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Psychic Kismet

Welcome. The vision for this Blog is to allow an opportunity for our Psychic Advisors to offer helpful guidance to improve your present and future life. This forum is also an excellent way to be introduced to an advisor if you have not had the opportunity to experience their services.


Meet Your Psychic
I am emphathic and can guide you in your life path. If you feel confused or don't understand career choices or financial decisions, I can help guide your through your life. I am also a distant energy healer. I can remove bad energy or pain. I also balance your chakra's during my energy healings.


​Relationships can be challenging but it is not impossible to understand each other. With a reading with me I can help you understand what might be standing in the way of your relationship. There is multiple options that someone can take to help a relationship whether its  a sibling, mother- daughter, father- son, husband- wife, co-workers, boyfriend and girlfriend. I help you understand about your self and the other person. I can pick up on your current energy at the time of the question and tell you what you need to know. This is the time of truth and self realization. Need guidance I am here to guide you....

Psychic Kismet 

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Raising Your Vibrations

​During this time of an intense Mercury Retrograde emotions are high. Raising your vibrations during this time is a must. It is easier to do once you know the reason of the problematic issues in your life. 


1. Meditation will help ground you.(20 min) Just clearing your mind have a lot of benefits for your mind body and soul.

2. Remember you are loved and love yourself.

3. Have positive thoughts, get rid of the negative thoughts.

4. Stay in the positive and love state of being. Once this is achieved no matter what is negative there will is always have a positive to the        situation.

During meditation you should relax your mind and focus on your breathing. After you do this, you should try to connect to your higher self. Your higher self is you with no linear time. Your higher self will guide you with any questions you have about your life. Remember your higher self have been in the past, present and future. Understanding that you are connected to the universe as apart of Oneness.

If you have any questions I am hear to guide you through your most challenging situations in your life.

Psychic Kismet

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How to get the most out of your Reading

​I know you need help with your current situation but sometimes our mind can drift off and not be present subconsciously. But I am going you tips on how to open yourself and ground yourself.

1. Its not about the answer its about the question. If the answer you received is not what you expected ask again  then rephrase the same question in a different way. (this may take practice)

2.Be present in your situation. By that I mean deep breathe, relax and focus on the now by being focusing on the readers name.

3. Some situations may be very high stressed which is normal. But try your best to have a good outlook on your situation by being positive and having a good attitude. 

Overall I am here to guide you in your situation and to give you answers. 

Thank you 

Psychic Kismet

Look forward talking to you.

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About Me Your Psychic Kismet

​I am a true generation psychic passed down from three generations of all the beautiful women in my family, I have learned to accept my gifts from a child. I thought it was very normal to see spirits and hear them. It always was a natural gift to read people and get a understanding of who they are and what they need to hear in order to enhance their life. I have two beautiful children that have the gifts too and one is a natural born healer and they other experience dreams. 

I have took course of natural spirit energy healing. I always knew I was able to heal people just by being in their company or just feeling their pain and taking them away. My main expertise is to help reading about relationships and family issues. I am in tune with nature and ground myself with mother earth, the moon and sun is very powerful. 

With my gift come visions of your most inner fears and I can zero in on different options you can use to help get rid of your most inner fears. I love to help others by being a personal life coach on your life. I am here to help guide you in your everyday life problems or issues you may have. I also get visions of your past life's to better understand why you have some pain or emotional issues. So if you need any life coaching or help I am here to guide you in your life to be a better you. I look forward hearing from you. 


Peace, love and light

Psychic kismet.

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Tarot of The Day By: Psychic Kismet May/10/2018

​The Major Arcana Tarot Card of the day on Thursday May 10th is The Hanged Man. This card represents that you are at a fork in the road and you have many options you can choose from. You may find yourself feeling over whelmed and things seem out of control. This can seem like to much to handle with either work, or love. This situation will also feel like you do not know where to begin to fix a problem or make decisions. 

When it come to work, things may seem like work is in a standing still as if your not going anywhere. You want to fix it and you want things to work out but things are just seeming to not budge or go your way. The best way to handle this situations is to not make irrational decisions. You should just relax and take a deep breathe as things will come to surface of what needs to be done or have more clarity about your situation. The hanged man card says to just be still and patience as your answers will be loud and clear to you soon. The key is just have a little more patience. Things just may not happen at your time but the universes time. If things seem unbearable, it would not hurt to keep your options open and look for another job. First step at this is to put applications out. Always have a back up plan if things do not work out to your advantage.. 

When it comes to love, at this time you might have been out a relationship for a little you must let go of your past relationship baggage in order to be in a better willing one. Keeping this baggage and being stuck in time of how things didn't work is blocking doors from opening up for your new love. In order to have the right relationship and give it a chance to date someone new all over again. Remembering that the past is the past and not every relationship is like the last one will help send out in the universe that you are ready for a new beginning. If your in a relationship this one might be in a cross road also. At this time it will be a good time to find out where your relationship stands. Such as if it is a serious relationship to consider each other a couple. Or asking your partner how they feel about the relationship and what your partner feel about you. This time will be good to communicate and express emotional feelings of dislike or like situations. Keeping this conversation peaceful by listening to each others feelings. Remember a healthy relationship takes work and communication. Its always good to check in with each other about happiness or things to work on The moral of the today is every aspect in life always needs room for improvement. The goal in life is to learn, love and dealing with challenges.  

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Psychic Kismet on Love Relationships

​To all Readers,

I am Psychic Kismet and I am very good at reading Love. Also, relationships about family, significant others, pet, co-workers. This blog I am going to talk about how to realize the mistakes in relationships. The mistakes some people make in love relationships is having their egos in charge of the relationship. Having a ego such as fear of intimacy, fear of love, fear of commitment, fear of worrying what others think, These egos can affect you in your relationship because you tend to put that fear in front of you. When you put these fears in your relationship, your partner will become distant and act the same way you do. What you show to your partner they will either repeat or become concerned. Well, I talk to a lot of people with these same problems and I tend to help guide them in their relationship and find out what ego their partner is showing. I then tell the customer what they can do to help the situation or what the future will be if they stay in relationship or not.. I am blunt honesty and kid. I can help you with your relationship. 

I realize it takes two to tango. I know sometimes showing love and tenderness to your partner is beneficial because; sometimes they will catch on and notice you are loving them and treating them the way they should be treated. When it comes with to egos there are a million ways to show love instead. Love is kind, forgiving, compassionate, always, being in the now, not scared of being true self. Love is the strongest word to say. When I Think about love I think about the universe and big band. How we are one and Its important to always show love it is very contagious. I am here to help give you a good reading. I will guide you in the right direction whether you stay in the relationship or not. Remember when one door closes another open its a great opportunity for something new.

Peace Love and Light

Psychic Kismet

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​Love is all around us. When I look outside I see love everywhere. God is love and he made everything. Energy is everywhere. Sometimes we have positive energy, and negative energy. Sometimes we are happy and everything is going well. Then other times we are mad or sad and everything seems to be going bad. To recharge your energy the best way is to use mother earths energy. She has a lot of love and energy to give. Just go outside and put your bare feet on ground then deep breathe once or twice. Then relax and meditate imagine the energy is flowing like through you and she is giving you love. This will help balance and energy. Another way is the sun, the sun has a lot of energy it is made up of energy. When the sun is bright you should go outside and relax, deep breathe twice and feel the sun sending you positive energy. I found this helpful when I feel sad or angry. I relax outside and meditate feeling the love and positive energy from mother earth and the sun. These are just one in a hundred ways to uplift your energy and vibrations.

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How to get what we deserves?

​Life is not about trying to get the right answers, it is about asking the right questions. So how we get what we deserve is simple. We have to have Self love. It is very important to change things in your life. See divination put us here to get to the awakening of the highest part of self. Self love is very important because it shows to others how genuine you are, and it shows compassion. Things like this will rub off on people which is not a bad thing.

Second would be to know your worthiness and become ego-less. When I say ego-less it means to release what you identify yourself to be such as appearance, relations, self-esteem. To do this you must become oneness, we are one and nothing else. Doing this can be really hard for a lot of people. This is not impossible, because we are of divination. 

With our society we are programmed to always have to prove our worthiness. Example  children have to always please their parents. Such as if they do chores,  or follow their parents directions they are worthy enough for love or to get something. Or another would be that we are not better than them, or someone next to you because of their position of power. Also we have to prove that we are just as good or better than someone. This make someone feel worthy of being liked or good enough. Sometimes we let other people dictate who we are and what we are. We have been trained to ask or please someone to know if your good enough and to get something out of it. 

So I believe these three things can help someone get what they deserve because you do deserve everything. You are of God too, your  just as good as everyone else. We all are one and come from the divine.

Changing our belief system is the biggest key to have a fruitful life.

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Letting Go!!!!

​I have noticed during difficult times when it rain it pours!! Right, you can get through it with the guidance of our guardian angels and spirit guides. I know it so hard to always think positive through difficult times. The mind over matter seems to help me; by tell myself this to will pass because life is like a wheel it turns and nothing stays the same so remember during the difficult times it will not always be this way. Getting a read from me will help guide you and put you right back on your right path. I will assure you things will get better by giving you other ways and options to handle your situation. So breathe and relax......let go because your a strong and beautiful individual.

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Love Relationships

​Love can be very hard sometimes because we tend to love to hard and become very sensitive. I am sure we all have had a broken heart at once time or another. This broken heart stay with us, sometimes in our next relationship. I can help you understand what you should do and what is causing you to date the same type of person. Sometimes we have to step back and look at the real picture and go the root of the problem. We tend to get into bad relationship because of something we have experienced from childhood and possible trauma that stay with us and we do not even realize that this could be the reason why "I like bad guys/or girls". It could possibly be because we experience pain in our childhood or how we love our selves. I can help you understand what cause a unhappy relationship in your life.

Peace, love and light


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Love One Another

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Bye! Bye! Negativity

​I have a good friend of mine that I was giving a reading to and she had so much regret and negative thoughts of herself. I had to help guide her and give her guidance during her reading. The first step to getting rid of negativity is forgiving your self and others. I have a good tip for you to do. Get a blank sheet of paper and write down all of the regrets you have. Then write down all whom you have a hard time forgiving, even your self. After that with each regret you have write down the root of the regret, the reason you regret it and the pain. Then embrace it and feel the regret, accept everything that happened and why. Then tell your self I for give myself, then say the reason of understanding the regret for (example: I had a hard time getting over divorcing my ex husband. I thought it out and felt the pain and regret. Then I said well I divorced him because of abuse and lack of emotional bond. Then I said I forgive myself .Everything happens for a reason. Everything thing I go through got me here in my life and I love my self and I am happy.) Do this for all of your regret and pain. Then put it in a envelope seal it put it in garbage like your mailing it to God to release you from it. Believe you have let it go. When you hold on to things that do not serve any good you are blocking positive things happening in your life. I hope this help you.

Peace Love and Light.

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Distant Energy Healing

​All of use are one and we all have energy running up and through our body. I am a natural healer I have Native American decent in my DNA and naturally I am in tune to healing people of their physical pain like stomach, headache, body pain. Also I will heal you of emotional pain such as anxiety, anger, negative thoughts and confusion. When I heal I work on you like a onion and peel away all of your negative attachments that everyone get from our daily life. 

Chakra is what I work with, it means wheel or vortex of energy. Each chakra deals with a area of your life. There are seven chakras they run in the middle of your spin up and down is how the energy flows. The name of the chakras are 

1. Root or Base chakra -color red

2.Sacral chakra- color orange

3.Solar Plexus chakra- color yellow

4.Heart chakra- green

5.Throat chakra- blue

6.Third Eye chakra- purple or indigo

7.Crown chakra- white or gold

If you want a nice calming and flowing energy, more energy, mentally happy, less pain. Book a appointment with me through customer service. I look forward to healing you. 

Peace, Love and Light

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Psychic Kismet Story

​Hi, I'm Psychic Kismet when I was little I felt different and misunderstood. I grew up going to a Christian Church my whole life. I use to see spirits and communicate with them from childhood age, at first I was scared but as I got older I realized there is nothing to be afraid of. I would predict to my friends in school that she will get accepted in cheer leading as the captain. It started with little things like then as I got older. I found hearing people talking and I would say to everyone around me you hear that. My friends and family was confused because they didn't understand me. One day in when I was 21 I was just laying down in my bed and I heard my spirit guide say "Hi we love you. I have two spirit guides. Then I knew right then and there to start meditating more and more to ground myself and enlightenment. Everyone have their own story to tell. After that I just start feeling everyone's energy and pain. So after that I started to read people and now everyone my friends and family come to me for personal help and guidance. For once I found my purpose in life and It is to be a humanitarian and help others. This is just a little bit of my story,

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Law of Attractions

​Have there been times when you said I wish that I had the money to pay this bill or I wish I could meet the right person for me. Well there are ways to get what you want and desire. As I said before I believe in positivity and how it attracts other positive things in you life. That is the power of law of attraction. Things will get better in your life if you just believe it will. The belief system is very strong. Our positive thoughts and believe that your bill will get paid or your will meet mr.right or mrs.right. First step is to Ask the universe what you desire. Second step is believe it that it will come to you. For example you must dream of it, act like you already have it and this just raise your vibrations for your desires and wants to come. 

Peace and Love and Light

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