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Cancer and Cancer Compatibility

If your Sun sign is Cancer, you might be wondering if another Cancer sign is compatible with your needs. The answer may surprise you.

Unlike the combination between a Cancer and Sagittarius, Taurus and Aries, and Aquarius and Gemini, the match Cancer and Cancer is heartfelt, soul-felt, and nurturing with sensitive layers to it.

Cancer's are very loyal and caring, but not worry-free. They can be highly emotional but tend to be very nurturing and devoted partners in any relationship. Ruled by the Moon, this zodiac sign can have profound emotional depths and crave solitude from time to time. Pairing two Cancer signs together can either be a match made in heaven or hell on Earth.

In the end, it all depends on each person's personal growth and the awareness they both bring to the relationship. 

Elemental Chemistry: Compatibility with Cancer and Cancer 

A Cancer with a Cancer love is highly compatible for a lot of reasons. Two Cancers together can develop a solid and lasting friendship that can evolve into a loving romantic relationship. These two Sun signs of the same design bring a lot of maternal energy with them, so they are keen to make a caring and nurturing relationship and build a home that embodies that energy. To say this is a sensitive relationship may be an understatement.

Intimacy is bliss between these two. Romance will often be high between the both of them, so there is a softness and tenderness that both bring and appreciate each other for having. It is easy for both of them to be vulnerable with one another and create a loving and long-lasting relationship for the world to see.

Because these two are both highly intuitive, they may be able to read each other's emotions and moods rather well. In a sense, their communication style is psychic by design and free to evolve from mood swings and survival needs.

How Love Plays with The Elements  

The connection between a Cancer and a Cancer love match will most likely be intense and very emotional. The dual combo of signs ruled by the Moon creates this intensity, which can often be pleasant.

Since Cancer is a water sign, mood swings are part of their baggage, and they will have to learn to navigate each other's emotional waters. Intimacy could also feel very intense, but their need to hide from the outside world while also feeling needy for nurturing by their partner may cause conflict and stress. As opposed to a Cancer woman, a cancer man may be more challenging during relationship conflicts as men tend to repress their emotions more than women.

It is most likely that this pairing will create times of feeling too sensitive and overwhelmed in each other's personal feelings and emotions, so they will need to learn how to give each additional space and manage their energy fields accordingly. Cancer's feelings by themselves can be easily hurt as they are moody. Navigating each other's emotional depths by engaging in their own intuition and observational skills will help maintain the relationship.

Any unresolved ego issues will intensify in this relationship until they are resolved. Each partner will need to work through their shadow work as not to project onto the other partner. Patience and gentle nurturing will help each other communicate well through any challenges.

Relationship Dynamics: Good, Bad, and Ugly 

Two Cancers can provide stability and security for one another so that they can seek out growth outside of their relationship. Once any ego issues have been resolved and they are able to communicate with each other with ease, the sky's the limit for any career ambitions or any other goals they wish to achieve or pursue outside of their relationship.

If either or both of these two require more personal and spiritual growth within the relationship, it may create turbulence. One of Cancer's awful personality traits is that they can become vindictive when scorned and hurt their partner emotionally, a sign of the crab-like nature. This can create a highly toxic relationship dynamic if these two aren't careful with disagreements and being honest with each other about their feelings, especially when they feel slighted.

When two Cancers connect, and there is negative karmic energy attached to just one, the Cancer love relationship could be volatile and uneven. If these two decide to deepen their relationship, they should work on themselves separately before pursuing a commitment to each other, or they may create additional karmic debt.

Growth vs. Stagnation  

The Cancer love connection can be one of growth or stagnation depending on the stage of emotional maturity each individual is in when they come into the relationship.

In the growth phase, these two can help support one another in their careers and develop their ideal family and home life. They can make sure to take the time and energy they need to invest in a home and lifestyle that brings them both happiness and helps them deal with the stresses of daily life. By adding this foundation, this can offer them the opportunity to grow outside of the relationship and pursue personal and professional growth on many levels.

But, this can also create stagnation over time. This combination of compatibility Cancer dynamic may last for many years and be long-lasting; however, the two might find themselves reassessing the definition of their relationship after they've raised kids together and are entering later phases of their lives. They may find that they have become more friends than lovers and leave the relationship on the best of terms to pursue growth elsewhere.

Keys to Understanding 

Sometimes the match Cancer and Cancer (crab and crab) combination is ideal when we wish to have a lasting relationship with someone who truly understands us for a long season of our lives. It could very well be a soulmate relationship or twin flame union (especially considering the emotional depths and intuitive connection). Both partners must be willing and open to making this coupling last to be beneficial to both parties.

The foundation of the relationship must come at a time in both partner's lives where they have done a lot of personal and spiritual growth. They can still be young in their careers or during a transition in their lives, but they must be grounded in themselves to be able to nurture and deepen this soul connection.

There are times when a Cancer union lasts a lifetime, but the romantic part of the relationship doesn't fully blossom until later in life. Friendship and compassion are deeply rooted in this relationship.

Tips For A Healthy Relationship with Another Cancer 

  • Bathing to relieve stress and cleanse negative energy
  • Be mindful of consuming too much, especially alcohol
  • Daily walks near water sources are encouraged
  • Hydrate and avoid fasting
  • Take note of emotional needs and comforts
  • Tap into your intuition and prepare to give each other space when needed


Cancer and Cancer compatibility is highly probable, but not without underlying issues and challenges. Love, intimacy, and nurturing are the cornerstones of success in this pair. They understand each other themselves, and where the other stands on both an emotional and spiritual level will keep the waters flowing with ease and peace.

Are you looking for a deeper understanding of zodiac signs and their compatibility with other signs? Call us and ask to speak with one of our psychic astrology experts today. 

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