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Welcome. The vision for this Blog is to allow an opportunity for our Psychic Advisors to offer helpful guidance to improve your present and future life. This forum is also an excellent way to be introduced to an advisor if you have not had the opportunity to experience their services.


Meet Your Psychic
For 33 years I have had my abilities. Predictions may be within days to years. I need information that would connect me empathetically. Heyoka Empath that can come off as blunt and sometimes abrasive but this is my way, and I apologize if taken harshly. My motivation is to help others. Being Heyoka empath means that some information will be given to you that may not be conventional. Deal with Twin flame and soul mates. Heal karma from multiples lives.

Should you sell a business or move out of a home?

​Some people ask for clear seeing about business deals and if they should let it go. To leave the beginning and start again. Do you want to transfer or move? Is the environment you're in, questionable? Why do you keep getting so close to success and little to no results? Should you change careers? 

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Sort through the past. Clearly see the past

​People contact me to understand or see the past Clearly. Sometimes looking in our own rearview mirror isn't enough clarification. Trying to get in touch or want to reach out to someone long lost? Understand the past around it. Some people call to vent as if I was the past. It is all accepted by the spirit in me. I do mental prayers and also clear blockages from the past. Don't let it hold you back. Thank you

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Relationships: Are you being used?

​Men and women have contacted me on a consistent basis to find out if thier being used. Also then how to cope and recover. Thier options. Thier future. Contact me by call, email, text and chat. You can make appointments with my schedule. All texts and emails will be answered asap, any time of the day. Thanks 

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Soul mate and Twin flame differences

​Hello. Not everyone is aware that these are two different type of people in our lives. Soul mates are available to find where a twin flame is one of a kind.

Soul mates are the ones that fit our lifestyle and goals. For two souls to be mates. People can have many soul mates in thier lives. Friends, family and connections can be soul mates.

Twin flame can be family, friends or connections but usually romantic. People usually only have one twin flame. Some rare occasions the soul could be split into more physical bodies than two. Not everyone is meant to meet thier twin flame in this life or in this body. Some encounters are short lived due to the extreme spiritual changes needed to be made for the soul growth.

Soul mates can be passionate. Twin flames are passionate. Soul mates compliment the ego and material world where twin flames can destroy the ego and are of the spiritual realm.

Soul mate connections can be broken or cut off spiritually but a twin flame is eternal connection of the same soul with multiple physical bodies. 

Please contact me for any type of session for help with soul mates and twin flames. I answer texts promptly and I can go online to respond to clients even when I am not online. 

I appreciate your time and wish you the best in your spiritual or physical journey.

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​Life coaching with me can assist with goals. I have second sight and an empath. I hear when its an ego wall, blocking progress. I can be patient and work through the coaching even when its tough to take in the information. Life is inside of you and I would like to be a part of your journey.

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Twin Flame

​Hello. Twin flames can bring out insecurities that can not be understood alone. It takes educating yourself about yourself and reflecting deep within you.

Twin flames are passionate for each other and this bond is never broken. No spell or wish can break the connection.

The twin flame runner and the chaser dont like doing the opposite first. Standstills happen. There's a way to remedy this, even if you two are not speaking or no longer going to have a physical body connection of this life.

Intuition and synchronicities are more frequent and sometimes confusing or overwhelming. Dreams need to be evaluated. 

Twin flames are magnet to metal energies. There's an invisible pull and tug. 

Best wishes for those that have met thier twin flame. One soul and two physical bodies. 

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Strong Emotions

A lot of concerns, questions, and uncertainties come along with strong emotions. Confusion can be like foggy glasses. 

It is healthy and spiritually mature to spend time with a psychic. Some things need to be worked out over time with the same psychic, in order to build intimacy. The closer you can be with your psychic the better.

It is normal to need clarity, closure or insight. The future can be navagated through in confidence. 

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Heyoka Empath of Life and Tests

​My first memory of being psychic and the results of it at age 5. All my predictions manifested. Some day to years out to the future. 

Heyoka Empath must go through many tests. Have a relationship with thunder and lightning. Most find out in thier 30s due to the development of the tests in life. 

I have second sight. My third eye is open and I have a communication line with multiple dimensions when needed to be available.

I can feel another's emotions because I am a highly sensitive person as well. I am an INFJ personality type.

Thank you so much for reading. I will be back to share wisdom. Blessings

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