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Welcome. The vision for this Blog is to allow an opportunity for our Psychic Advisors to offer helpful guidance to improve your present and future life. This forum is also an excellent way to be introduced to an advisor if you have not had the opportunity to experience their services.


Meet Your Psychic
Jacquelyn was told since she was a child that she was sensitive to the energy of others. Many times she was called upon to help family and friends find lost objects. Professionally Jacquelyn used her energetic and Intuitive gifts to clear houses of intense energies. Many times it was the home dwellers themselves that were in need of the readings. This developed Jacquelyn's skills in reading people and providing insight and guidance in their life. She also uses Oracle cards to help clients with specific questions they have relating to love, money, success, healing and more!

Why aren't they texting me!? A Psychic explanation for "Ghosting"

​When the person you like stops returning your texts, aka "ghosting"the emotional consequences can run from unpleasant to severe. There's a profound lack of closure to the relationship, an ambiguity that makes it impossible to interpret what went wrong. The social cues present in a traditional breakup — reduction of time spent together, lack of eye contact etc simply do not exist. 

Ghosting is actually a form of cowardice and a sign that the person is energetically and spiritually immaturity Often the person doing the ghosting is surrounded by fear or doubt.. It may be due to past traumas or abandonment but this individual has a difficult time believing they will ever find a relationship that will grow or that the attraction will sustain. 

The good news is there are people on this planet who sincerely believe that relationships can grow and change. They also believe that attraction can deepen overtime. These type of people are much less likely to ghost or vanish from contact. 

It may be difficult to know in the beginning who is more prone to ghosting, however, having the information from this article may help you vet them out. Are you wondering if you were ghosted? Curious if your relationship can grow? Contact me today for an insightful reading. I can help. Psychic Jacquelyn

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Are They Cheating? Let Your Intuition Be Your Guide

Involved with someone and are starting to wonder if you are the only person in their life  Are you beginning to suspect that your partner is straying? If you are nervous about confronting them with your suspicions it might be time to check in with your own intuition and observe their behaviors.

I receive numerous calls asking if a client's love interest is cheating. As a Psychic I often tap into my clients energies and notice the behaviors they have seen in the questionable relationship. Sometimes my clients will confirm specific behaviors I ask about. Here are some behaviors that you will want to be on the look out for if you suspect your partner has strayed. Be sure to call on me if you want further help validating your own intuitive suspicions. 


Your partner starts charging his/her phone in more private locations when they would previously plug in anywhere this might raise a red flag. 

You notice your partner quickly puts their phone down or stops texting suddenly when you come near. This could be a sign they are up to some shady dealings. 

Your partner retreats to the bathroom or another secluded part of the house with their device more frequently then usual. Any change in technology habits could indicate they are hiding something and/or communicated with someone they do not want you to know about. 

Before confronting them observe these habits, gather further evidence and maybe even consult a spiritual advisor on the subject. 


If your low maintenance lover is suddenly high maintenance it may be time to take note. Dressing to impress could be a sign they are flirting with another.

 Is your significant other wearing cologne or perfume more then ever? Are they investing in teeth whitening, facial or hair removal? Maybe they have started an extreme workout regimen? These clues along with your own intuitive senses can help guide you. 


Has their behavior around you changed significantly? Sometimes a cheater feels so guilty about what they are doing that they will try throwing you off their trail by smothering you with attention and compliments! Yes it seems strange but keep an eye out for this behavior, especially if it seems to come from out of the blue. 

Some cheaters grow more distant and may even stop texting you back as quickly as they used to or they will cancel plans, pick fights or try other means to push you away. Track these behaviors and decide if it is time to lay your evidence out.

It is never easy when you suspect someone you care about has eyes for another, however, it is important to remember you are worthy of love and respect. If your personal boundary includes being with someone who isn't inclined to cheat it is important to hold them to your rules. Consulting with a spiritual advisor may help to confirm your suspicions. If the psychic confirms,  ask them to help you come up with a plan for what's next. 

Knowledge is power that is true...but what you do with that power is even more important. You are worth it!

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Wealth and Money Magnet, YES YOU ARE!

​Bringing about wealth and abundance is possible and it is not difficult!  I know what you are thinking, "Jacquelyn you are silly and my pile of bills proves it" 

Yes I get it, today more then ever it is difficult to simply break even in life , everything can seem out of reach.  Most people are so burnt out from working simply to survive.  Today I will challenge that idea. With a few simple tweaks in your thoughts and behaviors you will be on the receiving end of abundance!

Notice above that I said Abundance.  I did not mention money at all.  However many of you will connect the two together.  So, what does it mean to live in abundance?  While the word abundance can equate with money I challenge you to expand your mind beyond a simple cash transaction. The Abundance I'm talking about is when all the gears in your life are clicking a long in such a way that ALL the offerings of the universe are available to you! 

The definition of Abundance- "an extremely plentiful or oversufficient quantity or supply:"

Abundance can be attributed to all facets of your life not just money.  Health, love, vitality, adventures, opportunities can all flow freely to you starting now!  So why stop with money?  The universe is extremely plentiful all you need to do is three things. 

1. Identify what you want

2. Believe you are worthy 

3. Practice the correct way of asking

Identify what you want.  The universe and your own imagination are like Google Maps...If you don't plug in the destination they can't get you there!  So think about the thing you desire the most right now.  Is it love? Health? $50,000 be extremely specific! 

Next understand that the universe is always working on your behalf. You are always considered worthy and deserving of the gifts the universe has because YOU are the universe. You are interconnected in such a way that everything you desire already exists! There is no linear time as far as the universe is concerned. It is all available now!

Once you are confident that you are deserving you are ready to boil those wants down to a very specific and measurable statement and finally use "as if vocabulary to ask for what you want..  For example you could say "right now health and well being are mine.  The universe is actively healing my body and all the resources I need to continue healing are being sent my way." Or if it's money related try "All of the resources of the universe are available to me at this time. Those resources flow directly to me"

Like everything practice makes perfect but you can do it!  Let me know how it works out!!  Let's chat soon or schedule an abundance reading with me today!! 

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3 Ways To Open The Door To Romance

​It is really no surprise half of my readings over the years have been focused on love. The human experience on this planet is so deeply engrained in our connections with each other. Some clients are in relationships and no longer feel the spark, they want to know if they should continue with the person.  Some are fearful that their partner is no longer interested in them or has strayed in some way.  Many times my client is on the search for love and want to know if I see any prospects on the horizon.  If any of these sound like you read on to get your mind, body and spirit in alignment to receive or improve your love life.

1. If you are seeking a new love it is important to put your loving energy out into the universe and be specific! "Universe, I want to meet someone who is funny and loyal and kind, this person will enjoy going to sporting events and is interested in self improvement and nutrition, this person is financially secure and emotionally stable"  Notice that I did not include the things I do NOT want in a partner, the universe is always working to bring you what you want, so ask only for that.  

2. Once you invite new love or express the desire to improve your current relationship reaffirm that desire with a daily affirmation.  Affirmations are POWERFUL tools because they open your heart and align your entire being to prepare for the love you desire to flow freely.  It is almost like a daily verbal multivitamin keeping you in a good head space to receive! One example is "As I open the door to my own self love I attract more and more loving tenderness to me"

3. Allow the Universe to work its magic, but get out of your own way.  Sometimes our learned behaviors can stall us from finding the right person,  open your mind,  be open to opportunities where you might meet or reignite your current relationship.. If you are in a relationship you wish to improve it might be time to change things up a bit.  Get out of the house with your partner and do something different, or maybe write them a letter expressing exactly what you are feeling.  If you are searching for love and have been using only online dating sites maybe its time to enter the real world where the universe can really have some fun! 

If you are looking for more insight or tips on how to navigate your own love connect with me soon!  In the meantime here is one of my favorite love cards and its meaning!  Enjoy! 

Oracle Card!  The Door To Romance! What does it mean? 


Whether you've been seeking new love or some love ignited into your existing relationship, this door is opening you to some new romance. A new love may be on it's way to you soon or you are being brought together with someone by a strong connection. Remember to put your loving energy out into the world that you want to receive from others. The universe is ready to return your call and the door is ready to be opened.


This card in reverse will indicate a delay or disappointment in the matters of love. This may be due to you closing yourself off even though the universe is ready to send you love if you allow it to come in. Remember to always look after yourself first but also acknowledge how deserving you are of love from others. Changes in attitude and self-care will shift any old and stuck energy out so that you can attract that love of another. When you're ready for real love, let the universe know and then see it flow to you because you're ready to accept.*

**Sandra Anne Taylor's Energy Oracle

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