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Enlightening Meditation Tips from Psychic Lady

I used to view meditation as a chore. I asked myself, "How will I make time to do this?"

It seemed wasteful to sit still and do nothing for minutes at a time. The first few times I tried, it was challenging after just a few minutes, and my mind kept wandering to my never-ending to-do list along with other random thoughts. I found that guided or timed meditations helped a bit, but something else was missing.

One of the first things I noticed was that I needed to change my approach. Meditation is an investment in ourselves, and I needed to understand that I was worth it. Once I switched my mindset from the belief that it was not a chore but instead a privilege, I began to look forward to the process. I gave my mind permission to be free for the next few minutes. I owed it to myself to learn the art of relaxation, be more focused, clear my thoughts, and find the best way to execute them.

Unwinding does not come easily to me, so I found myself doing a couple of extra things to help me be in the moment. Wearing a sleep mask or placing something else over my eyes—if I am meditating while the sun is still up, it is a distraction. With something covering my already closed eyes, I can clear my mind more naturally.

It's easier to block out environmental distractions as well. This next one might sound kind of silly, but it works for me—I employ visualization by picturing my mind as a bird. I imagine how it must feel to be so elevated, how pure the air must be. I envision a calm that must surpass our human understanding, but I try to anyway. Up, up I let my mind go until my surroundings begin to fade. I lose myself in the proverbial clouds.

If we let them, our brains will transport us away and let our higher minds take the wheel. Like a carrier pigeon, it always finds its way back home, usually with an important message or idea.

In today's world of instant gratification, I've learned not to expect change overnight. For me, meditation has been a process of transformation and renewal of spirit. Just like the beautiful skies that birds soar, our minds are infinite. Our only limitations are the restrictions we put on ourselves. My last tip is this—expect something extraordinary to happen.

The investment in self always pays off.


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