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Welcome. The vision for this Blog is to allow an opportunity for our Psychic Advisors to offer helpful guidance to improve your present and future life. This forum is also an excellent way to be introduced to an advisor if you have not had the opportunity to experience their services.


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Hello! I am an Empathic Tarot and Rune reader. I am largely self-taught, and learned to read Tarot and Futhark Runes as a way to deal with trauma. I graduated to reading for my friends, and then began reading professionally at Renaissance Faires and events. I developed my talents in Protection Magic, Crystomanthy, Retrocognition, and various forms of psychic talents. One of my biggest talents is in retrocognition, which is a deep understanding of your past and how it affects your present and your future.

Summer Salt Bowls

Its summer! And with the changing of the seasons comes the changing of our circumstances, and I feel the need to clean!

So it's recipe time.

Sometimes what we need in our lives is a good scrubbing, and that goes for the spiritual as well as the physical. At times like this, I turn to salt.

Specifically, a Cleansing Salt Bowl.

Salt has been considered a powerful protection agent as well as a cleaning agent for millennia, both for the spiritual and the physical.

A salt bowl in your home can absorb water and odor, emit ions, and kill bacteria {and ghosts ;) }.

You can buy a fancy salt lamp for this, but they are usually super expensive and a salt bowl works just as well.

So. Making a salt bowl in 5 easy steps.

  1. Choose a bowl

It can be really nice to have a specific, pretty bowl set aside with your salt in it. It feels ritualistic without being religious, like making bread or cookies from scratch. The important thing here is to not choose something porous like wood or certain kinds of plastic, because the salt will pitt and ruin the bowl for anything else. In the past I have used cereal bowls, china tea cups, and ceramic ash trays. Last year, though, I treated myself to a tiny cast iron cauldron and have been using that ever since, and its been delightful.

2. Choose a salt

You can absolutely use what ever salt you have in your kitchen cupboard for this. It doesn't need to be 'fancy'.


I personally have found that I dislike using processed salt. The stuff you get at the store reading "Kitchen Salt", usually with a picture of a girl with an umbrella on the package? Its not for me. Thankfully, there's an entire globe of salts out there for experimentation. There's black sea salt, kosher diamond crystal salt, Himalayan pink salt, Japanese flake salt, plain old sea salt. This is all stuff I've gotten at my local Wal-Mart on my quest for the perfect salt. I tend towards the Himalayan pink salt. I like it the best, and it holds herbs and releases their natural scents the best. Which brings us to:

3. Herbs and Oils

Now that you've got your bowl and your salt, you could totally be done.

But lets talk about herbs for a minute, because this is where you can let your inner ( or outer) craft mom out to play. You can add pretty much anything in your spice rack to your salt bowl, as long as you know the intent behind your herb.

For instance, I add Rosemary to pretty much everything, because its a strong protective force, and dispels negative energy. In my cauldron right now I've got juniper berries for protection, Calendula flowers for healing and peace, Clary Sage to lift the spirit and aid in communication, and Lavender to bring peace to my home.

Like I said, you can add nearly anything to your bowl. But a word of advice is that you should know the meaning of what it is you are putting in your bowl, so a little research would not go amiss. For example, I'd never add Basil to my cleansing bowl because in the language of flowers, it means hate and bitterness. Bay leaves, however, mean protection.

Its all about intent.

4. Spell out your intentions

You know that old saying about the road to hell being paved with good intentions? It doesn't apply here. When it comes to the metaphysical, if you have good intentions, good things will happen.

Still, it's good to be as clear as possible. So, I like to mix the salt and herbs together with my fingers, and state my intent. It can be as simple as "I intend that this salt banish negativity from my life." Or what ever it is you want the salt to do for you.

Easy peasy.

5. Set out your bowl

Set your lovely new salt bowl somewhere in your home. Lots of people like to keep it by the door or in the kitchen, somewhere that gets a lot of traffic. Mine is on the mantle piece that connects my living room and kitchen.

Be conscious of your bowl.

When you pass it, reach out and touch, visualize your negative feelings traveling out your fingers into your salt, where it is trapped and harmless.

A friend of mine likes to make lots of bowls at once, and put them in corners of a room, which can create a very safe, sacred-feeling space.

It's also nice to sprinkle salt from your bowl on your carpet about an hour before you vacuum and let it absorb. It really makes a difference!

Some cautions…

Don't eat this salt. It's intended purpose is to absorb the negative things, so you really don't want to put it back into your body.

Don't leave in a place where your pets can get at it. It isn't safe or healthy for them.

When you feel like the salt isn't working any more, it's time to throw it out. Toss it in the trash, or sprinkle it in cracks on your walk ways where you don't want plants. I thank mine before I get rid of it. Might seem odd, but it did a good job for me! I want to say thank you.

And hey, if you try this, and you feel it changing the energy of your home, I'd love it if you wrote in and told me about it!

Have a blessed week

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​It seems like Empathy/Empath/Empathic are terms that we toss around like pocket change in this community, and everyone who sees the word "Empath" has a different idea about what that means. So lets talk a little bit about that!

 Most of us in the witchcraft community have heard about it, but it's sometimes hard to define. The short and sweet definition is this:

Empath - Someone who tends to be hypersensitive to the emotions and emotional states of others. 

Empaths are people who feel things so deeply that it affects them emotionally, physically, and spiritually. This is a gift that some are blessed with, that allow them to connect with people on an intimate level, and is most often used to help others. Some famous empaths include Carrie Fisher, Princess Diana, Mother Theresa, and Maya Angelou. 

There are many different types of Empathy, and and most Empaths specialize in two or more different energies. 

Here's a list with a short description:

Emotional Empath - One of the most common types of empaths who picks up the emotions of others around them and feel the effects of those emotions as if they were theirs. 

Physical Empath - Can pick up on the energy of other people's bodies. They intuitively know what ails another person.

Nature Empath - Sometimes called place or environmental empathy. Those with this ability have a fine attunement to the physical landscape, nature, the earth, or plants and trees. 

Intuitive Empath - One glance at someone can give them all kinds of insight into that person. They will immediately know if someone is lying to them because they can sense the intentions behind their words.

Spirit Empath - An ordinary spirit worker can communicate and sometimes see spirits, but the spirit empath has a very strong sense of spirits' emotions, just like emotional empaths are with humans. Myself, I specialize as an Emotional and Physical Intuitive Empath. 

The most common thing I am told from clients that I help, is that I give them a name for what is hurting them. Often, we hurt without knowing why, and being able to name your pain is incredibly validating and assists in getting the proper help for problems.

I'd also like to make a quick note on Energy Vampires. There are many misconceptions and hurtful stereotypes about this kind of Empathy, and I'd like to clear them up. 

Energy Vampire - Someone who needs to receive energy from an outside source on a regular basis (does not include sanguine vampires). A very dear friend of mine is an energy vampire. This does not mean she maliciously steals energy from people, but rather, without receiving energy or going long periods in isolation, she gets very sick. There are many safe, sane, and consensual ways to transfer energy to a person in need. In fact, many people who identify as extroverts have immense surplus of energy, and discharge them to the people around them, often without knowing. 

Note: please practice safe, sane, and consensual energy flow, so that you do not unintentionally harm yourself or others. 

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