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Welcome. The vision for this Blog is to allow an opportunity for our Psychic Advisors to offer helpful guidance to improve your present and future life. This forum is also an excellent way to be introduced to an advisor if you have not had the opportunity to experience their services.


Meet Your Psychic
From a very young age, I've always had wisdom that came from unknown sources. When someone asked me for advice, I'd know exactly what to say even though I didn't have a clue where I'd gotten that information from. It was until a year ago, I've discovered that I am clairsentient. I have used the tarot to expand on my abilities and give the best advice I possibly can in regards to all manners. While heavily influenced by my ruling planet, Venus, I found my love in helping people improve their lives since we can create and manifest incredible things from love that radiate within our hearts. The most important love is self-love, and I find that assisting people whether it be with their careers, love, or self, generates a higher vibration within themselves to attract wonderful things that have similar vibrations. My goal in life is to help as many people as I can, and I'd love to start this journey with you today!

3 Tips on How to Experience the Benefits of a Tarot Reading

Tarot readings are exciting, mystical, and can see into a situation and give us insight! However, with such an amazing tool, we don't utilize it's capability to truly help us with our situation. A lot of this is thanks to media, movies portraying tarot as a way to look into the future, or by seeing the fate of a situation. Now, don't get me wrong, the tarot is capable of predicting the future, however it's not meant for predicting a future. Another way the media shows us how tarot can be used is by looking into other's minds to see how they think, feel, and want. This is also another thing the tarot should do, but what the tarot is doing when it peers into another person's energy without that person's permission is pretty much similar to peeping through a window as someone is undressing. As some reader don't mind it, I personally believe that even if spying on someone or gaining insight on a person through improper means, we still aren't utilizing the tarot to it's highest capability.

So, here in this post I'm going to be talking about 3 tips on how to best use the tarot to benefit your situation.

  • Stabilize your energy before contacting your reader. As I mentioned before, frantic energy can really send some mixed signals to the reader as she's pulling your cards. Try to relax your mind as much as possible and don't contact a reader in a panic. You deserve to have the clearest reading possible, so be sure to center yourself.
  • Have a clear and specific question ready to go! If you give a clear and direct question to your reader, the answers will come out just the same. Law of Attraction works with everything including asking your questions. Ask your question frantically, you will probably have a very confusing and unclear reading.
  • And last but not least, the tarot is a tool that shows you options to handle your situation or give you clarity on a situation you're in. However, because the understanding of freewill is very much a factor in the tarot, it will never tell you what you should and shouldn't do. The best way to gain the most out of your reading is to ask questions that are solution-based or information-based. Relying on the tarot to tell you what to do is not going to benefit you in the long run, because the tarot is set to empower others to make their own decisions and to reach their highest potential through their own individual gifts and powers.

Just a couple honorable tips that won't be on the list are 1) avoid predictive questions at all cost and 2) refrain from asking about someone else personally, the only exception is if you'd like insight on what you need to know about the relationship between you and the other person.

The reason for these extra tips is that they are truly non-beneficial to you and your situation. Firstly, predictive readings can be very inaccurate, because you and the other person have this ability called freewill, which basically is the determining aspect to all future creation. So, a predictive reading can only follow through with the current energy you give to the reader. With that said, your energy changes frequently, so there's no guarantee that the future you heard will come true.

To the second extra tip, knowing how someone else thinks and feels may seem like it can help, but you can actually cause more of an issue in your situation than you would fix it! So, spy readings can seriously backfire in some pretty unsatisfying ways.

With these handy tips, you'll drastically see the impact the tarot can really have in your life. This beautiful tool and the reader who wields this tool can help you as long as you're willing to help yourself. Good luck and blessings to you all!

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Attracting the Confident Co-Worker

​People are the same, no matter the gender attached to them. From blushing when you speak to them, or acting all tough and hard when you're around them, people give off all kinds of signals as to when they are attracted to someone. This even goes as far as creating competition with the person just because they are so devastated with themselves for liking the person they like! Usually when this happens, it's because it's not the typical type they go for. With my Venus-guided intuition and relationship specialty, let's jump in and focus on the similarities confident people in the workplace have when it comes to attraction and how to capitalize on it in a healthy, relationship-developing way. So, pick your preference and dive in!

The financial office has this stunning officer who not only knows what he's/she's doing, but struts with so much confidence that he/she turns heads the second he/she walks in the door. The hottest part is that he/she KNOWS he's/she's good at what he/she does, so he/she doesn't need to prove to people how amazing he/she is... Well, you'd think not until he/she set eyes on you and you are, in that moment, his/her main objective to impress you. You're the only person who doesn't find him/her all that, but you respect him/her for what he/she does at work and how well he/she does it. Or you do like him/her, but everyone in the office fawns over him/her. If you'd done the same, you'd be right in with everyone else! But, he/she likes you! With this type of person, you have to remember something ladies and gentleman, he/she ATTRACTS people to him/her all the time. He's/she's not used to actually having a challenge and this can be his/her opportunity if you play your cards right.

With a man or woman who has such a presence, letting him/her pursue you would be the key right? Well, that's not always the case. If you share the same interest as anyone who likes you, the best way to get that date is to be open to it. The emphasis is that he/she attracts people, but people that obsess over him/her. What will make you stand out is if YOU approach him/her and treat him/her as an EQUAL. As if you are two like-minded individuals having a conversation and getting to know each other. This shows confidence in yourself to pursue a conversation first, especially if you like them. Flirting should always be held back for at least after three to four conversations, of course making sure that you two are compatible enough to even flirt. Watch for those social cue. But, by you treating this successful bachelor/bachelorette as a regular Joe, he'll/she'll want to prove to you he's/she's something special. It's not manipulation of any sort, but the thing to remember about this whole situation is that he/she IS a human being and not just a delicious specimen to fantasize about. The approach is to show him/her that you'd like to see him/her for who they are and assess them as a potential partner who can work together on an equal playing field. 

Someone who's visually stunning, or has the wits to dazzle you so hard you remain that way until you go back to work the next morning just want to be seen as equals, humans. They know they are captivating, but they want to be seen for who they are. (Works great for a Leos, Virgos, Scorpios, Capricorns or Aquarians, by the way). So treat them as someone NORMAL and the romance and action can begin.

Best of luck!

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5 Golden Don’ts on How To Approaching Anyone!

Have you ever looked around the room when you first walked in, scanning for someone who may look interesting, single, and even attractive to converse with? How about when you're sitting alone at a bar and you're hoping someone that actually has a bit of class approaches you instead of the typical picker-upper with their cheesy and overused lines? Don't worry, we all feel this way. And the fortunate part for this set of advice is that you do happen to find someone who is very appealing. Excellent, except for one thing... How do you talk to them...?

As a relationship and life coach, I can give you 5 winning rules on how to break the ice with anyone. The best way to succeed is to know what to avoid and with these tips, you'll find them to be handy and extremely efficient.

1. Don't approach the person with the expectation of rejection.

Your mind is your friend, but if not properly nurtured and loved, it can be your enemy. Without you realizing it, your fear and thoughts project themselves in your mannerisms and aura. If you can fake the confidence, the person can see it in your aura because you'll give off discomfort.

To fix this issue, identify what your fear is and argue it down so good, the fear becomes an irrational thought that's apprehending you from interacting with who could be the one. For most people, this sort of fear of rejection has a lot to do with how you feel about yourself. Before you meet with anyone, come up with at least 7 reasons why you're an amazing person to yourself (make sure it has nothing to do with benefiting others' needs; try focusing on personality, behavioral, or intellectual traits for starters). It's very easy to rattle off a list of what makes us unpleasant, but finding real confidence in yourself is the most reliable way to give out good vibes and knowing yourself is the best way to start.

2. Don't go in without clear intentions.

What are you looking for? Why are you about to talk with this person? What are you trying to get out of this rapport in the end?

This understanding will help you narrow down your expectations in yourself. If it's for sex, you'll want to have that clearly in your mind as that being your goal. If you want to see how they are as a person to possibly be a potential partner, that's good too.

By getting your goals clear in your head, you'll be focusing on yourself and what you're looking for in a person rather than if you'll be a right fit for the person of interest. This whole situation is for you, so to capitalize on this moment, make sure they are in your preferences at all times.

3. Don't go straight into the goal.

"Hey, I'm Andy and I want to ask you out on a date," — [scratches record] Okay, Andy. There's nothing wrong with knowing what you want, but remember, you are trying to make sure that they are within your preferences to consider them as a potential partner. Going straight in for the date is alright, but I'd love for you to test the water first. So, sparking up a conversation is the better approach instead of gunning for the finish line.

Extra tip: if you need help relaxing, have a drink before interacting. The goal with the drink is not to get buzzed or drunk, it's to loosen up. For my lovely people out there that can't or don't like drinking, chewing gum or having a mint is a good way of distressing as well, because chewing or eating is associated with a relaxed time which can calm your mind greatly.

4. Don't start off talking about yourself or talk about yourself too much!

I'm not saying you're not worth talking about, because you are very special, especially after you had gone through rule #1 and found out amazing things about yourself that you can be proud of. However, the purpose of rule 1 was to help you see that you are an interesting and great person to be around for yourself and to build your confidence. You'll have plenty of time to share yourself when the opportunity arises, however as we talked about in rules 2 & 3, you're analyzing this person to be your type! How can you check to make sure this person is the right person for you if you're rambling about your skills and talents, interest in the Boston Red Sox, or your favorite video games right off the bat?

Focus on what you want to know about the person of interest. You can successfully do this by asking them questions about something your interested in OR something you may dislike. Ask them about what they like to do, while developing your own opinions on the topic. Wh-questions are golden and asking for opinions on things will get the person you're talking with really engaged and will gush with information. Always have yourself in mind, but ask questions to get the other person involved. Really listen to them too, you don't want to miss how they might like to eat birds with their barehands after freshly shooting them out of the sky.

Also, by always considering yourself, you'll ask authentic questions that you are truly interested in knowing the answers to.

5. Lastly, but importantly, DON'T LIE.

That's right. No matter what, be absolutely 100% honest. There's a huge disadvantage to lying that will throw the information-gathering process out of whack! When you lie, you'll be so distracted(consciously or subconsciously) with the fact that you've falsified info that you'll be susceptible to missing cues when the other person might be lying to you.

So, be bold and be honest. However, don't confuse honesty with blabbering info that people don't need to know. Don't feel like you have to divulge more than your comfortable with as well, but be sure it's not fudging the truth at any point.

Along with this rule, don't ever say you like something to get them to like you. Lying about an opinion will bug you, because it's not truly yourself. If you don't like something, be honest about it. Be tactful about it, of course, but it shows you are your own person when you consider yourself. If you do like something or agree with something, you have nothing to worry about!

Dating is hard and yet so simple. Self-love has a lot to do with these "don't" rules, because breaking the ice to get to know someone should be for you and your knowledge of what you're looking for in a partner. You are just as important, if not more important than the person you're wanting to converse with. Just think, if something leads after this lovely back-and-forth, it's because you have approved of the person as the right match. I know what you might be thinking, that's seriously big-headed of me to think that. Good news, it isn't! The other person was analyzing you as you were talking to them. It's simply human nature.

Best of luck and happy dating!

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Ideal Questions for the Tarot

​When it comes to the tarot, the access to great depths of knowledge is literally at the palm of your hand. It can give you insight on any situation that might be shrouded by our own perspective, which provides us with the opportunity to extend and grow beyond our limitations. This is quite excellent, wouldn't you say? Now, how do we utilize this tool to guide us toward our dreams and aspirations? How can this tool bring you the love of your life that you've been wanting for so long? 

What if I told you that the purpose of the tarot is to grow love within yourself to act as a magnet to bring love to you? This love can be anything from actual relationships and family love, to career paths that you truly feel passionate about. When you think of love, you think about the things you fight for as well as the things that can hurt you the most. Love is beautiful, simple, but intense, and comes in different means for everyone in any form (career, relationships, friendships, lifestyle). So, how does the tarot bring about the happiness and fulfillment you deserve? 

The tarot can tell you anything and everything you want to know, but it's the questions that can help you gain the insight necessary to guide you on your path. The questions you ask are the biggest place to start, because it's the "Fool", the beginning. What's important about the "Fool" in the tarot is that it indicates self-reliance as well as absolute trust in oneself. The law of attraction is good to remember with the tarot, because what you want to come into your life has to be what you truly feel for yourself first. No one can outright feel perfect about themselves, right? That's where the tarot comes in! With every situation in our lives, positive or negative, they are lessons and those lessons can be interpreted through the tarot.

So, the ideal questions for the tarot must focus on developing love in yourself. You can do this by asking for a reading about any aspect of life that you might have trouble in and how to handle it in the best way possible for yourself. The energy you give out to the universe is what will be the determining factor of what you manifest, therefore if you love yourself and have ideals and boundaries for yourself and the type of people you want in your life, you will manifest exactly what you want by being what you want. The tarot is never meant to tell you what to do with your life, but it's meant to challenge your thought, show you a different perspective, and ultimately empower you by reminding you of your gift of freewill. The power rests in you to bring in your desired future. How we get there might be tricky, but the tarot can help you get there.

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