question which all leads back to the same basic question-

What is a Soulmate?

I am not here to discount other authors on the subject. I am simply tasked to describe the version of explanation I have been given by my guides and channeled masters. I am just going to say it-we have multiple soul mates or soul partners, as I prefer to say. How do I know? Both from many men and women who have touched my soul and the many channeled response I have gotten to the hundreds of times I have been asked the question.

As I am a Clairaudient Channel, who receives information in pictures, I see/hear information. That is I am shown an image in my mind and I see/hear words across the screen simultaneously. This communication also transfers emotions, sensations, and energy that I can use to interpret responses for my clients. In this style i am able to convey a multitude of impressions, feelings simultaneously received through multiple dimensions.

So when I am sharing my response to queries, I am accessing ancient, future and spiritual sources simultaneously. This has allowed me to tap into ancient wisdom and concepts that seem obtuse, complex and be able to offer simple explanations to the complexities of time, consciousness, reincarnation and spirituality. Pretty cool, uh? I think so as I am still in awe of my gifts even 12 years later after spontaneously starting to channel in one of our Native American Sweat Lodges. (a blog for another time)

So back to the questions at hand-what is a Soulmate and how do I get one? From the information, I have been given we are all part of the same whole. So if this is true why do humans feel so incomplete? Part of this illusion is our Ego constructs blend with our true spiritual nature-or Higher Self. We need our Ego to exist as humans.

SO what if the real journey or secret to finding your true Soulmate was within you the entire time? So getting in touch with myself will stifle all my loneliness and make me less depressed? Yes and realistically when you are connecting with self you are actually connecting to everyone else. Does this make sense?

Ok no, I am not saying you will be alone, what I mean is when you are connecting with self you are raising your vibration, building up a secure signal to others that you are whole, complete and ready to mingle. Now here is the fun part, while you are your frequency and learning more about what a great, wonderful person you are- you are increasing your attractiveness to the world. This frequency becomes a homing beacon that allows you to resonate with another frequency or match.

See Part Two "The Soulmate Question" for more….



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