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Highly Intuitive Ways To Develop Clairaudience Like a Psychic

Clairaudience is the psychic skill to detect messages from the Spiritual realm that are beyond the normal hearing range. It is especially useful in communicating with Spirit Guides, Angel Guides, and other energetic beings. The focus of this ability is on hearing messages that others cannot hear themselves.

Raise Your Vibration.

Learning to communicate effectively is a great way to develop your clairaudience and raise your vibration at the same time. Learn conflict resolution skills and how to interpret nonverbal communication so you can increase the vibration of your relationships with others. Be mindful of your words and be aware of your thoughts. Allow yourself to flow with your own emotions, but use control when speaking with others in a way that is kind and also truthful.

Listen to everyday sounds.

Listen to the sounds outside your home. What do you hear on the streets throughout the day? How quiet is your neighborhood in general? What about your neighbors? What noises do you notice in your home? Tune in gently, not obsessively, and take note of what you are hearing. How does what you are hearing make you feel? Take note of that as well.

Imagine hearing in your mind the voice of someone you know.

Think of a friend, family member, or the voice of someone you admire. Imagine them offering you words of wisdom so that they can help you tune into your inner guidance. See if you can listen to what advice they may want to provide you or hear what is going on around them or in your relationship with them. Notice how their voice makes you feel.

Practice your listening skills in your daily life.

Deepen your level of listening in your conversations with other people. Listen to what is being said, what is being implied, and what is being withheld. Learning to listen to others will help you develop your clairaudience as you will grow your compassion for others and tune into higher levels of learning and unconditional love. Deep listening is about empathy, and we need a higher sense of understanding to develop clairaudience.

Use affirmations daily to develop your clairaudience.

Daily use of affirmations can increase your clairaudience ability. Write ones that are specific to hearing and tuning into particular realms. Follow up with ones that allow you to open up and receive information. You may want to strengthen this practice with self-hypnosis or creating a vision board for this ability specifically. Read psychic development books on writing affirmations.

Increase Your Clairaudience with Sound Vibration.

Practice a humming meditation as a way to channel sound and develop an ear for listening. Notice how it makes you feel as you hum and what you experience inside your body. Start listening to music that contains specific frequencies and binaural beats. Expose yourself to crystal bowl meditations in group settings with other psychics so you can experience sound vibration with others and hear their thoughts about it. Add outdoor wind chimes and place them inside or outside the home. Listen deeply to the sounds they make with the wind and exposure to movement.

Work with your throat chakra.

Clairaudience is all about communication, and we need to have a clear throat chakra to communicate effectively. Singing, humming, and visualizing blue opening up in our throat are excellent exercises to work with your throat chakra. Another simple exercise is to tilt your head up and down, so you expand your neck.

Shamanic Drumming.

Go into a trance state by drumming. Tune in to the sound of the drum and how it makes you feel. Experience the vibration and listen deeply to the tone it produces. Notice how the sound fills the room. Allow yourself to immerse yourself in the experience as it will open up your listening and hearing skills. This practice will help you tune into the voices of the past and Nature spirits.

Visualize or feel yourself tuning into a specific channel or frequency.

Channel your intuition to focus on your Spirit Guides or Angel Guides. Listen deep to hear their messages. Ask for them to speak to you and write down anything you hear or any sensations you are experiencing. Take time to commune with one at a time instead of a concert of voices. Asking to speak with one will help you differentiate who is speaking to you and how that experience differs from others.

Imagine you can hear inside the Angelic realm.

Visualize yourself hearing in the Angelic realm. Use all of your senses to tune in and focus on how the sensations affect you on every level. Ask questions as you are imagining yourself inside this realm and listen deeply for the answers. Take notes on how the experience makes you feel and what you learn.

Ask the Angels and Spirit Guides for assistance.

Ask for assistance for connecting to your clairaudience with your Angel Guides and Spirit Guides. Pray on it and write them a letter to specifically ask them what kind of guidance you would like to receive. Be open to the imagery and sounds you may hear as part of your ability opening up to you.

Develop Your Ear GPS.

Sense where the sounds you are hearing are coming from as they come to you. Are they internal or external? Do you hear on the left side or right side? Is it below or above your or circling you? Having a better idea of where sounds are coming from will help you understand how your gift works and to gain clarity on what it is you are hearing.

Claircognizance may develop at the same time.

Be aware that your ability to develop claircognizance may also rise at the same time as you focus on clairaudience. These two abilities can feel similar to each other. Still, the most significant difference is that claircognizance is more a feeling of hearing of information, whereas you will distinctly hear with clairaudience.

Work with real psychics

Psychic development is best when working with other psychics who have developed the skills you seek to grow. Regular psychic readings can help you discover if you are using the best tools for clairaudience and at what level you're currently at and how to improve. Psychic mediums can specifically help you with tapping into the spiritual realms as well as working with Angels and your ancestors. In the end, make sure you grow relationships with psychic sources that can help you nurture your abilities and give you the support you deserve. 

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