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Welcome. The vision for this Blog is to allow an opportunity for our Psychic Advisors to offer helpful guidance to improve your present and future life. This forum is also an excellent way to be introduced to an advisor if you have not had the opportunity to experience their services.


Meet Your Psychic
Here is where I will share my thoughts and knowings of the day. My hope for this blog is that it will reach you and assist you in your daily life. I am grateful for your time and energy! Blessings! We are all beings of energy and love. I have found my calling in life is to assist, enlighten, and help guide the loving souls in this amazing world of ours. Since my first memories, I realized that I have been an empath, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and a medium. These blessings have been passed down through the women in my family for generations. My connection to people and energy has been ever present, and is a gift given through me, for you. I am also a Certified Reiki Master / Teacher, Certified Crystal Therapist, and Certified Chakra Therapist, to work regularly in assisting with clearing all kinds of dis-ease.
There is beauty in connections with people. The messages that come through for you, I find, heal me as well. Sometimes the message may not be what we want to hear, or how we want to hear it, yet the healing process allows us to grow and evolve in the way we were truly meant to. To be able to connect with you, is a true blessing and I hope to have the chance to share hope, love and understanding with you. Love and Light.
Psychic Shidonii

What's going on?

​Our world seems to be tossed up on its side.  It seems so many things we want and desire aren't happening.  I also know how this feels and have been going through the same thing.  We have energies that are trying to align us, and ones that are trying to cause dissonance.  This is a very real event, and its something we are feeling, but may not understand.  There is nothing easy about this energy.  It seems what we want and need are falling apart or that the dreams we have in place are not coming to fruition.  

This energy demands that we know what we want and stick to it.  It demands that we have patience and compassion beyond what we think would be ok.  It does not want us in the energy of something that isn't our highest good.  Its teaching us to discern.  It is so incredibly uncomfortable that Its hard to express.  There is also a lot of negative energy going around.  It seems to penetrate all aspects of our beings.  Don't let it get you down, and don't let it feed off of your energy.  Your energy is too precious and is healing in such huge ways.

My goal, my passion, my mission is to get people in their highest good so they can manifest their truth.  Sometimes it seems counterproductive, or nonsensical the things that I convey, but most of whats going on is out of this world nuts.  When I connect to someone that has a solid vision of what they want, I can help them manifest.  We have to see what it is we want in our minds eye, in our place of creation that comes from the heart and manifests from the mind.  Then we fuel it with belief, and love, so that it may come into creation purely, and properly.  This energy we are in makes it feel like thats not happening.  It can be intensely frightening, but if we hold space (stay calm, remain grounded), we can navigate it, and any other hardships we go through.  My mentor shared with me a piece of information that is really helpful` "Don't give up before the miracle happens!"

Blessings in all you do!

-Psychic Shidonii

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Navigating the shift and spiritual warfare

​You have seen me many times talk about the shift.  This is the wave of awareness incoming from our galactic center, to wake us up consciously.  This is to merge us into our truth, as it should have always been, and not as it has been.  You can imagine such a big task is going to feel overwhelming a lot of the time.  This is what you are experiencing.  This is what you are feeling.  

Some of you may have headaches, some moodiness, or depression.  Some may feel it hard to sleep and have more energy than they know what to do with.  It effects us all differently.  The biggest thing to remember is that we are all in this together.  We are all connected.  This includes the people that are angry, and hurtful, just as much as the peaceful and the loving.  This energy is coming in whether we know it or not...whether we believe in it or not.  Its our quantum leap in our healing as souls and humans.

During this amazing time, we will find we seem more attacked.  We may find our luck isn't as good or may be seeming bad.  This is what I call spiritual warfare. (why we keep seeing bad things happen to good people.)  Each person has a set of beliefs they have.  Some of these beliefs serve their highest good, others do not.  This energy will highlight whats in us that does not work, or serve us.  It is humbling.  It is also hard not to get downtrodden when this is going on, as we think things are just simply going south.  They aren't.  We are being shown to release things that do not serve us, in the old ways we've perceived them.  You may see this as stepping out of the box, or comfort zone.  We are safer than we know, and its ok to do this.  In fact, we are encouraged to do so.  Our old ways, old habits and dark thoughts, however, want us to stay in those ways, to feed the darkness and stay in that low vibration.  That is what you are overcoming.  You are raising your vibration in the face of adversity.  You will see fear fall away and things fall into place as you do this process. You are overcoming the spiritual warfare and making your energy a place where only love and light may be.

Stay strong and know you are supported and loved by countless energies.  Remember to claim your miracles and have your miracles claim you! "MY MIRACLES CLAIM ME!"  

In gratitude, and with blessings of love, abundance, ease, miracles and health, 

Psychic Shidonii

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It's really happening

You may notice things changing.  Some things fall apart, fall away, break apart, while other things birth, or rebirth, reinvent, rejuvenate.  This is a time of birthing for all of us on a micro as well as macro scale.  This effects all of us.  I am writing this especially for those feeling like things are falling apart, or not working like we intended.  It will be alright.  What is happening is fear is being demolished.  Sources of fear are being found out and broken apart.  This is an intense process and it feels uncomfortable, and I want to assure you that it won't last forever, or even long.  It only feels that way when our vibration is low and we have a hard time seeing the truth.  Truth is coming through light sunshine piercing through cracks.  We are here, and we are healing.

Remember that everyone is going through this.  We are all connected.  We are all brothers and sisters under the same sun and in the same energy.  This is our awakening happening and remind yourself of this.  Hold a space of love.  Hold a space of energy where there is no room for fear to come in.  It will heal you and those around you.

I was told this month to say three times each day "My miracles claim me!"  I think this is something we could do all the time.  Remember you are divine, and infinite, and so is the love for you and the love IN you.  

Blessings to you in all that you do.  May blessings find you in your darkest moments as well as your highest achievements.  You are healthy, loving, loved, abundant, and blessed!  Be well and have an amazing month!  It doesn't look to slow down anytime soon, so keep a space of love and you will find the miracles pouring in!

Love, Psychic Shidonii

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Can you feel it? Its happening as we speak!

I am addressing the shift you may have heard me and others speak about. We are in the most amazing time ever for humanity, for the earth, and for the universe. You may have noticed some discomfort attached, that we have been pushed out of multiple comfort zones. Everything is actually better than we know, although for the new to come in, for the healing to be birthed properly, there has to be the razing of the old. You may also notice in the world that shifts are going on of a catastrophic nature. This is allowing for healing and truth to come through. I have made it quite known that this energy is very uncomfortable and yet, miraculous. (Much like childbirth.) I am here to say that it will be ok, and not simply ok, but that it is going to be AMAZING. 

We are waking up on a conscious level like never before. I want to remind you that you are the sun of your own world. You are the center of YOUR universe. You can choose which way you move, how you feel, who you connect to. YOU are the decision maker. This experience is realizing that you are a divine infinite being, and that you always have been. 

Its also important to pass on tools that have been helping me incredibly.  You will see me repeat myself because they have made that much a difference for myself and those I am connected to.  First is Binaural Beats.  You can go to youtube, or anywhere, and search for ones in the topic of choice.  My favorites are on a channel called  "Co Creators" and "Quadible Integrity".  I listen to "Spiritual Cleansing" (Evil eye blocker on Q.I. is amazing when working with heavier energies.)  My personal favorite is magic luck.  Go read the amazing affirmations there!  they are so wonderful!  I also have had the blessing of coming into the knowledge of Wayne Brewer.  He has his own website and I frequent his videos through youtube as well.  He has video's for "Removing roots and cords" "Removing Karmic ties" "Removing attachments" "Removing elementals" and "Removing discarnates".  These videos have made a HUGE difference in my energy and perceptions. You will find that they will shift your energy intensely!

Blessings to you in all you do, and may love, healing, miracles, abundance and ease find you always. 

Be infinite! Be LOVE! Love, Shidonii

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The Shift is Now : Tools for Awakening and Ascension

There is so much I want to go into, that I hope you'll forgive me throughout this post for skipping about.  I have been meaning to update but it would seem humanity has stopped its regression and is waking up.  This waking up process, I liken to being a teenager, in bed, after two hours of sleep.  The parent comes in to wake us up, and we want 5 more minutes.  Only, this energy isn't waiting 5 more minutes, its right here, right now.  We have just recently left a Jupiter in retgrograde, and are STILL in four regrotrades.  Currently we have Mars, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto in retrograde.  This essentially means we are going through an intense restructuring internally and externally.  You may notice you or people you are around having issues with jobs, relationships, or the way of life they are currently in.  This energy demands a change.  If we have the tendancy to run from problems, it hunts us down, shines a flashlight on us and says "hello.  You need to talk to me."  Its not my personal favorite energy, but it is healing us and changing us in amazing ways.  The key here is letting it.  Our perspective is what has this energy be healing, or hurting.  It comes down to us.  

We were not told by society how powerful we are.  It wasn't for us to know, because as we all have heard ... "knowledge is power."  We are waking up to the fact that we don't have to be slaves to work the way its been presented to us.  We are waking up to the fact that we are SUPPOSED to be happy.  Its our birthright!  Our nature is not evil, however, when we are shown a history of hate and evil, its easy to associate the two.  Our old programming holds to low vibration things, such as greed, hate, depression, envy, etc.  This new energy that is coming in, is helping us release all of that.  There is nothing more beautiful then a whole world healing.  There is also little else so chaotic when we have so many lives involved in this shift.  I remind myself of how large scale this is.  When I get caught up in my worry of the world, I remember, we are healing.  We are healing in such a huge way, that its very hard to percieve it all consciously.  However, this does not mean we don't get to understand how gifted we are as individuals, and as a community of conscious beings.  We have the gifts of love, compassion, healing, knowing...these all come with our souls.  We also come with the ability to hack our own systems to make them how they SHOULD be, and not as we've been told they are.  We are writing a new code for our systems.  I use computer terms since they seem to mimic how we learn, access and use information.  

Now to get to the good part: Accessing our gifts.  Every single person reading this, and every single person that doesn't, has gifts.  You have abilities that allow you to access your truth, your highest good.  Many have been told only a few people are special or gifted but that is a blatent lie.  Our gifts vary, but we all have gifts.  I have come into three seperate pieces of information that have shifted how I access my gifts and how I utilize them.  I absolutely had to pass this on to everyone taking the time to read this.  First are two affirmations.  Let me tell you what they do.  They clear your aura/energy.  They remove negativity, and heal you in the now.  It also sends out an immense amount of healing and love outward, from your center.


I use these all the time.  I say them when I am afraid and need to release fear.  I say them when I need to empower myself.  I say them when I need to remember who I am, and why I am here.  You will be moved when you say these.  They are the most powerful when spoken aloud.

The other tools I want to cover are binaural beats.  Many of you are familiar with them, but I still find it necessary to bring up.  These are frequencies that help adjust us, in the same way a chiropractor would adjust the body.  You can do searches for them, but (and I make no money from endorsements, this is purely free healing passed along for the sake of more free healing.) the best ones I connect to, is Quadible Integrity.  This is a free service on youtube.  Most are ten minutes long, and they are absolutely the most amazing things.  You simply put in a set of headphones/earbuds and listen.  I personally use the Auric cleanser, limited beliefs remover (1/2) and the evil eye blocker.  You will be surprised at many things we can heal/shift/change through binaural beats.  I encourage researching what resonates best with you.  These are things I do everyday, and it helps me balance my energy.  The most powerful seems to be the chakra balancing (root chakra to crown chakra.)  I pass this information out because it is *FREE HEALING*!  One thing I have noticed of lately, free healing is a very, very good thing.

The third piece of information is the violet flame meditation/technique. I am passing this on as it is so incredibly powerful.  Its been around for a while, but it really coverse so much healing that I must pass it along.  It is a cleansing energy that heals, repels negativity and removes negativity from you, or whatever place you intend.  Each person needs to choose which metal they resonate with before this, as metal is conductive and adding it ot the intention is so helpful.  Copper/Gold/Silver (I resonate with copper, so I will use that for this example.)  You say this in your mind, but saying it aloud makes it even more potent.  "I INVOKE THE COPPER VIOLET FLAME TO FILL ME AND THIS ROOM."  It helps remove fear, anxiety, negative energy or people.  These are all tools I have come into over the last few months and I have been using them regularly. They have helped me shift my energy and manage a lot of change that is going on.  It will help you if you apply it.

The last message I wish to convey is that you know that its important to do your personal work everyday.  This can be prayer, setting intentions, singing, drumming, writing, healing...anything that you wish to ground and move your energy forward.  Remind yourself you are a divine being, infinite and experiencing life in a very strange "space suit" called a body.  We are NOT limited only to what our body experiences.  Remember who you are, and that its not only what you see in a mirror, but so much more love and beauty behind the eyes looking back at you.  I am sending you infinite love, and inifite healing.  Know that I am rooting for you, and that I am a supporter of your cause to heal and understand your place in the world.  I am grateful that you are here.  I am grateful that you are in this experience with me.  Blessings in all you do, may angels protect and keep you.  

Love and Blessings, Psychic Shidonii

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A Calm Heart and the Frequency Shift in September 2015

I couldn't get to make this blog post fast enough.  Firstly, I am so grateful for all of you that take time to read these words and others words of love and caring.  Your energies are blessings to me, always.  For those of you that know me, or know of me, I am someone who lives by affirmations.  Affirmations are statements with positive words, in present tense.  They help us get centered, and get calm. (examples are : "I am safe.  I am loved.  I am abundant.")  The key to happiness, opportunity, miracles and our higher gifts, is being centered, with calm in your heart.  

There are many things going on right now that don't contribue to calm in your heart.  The things happening are scary, and at best, intense.  The key to dealing with these things and navigating them in you highest good is finding that peaceful state by bringing calm into your heart.  There are many ways to do this.  You can think of a happy thought, past, present or future.  You can remind yourself of good things coming your way.  My favorite way is to send people blessings.  ANYONE CAN BLESS ANYONE.  I will sneak blessings in everywhere I go.  When you bless others, you are blessing yourself.   Another way (another BIG way) is gratitude.  It is very hard to be afraid, or angry, or scared while you are truly grateful.  Gratitude squashes out fear.  Everytime.

Having said that, I want to go into the energy we have been experiencing.  If you are already energy aware (which...if you are reading this, you are.), you will be experiencing the HUGE energy wave coming in September.  There is a lot about it on the internet, so be sure to research it.  Theres a lot to it and I don't want to lose focus of this message.  September is going to be very much like ascencion for the aware, and for those that choose to remain in fear or not handling their lives right, things will get more...intense.  This is not a warning, its to enlighten, bring awareness.  Have you noticed that you have been more tired, or waking up more often at night?  Have you noticed your intuition getting more insistant?  These things are letting us know something big is coming.  Its beautiful for us, not so much for those living their lives out of fear, anger, or hate.  We have time to pay attention to our dreams, and what our heart is telling us.  

The most important thing is taking time to convene with yourself/higher power.  There are many ways to do this but the most effective are listening to non verbal beats such as drumming or rattling. (it helps clear the mind of chatter.)  Visualize going to a happy place.  It can be any place that you can see easily in your mind, and interact with.  When you go there, this is you convening with your higher power.  You can ask questions, you can make the happy place look more beautiful by cleaning it or maintaining it.  There is something about these visuals that HEALS.  This is one way to connect to your higher power.  You can meditate, you can use various methods to calm your mind and heart and open yourself to your divine truth.  This is something we need to do daily.  If you have a morning ritual (shower/coffe/etc) make this a part of it.  It is life changing.

I encourage every one of you to research the energies that are going on and what they represent.  This frequency shift that is coming in September is going to be noticable by all.  To be aware of it, is to be aware of self and how we are about to grow in absolutely amazing ways!  Remember to keep calm in your heart, and stay connected to that peaceful state.  We can manifest what we want in that state, and teach and heal others to do the same!

Blessings to each and every one of you, and know that you are loved wholly.



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Do you feel that? You'd be surprised at how many do!

Its very important for me to take time to post about everything thats going on, and everything that we are feeling.  Many of you, if not all of you,  are probably experiencing one or more of the following:

*loss of sleep



*strange body cramps/twitches


*body pains


*fears coming up (False Evidence Appearing Real)

...then you are experiencing symptoms of the energy and consciousness shift.  We are growing, and in more ways than many of us can fully comprehend.  But that, also, is about to change.   We are entering a time of awareness and knowledge.  This isn't something that comes from outside, OR from other people.  Yes people can help, but this is something we have to do ourselves.  We are not alone, as everyone that walks on this plane of existance is subject to these changes.  We are entering into mercury retrograde, which runs from October 4th to the 25th.  Many have woes about this, but just be alert to the simple things :

*give extra time/care when traveling

*give extra time/reading when doing any business/money deals.  Preferrably wait until after retrograde is over if possible

*communications tend to have issues, give that time and don't make fast judgement calls

...Aside from these things, its very important to realize that this is a time to birth in new ideas, bloom relationships, and rediscover ourselves.  It is very very important, however, that you and your highest good is at the top of the list.  If you aren't the highest on your list, the universe/whoever is in charge, will make sure it happens.  Don't let this intense energy scare you.  Remember our tried and true affirmations:

*I am safe, I am happy, I am abundant!

*I am open to love, healing, and my greatest good!

Be well, dear ones, and keep your soul open to miracles of all kinds!

Love and Blessings to you all, 

Psychic Shidonii

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One of those days...

When we were told there would be days like this, sometimes, the warning wasn't enough.  The energy that has been flowing lately has been intense, extremely emotional, and oh so very persistant.  We find ourselves struggling not only internally, but as a result, externally.  While we fight a battle on the inside, we find that we are battling a cold, or perhaps others, on the outside.  There are two words to keep in mind during this completely insane time.  "Its ok."  It will be, it is, and there is nothing wrong with having down time.  Dealing with this energy is called "shadow work."  This is dealing with our darker side.  The side we try to hide when we go out.  There is always a face, a story behind this mask.  

The difference is, in this time period we are in, its all coming to the surface; whether we want it to, or not.  So, now we are faced with a hefty decision.  Face it, or run from it.  Neither sound fun.  Neither sound enriching.  But I can promise this, running will not only make things worse, but it will drag things out.  I liken this to messing with a wound.  You are keeping it from healing.  Some things need to be left to its healing process.  
We are all healing right now.  Wounds that have been hidden, or are very easy to see, all need to be healed.  

-What issues are you not addressing?
-What are you afraid to deal with?
-What frustrates you?
-How do YOU plan to resolve these issues?

Remove everyone else from the equasion.  This is about you.  This energy is here to tear you away from things that do not serve your highest good.  Get time with yourself, for yourself.  During this time, there is no better answer than by going within.  

Love yourself extra today.   Love yourself with more tenderness, and forgiveness than usual.  Things ARE rough right now.  But the good news is that (incoming affirmations):




Tailor these affirmations for your reality.  Use them as much as you can, and say them aloud.  (and here comes the hardest part):  BELIEVE THEM! 

Much Love and Light to you all today!  Be easy on yourselves!

-Psychic Shidonii

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An Exercise in You

This blog post is a bit more interactive than anything I've done before.  Its a first, but I think it'll be fun.   For this post, You might like to have some paper and pen/pencil with you.  It is most certainly a type questionnaire, but one you may enjoy and learn from.  Feel free to print this out, since I'll have a list of Should and shouldn't do's for this post.


-Get to a quiet place. (I am a Mom of three boys, it doesn't really exist, but I do my best)

-Get paper, pen/pencil, and/or voice recorder handy

-Get anything that eases and relaxes you.  Candles, incense, soft music. (Some prefer drumming or white noise)

-Be open to all possibilities  (This is about and for you!)



-Let worry or self-doubt sneak in.  They have no place here.  Positivity only.

-Change incoming messages - Write the answers as you get them. (How else do you get to hone your skills ?  Trust yourself!)

-Give up. - This is an exercise, done for you, in YOUR time, with NO EXPECTATIONS.   (Remember, Be open!)


This exercise is going to help see you through other peoples eyes.  It could be a stranger, it could be a family member, husband or wife, but its someone that can let you have perspective on yourself, through their eyes.  Most problems stem from lack of communication, or miscommunication.  It makes so many situations difficult because we simply cannot understand anothers point of view.  We struggle to understand them.  We try to be compassionate, as well as trying to help.  Many times, however, we do not see ourselves.  We take our own place in things, for granted.  We leave out a huge part of the equasion, and that is, Who WE are.  I am not saying to care what other people think in that type of manner.  This is giving us perspective on ourselves that we may not ever have otherwise.

This is an exercise in imagination as well as self healing.  Everyone can do it.  Yes, even you!

Once in your quiet place, have your writing/recording utencils nearby, and get comfortable. Don't lay down in bed, be somewhere you wont tend to fall asleep.  If you need to sit up with eyes closed or an eye cover, that is fine too.

When settled, imagine yourself sitting at lunch across from any person you want. They can be real or fake, it doesn't matter.  Imagine you and this person are carrying on a conversation, but you cannot hear it.  You can see expressions, emotions, laughter, pauses, all sorts of things.  The conversation is not important.  This is about noticing all things about yourself through another perspective. (You can also view this 3rd person if you would like)

Are you:

Happy?  * Sad? * Intrigued? * Confused? * Mad? * Blissful?  Make note of whats going on with you.  Write down any details you can remember from the vision.  Anything that you notice is worth being written down.  Impressions, visions, messages come from the Divine.  Spirit speaks in metaphor, and it is up to us to translate those messages/images we receive.  I, myself, am an artist.  I may see things that relate to my art that only I would understand. If I saw a marker,  It wouldn't so much mean I need to get more markers in my waking life.  It would mean that I need to add more color, or perhaps pay attention to details.  We are our own best translators deep down, but we have to trust what we see.  Also pay attention to the other person in the vision.  How are they reacting to you?  Again, write this all down!   If you can't remember it all, don't worry, its not a test.  This is just a way to learn more about yourself.

If you find yourself sensing negative emotions on yourself, take special note.  These are not bad things.  These are, however, signs that there is work to be done. (I don't know anyone that doesn't have work to be done.). 

Many negative emotions symbolize:

-A need to acknowledge and work through emotions/hidden emotions

-Past issues needing to be addressed and forgiven

-Forgiveness (of Self first and foremost)

-Release :  Of energy that you do not need or that does not serve your highest good

-Face your F.E.A.R.S. - (False Evidence Appearing Real)

You may get messages that you might not like.  This is ok too.  We don't always have to understand how the Universe works to know its there and that its working.  Sometimes the greatest gift we can offer is loving ourselves enough to be patient.

Be sure to practice this exercise whenever you need to get a better perspective on you and your situation.  We all have imaginations, its time to get them back in full working order!

Love and many Blessings to All!

Psychic Shidonii

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Everything in its own time

I have had many moments over the last weeks since I last wrote, where I wanted to have a profound post to share.  Whatever the message was, it needed to wait.  Here is the beauty of our gifts, and our intuition :  That was the message that I needed.  "Everything in its own time."  We are creatures of curiosity, and necessity, and also, sometimes supposed necessity.  We want to be satiated, and always in the fastest manner.

It takes a great bit of effort to slow down and raelize that, although waiting isn't always fun, that there is something we need to learn WHILE we wait.  Perhaps while we are waiting for a possible relationship connection to happen, you can work on yourself, do something positive for you, while you wait on answers from something else.  I call it spiritual multitasking.  Overall, I am not the best multitasker.  They say women are excellent at it, so I must not be the best example.  The goal of this thought, is making sure that you are taking care of yourself FIRST and foremost.  Its not an egotistical thing, its loving yourself enough to not suffer needlessly on matters that cannot be controlled.   

We spend so much of our time trying to control everything but ourselves.  The irony is, the only thing we have control over IS ourselves.  We control how we act, and how we react to things.  Its also why we tend to get frustrated at situations that don't go our way.  But releasing this unecessary want, and allowing lifes loving energy to help create your world, is so very important.  We do not have to simply let it go, pacify ourselves and sit in a corner until it happens.  Waiting isn't supposed to be bad at all.  Its a universal sign that we have other things on our "to do" list to take care of.

When you are faced with an event where you are unable to anything but wait, make sure to ask yourself what else needs to be taken care of.  What doors have opened for me, while this one is temporarily shut?  You will be surprised at what you find out!  You will also realize how time seems to pass faster, and how issues start to work themselves out.

My sneaky, fun secret about all of this, is that by releasing worry, or impatience regarding a wait, you are healing yourself and those connected to the situation.  Releasing negative energy is such an affirmation and is so healing that you will think you've had more energy than you have in a long while)

As always, I am sending Love, Light and Blessings to you all and am so grateful for your energy.  Be safe and wealthy in Love this season!


Psychic Shidonii

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The Power of Belief

The true power of belief is as awe inspiring as looking up to the stars for the first aware moment of our lives. This will be something I repeat throughout my posts and messages. I will never give up passing on a message that empowers people live the lives that they deserve. Believe it or not, we all are built to be happy! I want to focus on recognizing and holding on to the actual feeling that gets us in the right place for opening up our lives. It's surprisingly sublime, and easy to pass over. It's as easy as knowing a situation is going to go one way or another, and have no actual proof to give anyone. Demanding proof is one of our greater downfalls in life. Why should proof matter, when the end result is exactly what one would have hoped? I had to work on myself first, through all this. Of anyone guilty of demanding proof...I was at the head of the line. My key to success is quite simple. Through my own spiritual potty training, I began to release the need for two questions to be answered. 1.) Why? And 2.) How? . I seemed to care more about those questions, rather than realizing the problem was being resolved, and resolved in a positive way. Once I released need for proof, I felt the shift. It seemed almost as if the world pivoted around me, when in reality, I opened my eyes wider. The bigger picture is so much more vibrant and brilliant than we can imagine. Realizing that all of our boundaries are set ONLY by ourselves, is one of the biggest steps you'll take. Once you are aware of that, all you have to do to have the life you want, is to think positive...KNOW that positive things happen to you...and then simply keep moving forward. Yes, this process is HARD at first. It's not physically demanding, but emotionally and spiritually, it will put you to the test. (Believe it or not, this is what we need). While you release worry, doubt and the need for proof, focus on positive, in the now affirmations. This process generates healing energy for yourself, and for those connected to you. There is no reason not to do it. If you feel you have done all these things, but your life hasn't improved, I can already pinpoint your problem. You STILL don't believe. Your mind is so powerful, that it creates the reality you paint. So be the beautiful you artist you were born to be. Harness your power, claim your life and paint a picture of happiness and love! In love and light, Psychic Shidonii
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What are my Super powers? Do I even have any?

I live for this.  My mind, quite blissfully is almost always at a teenager-like frame of mind.  Everything I see is some sort of an adventure, perhaps shenannigans to get into, new people to meet.  Because of my way of thinking, I am open to anything.  Anything is possible.  I believe this right to this very minute and every other that rolls by.  I see us as Supermen and Wonder Women.  We all hide behind mundane masks (perhaps not all so mundane), going about our day to day.  The difference is, most of us...these Supermen and women, don't believe they are special.  

We have all heard the snowflake reference.  But this is different.  We KNOW we are all different, but different rarely feels balanced.  If someone is different, it means on a higher or lower level.  We put ourselves in a viscious circle of comparison and thusly, disappointment.  Well I am here to set this record straight, once and for all.

We all are gifted.  This is not speaking in the sweet, "bless your heart", motherly way.  We are all equipped with so much more...well....everything.  But we let the "No's", "You can't's", and "Why bother's", weave into our reality.  It infects it and we then believe that we can't...or that something isn't real....or perhaps that if it cannot be seen, touched or smelled, it cannot exist.  This is rubbish.  Whatever higher power we have, or however we choose to see it, It/He/The Universe made us pretty darn amazing.  To not allow ourselves the ability to trust, use, and learn this amazing organic machine we are piloting around, is a true sin.

My challenge in this post is very simple.  Pay attention to your words.  Pay attention to how often you use negative words, and if you are saying something that is so common place, that you almost don't know you are saying it. (key words / phrases are : No, I can't - It's killing me! - You're breaking my heart! - Today sucks and won't get better).  Catch yourself  in that bad habit and get right to that spiritual potty training.  Change your words.  Avoid limiting yourself with your own words.  Words turn into intentions.  Intentions turn into vibrations.  Vibrations find like vibrations.   If you worry about needing more money because of bills, you are worried about bills and thats what you vibrate.   If you instead, write in a new balance on your bank statement, as if the money is put out that positive vibration to bring money to you.   It works, and all it requires is belief.  

That belief is nothing shy of beautiful self love.  There is no ego, just knowing that you can trust yourself and be happy like we all deserve.

I hope this helps some of you get the confidence you have inside you, if you haven't already tapped into it.  I have full faith you can change your life through the simple act of loving yourself!

In Love and Light, 

Psychic Shidonii

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Your Truth

It generally takes some time to acknowledge, be aware and know your own personal truth.  The harder part, however, is to separate others truth's from your own.  It never occurs to someone to think : "I don't have to own their truth.  It does not fit."  This is not only a good thing, but it allows you not to be affected by others when they feel their truth should be THE truth.   You may love someone wholly, but this does not mean that you are obligated to accept someone elses reality.  Thats utter nonsense!

Down the road, if you find that your truth was wrong, and another's was right, then you NEEDED to go through this lesson.  Some things we just aren't able to know until we see the flipside of the coin.  No one is out to get you, and you aren't unlucky.  You are energy in a human shell, with lessons to learn and growth to be had.  Bad things DO happen to good people.  The reason is there is an initial lesson to be learned, as well as if it happens often, the lesson has not gotten through or been realized.

We are not destined to be miserable, yet, we are so good at it!  Why?  It makes so little sense to accept others "truths" and live miserable, angry, and frustrated.  These emotions are a simple indicator that we are not doing something right.  Being as we cannot control other people, that means the accountability is up to us to accept, and then it becomes time to troubleshoot.

You will find that some truths you hold, become ineffective or antiquated, so then you must drop them for forward progression.  Some truths will hold your whole life through.  Others truth's that ring true have a positive lesson for you, so make sure to trust your instinct and make note of what they say/do and how it affects you.  You'd be surprised at how much you don't know about yourself, when you start taking stock in who you are and how you operate.

If you are approached by someone that openly, and perhaps intensely shares, and almost forces their truth, do not let it take you to a bad place.  Offer your insight and information as you feel will help and then release the matter to the Universe.  Frustration and expression of such will lead to a fruitless interaction.  Most people do not like to budge when it comes to their beliefs of any kind.  (see sports / politics oriented 'discussions')  Keep in mind that it is a waste of energy when someone has let you know their stance and unwillingness to budge on a truth.  Respect it as you would want others to respect you in the matter.

The most effective way to see and learn more on your truth, is to acknowledge potential flaws that you have tried to ignore, and perhaps as well, try seeing things from another point of view.  This allows you to see what thoughts of yours serve you, and which do not.  Last of all, be truthful to yourself.  If you lie to yourself, you are runining a true understanding and relationship with how your soul operates and its true purpose in this life.


Keep in mind that we are always evolving.  The truths that we felt served us as teenagers do not necessarily serve us now.  Be humble in that we do not know everything, and thats ok.  We are a process, it is a process and we will always find that things happen to get us on the right track. Embrace that!


In Love and Light, 

Psychic Shidonii

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Have you wondered why when you try try try, it still seems to fail fail fail?

You've seeked connections, self-help, books, seminars, classes, done research, talked with folks, the whole shebang.  We know the basic concepts of achieving our goals and being the happiest people we can be.   So.... why is it that when you try, that things are still failing, collapsing, or seeming constantly negative?

I can genuinely help you with this!  All I need is an open mind and heart and the chance to actually digest this message.  Its very very simple and I guarantee you've heard it time and time again.  We know it to be true.  We know that it IS.  However when someone says their sorry, but they don't mean it, the word is nothing more than letters on a page or varying sounds past someones lips.  Keep that very much in mind.

We are amazing beings.  Aware energy in people suits set off on a brilliant adventure.  Believe it or not, we weren't meant to be miserable.  Yes, we are meant to learn lessons and grow, but that doesn't mean we have to suffer unecessarily.  We don't have to suffer at our own hands.   Most people don't understand that, although someone on their journey can struggle and it affects those around them, the issues still rest deep inside us.  Those issues are fear, doubt and frustration.  There are many negative emotions but those sum it up for me.  

These emotions stem from us.  We see, experience, go through awful things.  But we have the gift of choice.  We can CHOOSE how things affect us and how we react to them. This is a life problem solution.   It goes hand in hand with genuine...GENUINE belief.  Im not talking about pep talks.  Im not talking about trying to lie to ourselves and make ourselves believe something that we genuinely don't.  We have programmed responses to "solve" whats going wrong.  I'm going to safely say this doesn't work out for anyone.

We have two solutions now.  

1.) We have the gift of choice

2.)Through genuine belief, we can form our lives the way we want

Ooh, Ive skipped lightspeed and hyper jumped into pure crazy!  Well, I used to be afraid to share messages, but had I let that control me, I wouldn't be in the amazing place I am, connecting to wonderful people that I do.  At one point, I had to stop and say..."This is rediculous.  I AM good enough, I DO have the ability, and because of it, I will be able to do what I love, and have it work out great for me."  Well, I am proof that it works.

I explain what true belief feels like by having someone imagine an argument between themselves and someone.  Perhaps an argument where they know they are right.  The argument may go for a while, but you are not dissuaded by anything.  You just KNOW.    Its that feeling, that actual belief....knowing without effort, that makes the true magic happen in our lives.  Our higher power, God, the Universe, whatever you would like to call it always has the best plan for us.  We just think we know better.   

Some of you that have blessed your connection with me have heard me say my explaination between how I see my conscious brain and my subconscious brain.   My conscious brain is like a two year old; a two year old that I have let in the drivers seat of my (life) car.  I should be the driver, my instinct, my knowing, my feelings.  But no, instead, I am content to stick a very inept version of me take control of the wheel.  (And yet, I still wondered why things weren't going right)  I ignored what I genuinely KNEW and traded it for a poor suppositional substitute.

Here's how to have your life shift for the shift it in your favor :

-Release doubt.  Doubt is a dealbreaker.  It removes your ability to truly believe something is going to happen.

  (Positive example - "Its the craziest thing, I just thought I would see a purple duck in the road."   It sounds absolutely bonkers, but after you have that thought, you drive by a purple bathtub duckie laying in the road.   So it wasn't a real purple duck, or something else, but, it was exactly as you thought it.

   (Negative example- "Whats wrong with me? I just thought id see a purple duck in the road!"  Negative words, negative have successfully shut down your inner voice.  Say you pass that same rubber duckie, but completely are blind to it, since you have told yourself its not possible)

-Know and Believe.  When i say all things are possible, I cannot emphasize it enough.  Its the truth.  If you were given a million dollars, would you care about the details, or that you were gifted with abundance?  

-Pay attention to how you think/speak...what words do you use?   Do you say "can't, won't, fail, I am horrible at, I can't eat that, I will gain weight"?  Have you wondered how that negatively affects you?  Its removing yourself from potential.  You deserve the best, so use words like "win, Im great at, Im improving on..." etc.  These words operate on the intent you put behind them.  

-Affirm and speak in the present tense!  This is how you learn to KNOW things.   This morning for me, was rough.  It was.   I had to stop myself in my negative thoughts and words, and said aloud :  "I am safe, healthy, happy and loved."  After a few times, the morning shifted....or was it me? ;)    I shifted myself, and everything shifted around me.   

I say this to anyone who reads this, that I was a huge perpertrator of me.  I proverbially shot myself in the foot time and time again, by my thoughts, words and inactions.  Whining and feeling sad for myself perpetuated my bad vibe and of course, others around me had to deal with that too.   Be the best you for you.  Once you have done that, the people you want and need in your life, and the things you want and need in your life, will come to you almost effortlessly.   

I offer this as a challenge to you beautiful souls.  Challenge yourself to be better for YOU.  Not for anyone else.  This is no ones rules but your own.  Set limitations for negativity, open your doors to positivity and let the "AH-HA" moment flow.

May you be Blessed in knowing what a Blessing you are, and never a moment lost to guilt and regret.


Love and Light, 

Psychic Shidonii

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When in doubt, get back to nature!

I used to think that I wasn't an "outdoors" kind of gal.  The truth is, we all need nature.  Some of us may need it more than others, however, its something that offers us a glance at the world that is not overwhelmed by technology, wires, cars and other things of the sort.  I was able to get away to the Blue Ridge Parkway, and go hiking with my boys.  All the events leading up to it, almost lead me to want to stay home and not go anywhere.

That pattern of thinking serves no one.  It leaves the person in a state of frustration, and those around them effected as well.  Its up to us to recognize when its time to go out and return to a place that is free, and ever healing.  Nature gives us a silence we are unable to find in our home or workplace.  Our minds are able to become calm and quiet.  It then becomes an effortless meditation.  I always find that when a thought occurs to me, as I am sitting in silence, the wind will blow, or a different bird will sing.  Nature gives us these answers regularly.  Usually we are not quiet enough, or around too much noise to listen.

My loving advice for anyone on this lovely Sunday, is to get out, even for a little bit, and let the breeze blow through your hair.  Let your senses swim in all that is going on around you.  Center yourself and realize that everything IS alright, even if a second before, you felt like it wasn't.

Let nature guide you when it feels there is no other guidance around.

Blessings to you all, in Love and Light!

-Psychic Shidonii (This picture is a personal one from my travels yesterday.  I am so grateful to have the opportunity to share it with you all!)

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