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Highly Intuitive Ways To Develop Claircognizance Like A Psychic

Claircognizance is the psychic ability to have a clear knowing without images or voices. It is not a feeling, but a direct insight that comes into a thought-form. Many creative artists, writers, and musicians use claircognizance instinctively to create their work without even knowing what they are doing.

Go out for walks in nature, clear your mind.

Observe your thoughts; for that, it is the center of claircognizance. When you are using this ability, you are an active observer without judgment. Don't try and analyze as you may misinterpret information. Take a walk to engage with nature mindfully. Let yourself be open. Nature walks are excellent for releasing any negativity and expanding ourselves in new ways to receive psychic insights.


Using a mandala as part of your meditation is an excellent tool for activating and strengthening your claircognizance. By concentrating on the mandala, you allow your mind to expand and open up your crown chakra. This activation enables you to be more aware of your thoughts and thoughts that do not belong to you. You'll be able to focus, ground, and gain clarity at the same time as bringing out this psychic gift. Transcendental meditation is another form of meditation that works well for bringing out this type of psychic ability.

Invite your Spirit Guides into your life.

Write a letter to your Spirit Guides and invite them into your life. Ask them for their help in activating this dormant ability. Reach out to them for guidance and look signs to help you know you are on the right track — Spirit Guides want to help you in your personal development. If you have trouble contacting your Spirit Guides, then reach out to a psychic keen on assisting you.

Automatic Writing

Claircognizance proliferates with the use of automatic writing. This gift is related to the more thinking side of a psychic's ability, and people who are more analytical or who need structure may grasp this ability easier than those who require more fluidity. You can practice automatic writing by writing out 1-3 pages by hand daily of your thoughts without filtering. Just allow the words to flow through you without thinking about their meaning or whether or not you are writing clear sentences. Some of it might be gibberish, but eventually, you will place yourself into a hypnotic state that will allow information to flow through you. Your claircognizance will gradually take the form of letters and words as you write with practice and patience.

Develop claircognizant awareness.

Keep a journal and take note of any aha moments you have. Claircognizance happens a lot in hindsight, so you may want to keep track of the times you have that realization and what those moments are related to in general. After a while, you will get a sense when you are having an aha moment in the actual moment.

Zener Cards

Zener cards will help you focus your awareness by allowing yourself to receive the information directly. You can practice using them by yourself and keep track of your accuracy or use them with a partner and see if other psychic abilities are giving you the information that you are seeking.

Develop and clear your Crown Chakra.

Use crystals for the crown chakra. Clear quartz crystals, Moonstone, and Kyanite, work best with your crown chakra in developing your claircognizance. Make sure you have a solid grounding stone during your growth for protection. Yoga is an excellent exercise for opening and clearing all your chakras. Rabbit Pose and the Corpse Pose work well for the crown chakra correctly.

Work out negative self-talk and fears of past experiences with claircognizance.

Sometimes this ability will get blocked due to our fears and limiting beliefs. Figure out what those are and work through them with affirmations or work with a hypnotherapist who can speak directly to your subconscious mind. Most of the time, the fears limiting us with this ability are related to concerns about the unknown. It would be best if you allowed yourself to be open and willing to learn things outside of your comfort zone for this ability to fully manifest.

Reduce and manage your stress.

Overstimulation can muddle your ability to develop and maintain claircognizance. Spend time in quiet alone and relaxing to recharge and take time off to just allow yourself to unwind. Breathe deeply and practice breathwork regularly. Make sure to eat well for your body type and exercise in a way that helps you relieve stress and be balanced.

Clairaudience may develop at the same time as this.

Be aware that your ability to develop claircognizance may also rise at the same time as you focus on clairaudience. Clairaudience is different in that you will hear noises or sounds. It will feel different since claircognizance is not directional. Claircognizance is about the receiving of thoughts.

Find mentorship with another psychic.

Look for psychic sources that can help you develop your knowledge. You can work with real psychics one-on-one with online psychic readings or in groups for psychic development. You can also read psychic development books for tips and insights. 

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