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Highly Intuitive Ways To Develop Clairvoyance Like A Psychic

Clairvoyance is the ability to see images through extrasensory perception. It is the strongest of the psychic senses when fully developed.

Raise vibration.

You can raise your vibration by using a variety of methods and practices. Eating right, exercising, and sleeping well will help you to be in better tune with the Universe. Work on releasing any negative beliefs, past trauma, or bad habits will aid your psychic development.


Meditating daily will help to increase your vibration, aid your ability to focus and ground, as well as open your mind to altered states and the spiritual realm. Using a guided creative meditation will help you develop visual skills to exercise your mind's eye and allow you to experience psychic clarity and mediumship.


Amethyst, moonstone, opal, fluorite, celestite, and labradorite are all great stones to help you enhance your clairvoyance. Ulexite is especially helpful in developing the visualization skills needed for clairvoyance. You can speak with many real psychic sources about what will work best for you. Ultimately, you will want to tune into your intuition about which crystals work towards your development.

Explore your dreams.

Your dreams will give you guidance about how to develop your clairvoyance and help you bring that knowledge into your daily life. Journal your dreams and try and learn how to do inner dreamwork exercises. Lucid dreaming can be a great resource in developing your psychic abilities. Interacting with our dream worlds can enhance our ability to engage with spiritual realms and receive visual insights.

Learn to interpret imagery and symbols.

Read psychic development books and symbology. Keep a journal of the symbols and images that stand out to you and what they mean to you. Learn what they might mean to others as well. Take classes on spiritual development and how imagery has guided humans throughout time. The more knowledge you acquire, the more likely you will be able to interpret images that are given to you.

Learn and practice Reiki.

Reiki aids us in raising our vibration and also assists us in developing our psychic abilities. By learning and practicing Reiki, you will be more in tune with your body as well as others. As you experience Reiki, you may find yourself receiving more and more flashes of insight. This attunement will help your mind's eye develop so you can see more clearly the energy around you and within you. Reiki can also help you remove blockages that are impeding your growth as a psychic.

Use Zener Cards.

Zener cards assist with visualizing and interpreting. They are best practiced with a partner but can be used individually. When you use them with a partner, you may pick up on other visual imagery your partner is sending you. Learning to differentiate between an object visualization and an insight coming from a person can be a good learning lesson and teach you to really focus.

Learn and practice Tarot Cards.

Tarot cards can help you develop psychic awareness. They are not only great for inner work, but by learning how to be a tarot card reader, you can start giving psychic readings to friends and family for practice. The images and symbols on a Tarot card can help you tune into what your Spirit Guides and Angel Guides are trying to tell you as well as learn to interpret visuals from the spiritual realm in general. Keep a journal of your experiences and share them with other psychics to deepen your learning experience.

Look for Auras.

To learn to see auras, you will need to go into a trance state and relax your physical body. You may feel like you are floating when you are practicing this skill. Relax your gaze and tune into your aura when first learning this skill. Try and see if you can see your aura without moving. You may notice different and shifting colors, which is normal. Practice this daily and see if you can practice it on other people and see their aura — Journal your experiences.

Visualization Practice.

There are a couple of different visualization techniques you can practice to open up your third eye. One is to visualize a door that you can open and close and imagine the energy on the other side. The benefit of this is that you will learn how to turn your clairvoyance on and off. You can also imagine the intensity growing or lessening when you open and close the door, which can help you to control your ability. Another technique you can use is visualizing a flower opening and closing. This is another one that enables you to expand and contract the power within your mind's eye.

Develop Your Peripheral Vision

If you see any flashes or movement on the side of your vision, then you may be picking up on spirits or angels trying to communicate with you visually. Take note when you see these flashes and how the experience makes you feel. Notice any direct thoughts you experience as a result of seeing these flashes. These types of experiences often lead to developing other types of psychic abilities, such as direct channeling through visual imagery.

Clear out psychic blocks or fears you may have related to clairvoyance.

You can clear out psychic blocks by practicing Reiki or have a psychic perform an energy healing session. Some of the best releasing of blocks is through deep inner work where you dig into your emotions and past trauma specific to blocking you from developing your clairvoyance. Work through your fears through journaling and even counseling. You may consider working with a hypnotherapist who can speak directly to your subconscious mind if the blockage is hidden.

Practice a Blind Reading.

An excellent way to develop your clairvoyance is to do a reading without using any tools. Tools will help you build your mind's eye and your ability to tune in and interpret, but ultimately, no tools reading will reveal where you are at developmentally. Listen to any feedback you receive and work on your weak areas with help from a psychic mentor.


Find a psychic keen on helping you develop your clairvoyance with regular online psychic readings or in-person get-togethers. They can offer you insights and encouragement on your journey to become a psychic. 

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