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Cord Cutting For A New Beginning: Guidance from Inspired Spirit

We can be left attached to previous relationships from family, lovers, and friends who have, in many ways, could have caused us pain, negativity, depression even abusive relationships, to name a few.

If you have experienced any relationships like these, you have hopefully broken away from them.

Or have you?

You may even have cut those cords.

Or have you? 

Empaths and Narcissists 

Empaths and narcissists tend to have more cords in relationships than others. Often, these cords will cause a drain on your energy and affect your overall well-being, no matter which side you are on at the time.

Types of Empaths 

Many types of Empaths have issues with cutting cords because they want the best for the people they love, even if they are unhealthy. It's not just empaths that experience the adverse side effects of cords. It's also the people that they are attached to for various reasons. All Empaths mean well, but without proper insight and guidance into their abilities and learning appropriate boundaries, they can become energy vampires towards some.

 Emotional Empaths

Emotional empaths have the most challenging times cutting ties with toxic relationships. Being a Psychic Empath myself, I understand the challenges in releasing all that no longer serves me, including unhealthy relationships. These types of Empaths need to be continually working on clearing their own emotions and anyone they come in contact with on a daily level. In all honesty, they are the ones who most likely need assistance to ask a psychic for further help.

When you decide you need to look for the best cutting cords options for you, I am here to assist you with my psychic readings.

If you've broken free from a negative relationship and are still experiencing adverse effects, call me for my guided meditation to sever those cords from the roots. My technique is exceptionally useful in the removal of negative cords from previous relationships you've had. Not correctly cutting those cords will leave you depressed and affect your life in negative ways. You don't want those past relationships to continue to influence and even control your happiness.

For help with cutting cords, call Inspired Spirit at extension 1291. Be sure to have twenty to thirty minutes set aside for this process. Time will vary depending on how many cords need cutting.

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