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Psychic Zosia

Welcome. The vision for this Blog is to allow an opportunity for our Psychic Advisors to offer helpful guidance to improve your present and future life. This forum is also an excellent way to be introduced to an advisor if you have not had the opportunity to experience their services.


Meet Your Psychic
My connection to the energy around has been something I recognized since I was a child. As I got older and started to identify that connection as being an empath and highly sensitive person, I explored tarot and pendulum readings as well as dream analysis. I have been practicing these psychic forms for about two years now and I use them to help guide myself and others through life. Let me show you my gifts!

Ice Breaker

​Hey, everyone my name is Zosia and I just want to start to introduce myself here on Meet Your Psychic. In my experience figuring out I had a deep connection to energy and intuition was not exactly smooth sailing. I can't even count the amount of times I've been told "you're too sensitive". As an empath I've always been very aware of the emotions of people around me. If a situation becomes negative I feel everything around me not just my own emotions. So needless to say I definitely spent a lot of time as kid being told to stop crying or suck it up. In middle school I started to develop an interest in things like wicca. I'm not currently a practicing wiccan, I consider myself more of a pagan, but wicca was my first introduction into the metaphysical world. This is where I started to realize my sensitivity wasn't a bad thing. It was a gift I had been given that connects me to the world in a way that I can only describe as in full color. It can be exhausting, but I wouldn't have it any other way. The more I started to read about the metaphysical world the more I learned about how to use this connection. I started to notice that my vivid dreams could be interpreted to help guide me through my life, I started to pay attention to astrology, and I began to practice reading tarot cards.

So that's basically where I got my start into exploring what being an empath really meant, but after learning about all of these things I really wanted to do something with it. I really can't explain how much time I spent wishing magic schools like in books actually existed! But since I couldn't become a divination teacher, I started to practice using my abilities as an empath to do readings. I have always had a strong inclination to help others so it really seemed like a great path for me. I truly enjoy the clarity, reassurance, and comfort I can give clients through this practice. 

One of my favorite readings to do are dream analysis readings which are offered to customers here through email. Dreams are so interesting to me and I love getting to tap into these visions from the subconscious. I use prominent themes and symbols throughout dreams to interpret the messages coming through and how the dreams are trying to guide you. 

Pendulum readings were something that took me by surprise. I was definitely not expecting to find them as intriguing as I did. I decided to buy a pendulum after a simple google search about them. It was sort of an off hand idea and I thought they were really pretty. I went to a local metaphysical shop expecting to pick out a pretty crystal pendulum with an adorned chain, but as I was looking through the selection a little copper bulb sort of shaped like an acorn caught my attention. It wasn't flashy or shiny but I was drawn to it. When I picked it up I felt such a strong vibration coming from the copper that I just knew it was meant for me. Now I answer yes and no questions and confirm readings to be accurate with my pendulum. I have also been practicing using my pendulum to locate lost objects and people, to decide the best time actions should take place, and for simple communications with those who have passed on. 

I pay a lot of attention to astrology and I love completing birth charts and advising people on how they should go about different aspects of their lives based on the position of the stars pertaining to their specific birth chart. 

Tarot readings are how I do my most broad subject matters. I answer all kinds of questions from love life to career to family to life paths with tarot cards. Anything that needs clarity within life can be explained with the way the cards present themselves. I strive to chose lay outs that are specifically tailored to the client and their questions. 

I hope you enjoyed my introduction and I am excited to start working together!

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