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Sun Sign Compatibility 

When these two signs meet, they have the possibility for a symbiotic relationship. Cancer loves to listen while Leo loves to be heard. Cancer's nurturing nature is very good for the egocentric Leo, but it may not be healthy for Cancer in the long run.

Dating for these two will be intense and full of romantic gestures, at first. Cancer's hopelessly romantic attitude will lure the compliment seeking Leo. They may casually date for several months before deciding to commit or not and this is where some issues may begin, as each partner may not be on the same page with what the other wants in the long term. Lifestyle values and ego may decide how this relationship takes shape.

Modality Compatibility 

Cancer's cardinal energy is dynamic enough to mix well with Leo's fixed energy. Cancer has the passion needed to ignite Leo's. These two have the ability to get a lot done. They would work well together in the workplace, as long as Leo is in charge and Cancer is following. Within the confines of a romantic relationship, the nurturing nature of the Cancer (and reluctance to speak their feelings) may drag this relationship out for longer than is healthy for either person.

Element Compatibility ​ 

This Water sign and Fire sign have potential. Cancer's intuitive nature flows well with Leo's love of spontaneity. There is the possibility for excitement and stability between these two. These two need to focus on activities that help them release and balance the energy between them, such as making it a point to have private romantic dinners together and going out dancing or to sports events. Sharing experiences together both in and outside of the home will help to bring them together in a more compatible way.

Energetic Strengths ​ 

With Cancer's highly imaginative mind and Leo's passion, the romantic sky's the limit, if both are willing to do the work. These two also can deepen their love with Cancer's devotion and Leo's warm and open heart. There can be a very strong bond between them and long lasting love, but both will have to want it to make it work.

Energetic Challenges ​ 

Cancer's trust issues and inability to share their feelings may sabotage the success of the relationship. Another challenge will be Leo's self-centered nature and not thinking of Cancer's sensitive feelings. Each will need to work on personal development and let go of what holds each other back to create a lifelong bond. ​

How to Create Astrological Balance​ 

Together, these two can have a passionate romance, but may struggle to have it for keeps. Cancer's lack of self-esteem will conflict with Leo's abundance of courage. Their passion and mindset is best when used in the workforce with Leo in the lead and Cancer as a support staff.

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