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Cultivating Psychic Protection When You're Essential And Not Appreciated

If you work a job where you have to work with people in public, it is especially challenging right now. Your health and mental wellbeing are being tested continually, so you must do your best to manage whatever challenges come your way. You may be feeling overwhelmed and under-appreciated. You are not alone, as many others are feeling the same way.

It is vital to take care of your psychic energy as people will be pushing your boundaries and buttons. Here is some advice from some of our top psychics:

Practice Extreme Self-Care

What does extreme self-care look like? Extreme self-care means monitoring your mental space and physicality more than you usually would. If you have more triggers than usual, take time to re-center yourself. Every time you interact with someone, clear out your energy by imagining you are transmuting anything that doesn't belong to you. It doesn't matter if it is good energy or bad, transmute it. Keep yourself in a state of peace and calm so that others are more likely to engage with you from that mindset.

Also, make sure to rest as much as you can and bathe more than usual. Water can transmute and release negative energy. It can also help you lower your blood pressure and help you maintain proper hygiene during this pandemic.

Make Sure You Have Support

Do your coworkers or boss have your best interest at heart? How about your friends and family? Make sure you know who is supporting you during this time, even if they aren't physically around you at the moment. Having someone to come to your aid, whether it be to bend an ear or help you with a problematic person, can make all the difference in your energy and your mood.

Reach Out For Guidance

If you are feeling anxious about what is going on in your world, reach out for guidance. Guidance can take many forms. It can be a spiritual counselor you have gone to before. It can be a therapist you can work with and do telehealth with, or it can be a psychic reader who can help you clear our energy and re-balance your mind and body. Make your mental health as much as a priority as your physical health, and it will be better for you in the long-term.

Regular psychic readings can often help you stay on the right path and let you know when you need to set better boundaries with unhealthy people. They can also tap into your coworker's energy and anyone you interact with to read psychic energy around them as well. If you are going to work with real psychics, make sure to find a psychic keen on understanding energy healing, such as Reiki, to assist you.

Realize Others Toxic Behavior Has Nothing To Do With You

In fact, they may not even see you as a real person, but an extension of their own warped reality. Just be careful not to carry on those toxic feelings and energies out to others. Hurt people hurt, so take time to clear out your energy often. This is what is meant by practicing extreme self-care.

Toxic behavior can also be an indication of mental health problems that are escalating for many people right now. Find a list of resources in your area to call that help people who are struggling with these issues and may not be aware. There will usually be a few local places that deal with mental health issues that can advise you on handling specific individuals or responding to people who need the right assistance.

Transmute the Energy Around You

As beneficial it is to clear your energy, now is a time to consider transmuting the energy around you. Use the exercise of the violet flame to transmute your workspace and your coworker's workspace. This will help you as well as anyone you work with, and anyone all of you interact with. Keeping this energy clear will improve everyone's psychic energy.

Learn How To Counter Invalid Arguments

When you understand the kinds of arguments people will present, you can learn to counter them logically. This is a very powerful way you can maintain your boundaries and mental health. Take time to learn what a Red Herring or Straw Man fallacy is and refute people who are asserting ideas that are the opposite of your employer's demands.

Stand Your Ground

Don't let others try and wear you down by repeating the same nonsense. Keep right to your points, and don't let them deter you off in other directions. Toxic people love to drain your energy by keeping you running around in circular arguments that don't move the conversation forward because they want to get their way and want you to change your mind. Keep on message, and they will either back down or be escorted off the property after having a temper tantrum. Remember that their behavior is their choice and is not your responsibility.


If all of these become too much, decide whether staying in this job is worth it. It is a challenging time right now, but your mental and physical health also needs to be prioritized. If you can afford to downsize your life, moving in with family, or to take another job elsewhere, you may want to consider doing that., if need be. If these suggestions help make your life better in implementing them, keep going, and put your best foot forward with every new day. Your Angels and Spirit Guides have your back! 

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