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Highly Intuitive Ways To Develop Clairsentience Like A Psychic

Clairsentience is about feeling a psychic sense of an environment and from a person or group. It can allow you to tap into events that have past as well as ones to come. It can also provide you with information that is currently happening.

Engage with your Higher Self.

To start activating your clairsentience ability, begin communing with your Higher Self. These communications will help you to learn how to trust your intuition and guide you to open up your heart chakra and your sacral chakra. You will want to have a balance between your mental and emotional states to interpret what your clairsentience is communicating to you. A combination of journaling and meditation are two useful methods to practice together for this exploration. You may even want to start learning how to be a tarot card reader between you and your higher self as a tool for self-development.


One of the best types of meditation for developing clairsentience is transcendental meditation, as it will allow you to clear and focus your mind. Once you're able to settle into this practice, you will begin to notice slight shifts that open you up into the psychic realm.

Beware of sudden shifts in mood and feeling.

Clairsentience allows us to be open to feel random emotions without a known cause, so be very aware when this is happening to you. Journal your experiences and take note of what is happening and what is around you at the time. You may be picking up on past energies or ones in your current surroundings. The more awareness you have about what you are feeling and when the more you can fine-tune and understand this wonderful gift.

Learn and practice Reiki.

Reiki relies on the sensing of energy and energy imbalances. Learning this healing practice is terrific for clairsentience as it helps in clearing out blockages and keeps this psychic ability in balance. Many psychics with clairsentience abilities will find themselves naturally attracted to this form of healing as it best serves them in how to heal themselves and how to best use their gift to improve others.

Make a crystal grid.

A crystal grid is a powerful tool that can help heal you and balance your chakras. If used with intention, it can also open up your clairsentience and strengthen your connection to this ability. Find crystals that best suit your purpose and amplify your intentions by placing clear crystal quartz in the middle. Moldavite is an excellent choice for developing clairsentience.

Sense your chakras.

As you learn and practice Reiki, become in tune with all the chakras in your body. The more grounded you are in your body, the more likely you are to develop this ability and understand what it offers you fully — practice chakra activating meditations and clear your chakras daily with the ritual that works best for you.

Balance your heart and sacral chakras.

Making sure your heart and sacral chakras are clear and balanced will help you develop clairsentience. These two chakras are essential in growing and understanding how to tap in and use this real psychic ability. Taking a long bath while listening to music can soothe and balance both these chakras at the same time. Bathing is excellent for your sacral chakra as it is associated with water. The music will awaken your heart chakra, so pick a soothing meditative sound to relax you and rejuvenate your soul when you need it.

Trust yourself.

Trust is at the heart of clairsentience because when you have confidence in your ability to sense things psychically, you will be better at the interpretation of information. You will need to exercise your belief in yourself every time you use your gifts. Write affirmations that will help you develop and build the confidence you need to succeed as a psychic and grow spiritually. A psychic's ability to believe in what they're doing is crucial to their development.

Get the sense of a room.

Start to practice your ability to sense psychically by going into a room, meditating, and seeing if you can feel what information the place gives you. Begin first with an empty room and gradually work your way up to areas with more people in them. Journal your experiences and insights notice how the environment makes you feel. Notice how others feel in the environment. Then start expanding by going into crowds and feel the energy that is there. See if you can focus on getting a broad sense of the group and then focus on one person and then move to the next. Doing this will help you learn to differentiate different emotions and thoughts coming from each person.

Practice psychometry

Although psychometry is about getting the sense from an object, it is a practice that can help you hone in and clarify your clairsentience as it deals with tapping into the vibration of feelings. Take an object and see if you can sense something from it. Write down what information comes to you. As you commune with the item, you may get sensory images, peripheral noise from the corners of your eyes, you may even hear things. Often, psychometry combines more than just clairsentience to get information from an item, but it will help you grow your ability to sense feelings more strongly.

Find other psychics developing this ability.

Growth is best explored with others on a similar journey. Read psychic development books on clairsentience and psychometry and find a group of psychics you can work with regularly on developing this skill. You can work with psychics locally or find a psychic in California or New York to assist you with your journey. 

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