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How To Attract (Or Repel) Each of the Zodiac Signs

Regardless of whether your signs are compatible, there are ways to both attract and repel each of the zodiac signs.

Keeping and maintaining someone's interest when you are dating them isn't always easy, so it is essential to know ways you may make the relationship more enjoyable and prevent them from losing interest in you. The more you know, the more you can adapt your dating strategy.

Why would you want to repel someone? Attraction isn't just physical or about sex, but emotional and spiritual attraction as well. Not everyone is a perfect fit for us. Also, sometimes it isn't purposeful to push away someone we're interested in dating. Some astrological signs do have a hard time understanding the word no when you aren't interested, so it's good to have options to help them along the way.


To attract an Aries, the pacing is vital for this zodiac sign. Too fast and they may lose interest, and too slow they may become frustrated. Communication is critical, and allowing them to take the lead on how the relationship may unfold can help keep an Aries interested.

If you're showing signs of low energy or disinterest, this will help the Aries think they can invest their time and energy into better things and other people. Make sure you can keep up with them, or else Aries will find a partner who will.


What are your home-keeping skills like? Is your place a comfortable place to be, and how much of a good cook are you these days? Taurus is attracted to someone who keeps and maintains a loving environment in their home. They want to feel they can relax with a person who is a partner and that taking care of the family homestead is where your physical passion lies.

Don't ever make a Taurus feel like their dreams are too small or that their beliefs are not worthy of discussing. The one thing that will repel a Taurus is not having their ideas validated and supported no matter how outlandish they may be. They may want to live at home, but they want to dream big. Help them feel inspired, and a Taurus will be attracted to you.


If you're willing to go along for the ride and accept a Gemini in all that they are, then you will have a successful pairing with them. They love to expand their horizons and be open with another person who is attracted to them and their life and ideas. Geminis flourish when they feel you are a partner that is not judging them for being who they are.

What they hate is someone that is too structured and rigid. If you plan to punish them for their personality and randomness, you better invest your time elsewhere because this pairing with a Gemini won't last long. Geminis need companions that are willing to listen and adapt to them, not ones that are forcing them to conform to your way of being.


Cancer's need to feel secure. If you can make them feel comfortable in themselves and your relationship with them, you can keep them happy, and they will stay attracted to you. Just being a patient partner with loving them is the golden rule.

However, if you are too secure in yourself, a Cancer may lose interest in you. They can't handle being with someone who is filled with confidence if they haven't done their shadow work yet, so be mindful. They also can't take an inflated ego either. They find humility attractive.


If you want to appeal to a Leo, you need to appeal to their vanity. After all, Leos like to think they are the king or queen in any relationship.

Your inner beauty is just as important as your outer beauty. Make sure your appearance is top-notch, and share your love and appreciation of beauty, sex, and life in all physical forms with them, and they will fall for you and create a successful bond that feels like heaven on earth.

But, the moment you stop taking care of your beauty and yourself, they will begin to lose interest in you as a partner. It may happen slowly or vary dramatically depending on what is going on with your appearance and how gracefully you handle it with the fall. However, you do want to make sure you want to be with them for the long haul.


Virgos crave orderliness and routines. They thrive in it! Allow them to set their schedules and have you abide by them keeps them happy, and that respect will return to you in kind. They love a partner who appreciates social etiquette and being treated with respect and politeness, so keep this in mind as well. They are attracted to kindness.

But if you feel the need to criticize them and their ways of being, think again. Virgos will not react well to this and may run and hide from you being the hermits they already are in life. They also dislike spontaneity, so don't show up for a surprise visit. It may get the door slammed in your face.


Libra's love language is one of the romantic gestures and honest expressions of love towards them. If you can woo them this way, authentically, they will stay with you for a long time. They desire thoughtful moments and quality time together.

What detaches them from you is too much self-absorption and being too blunt. They appreciate honesty, but it needs to be wrapped with kindness and warmth. Libra's are perhaps one of the most friendly zodiac signs, so if you come off as unsociable towards them, they will not want to engage with you.


When a Scorpio is in a romantic relationship with you, they go all in and expect the same in return for your attraction. You can quickly become enraptured with passion in their presence when you become a willing partner. They love it when you love and appreciate their sense of mystery and intellectual curiosity as well.

But, betray them in any way and YIKES. They turn from hot-blooded towards you to cold as ice in the flash of seconds. Scorpios are a water sign that burns like fire. You may be attracted to them and have an intense relationship with this zodiac sign, so be mindful and tread carefully. They can make a relationship hell on earth.


If it's one thing that a Sagittarius hates, it's being tied down. Trying to make a relationship work with this zodiac sign may cause you heartache if you aren't open to allowing them to run free and wild. Be honest with yourself and your Sagittarius partner, and you may have a decent shot at something, whatever that ends up being defined as.

Don't expect too much from them and respect their independence. Allowing them to be as they are will keep them attracted to you as a partner to a certain extent.


Capricorns are the most traditional of the zodiac signs. They appreciate the way things should be, but not necessarily as they are. Old-fashioned to them is not a turn-off but an aspiration for this astrology sign. If you're filled with class and grace, they will find themselves very fond of you.

If you're a bit curt in your discussions with people and don't believe in classism, this sign may not be for you. Being too liberally-minded tends to be a massive no-no for them. They are the least progressive out of the zodiac signs.


If intellectual engagement is your thing, then the Aquarius will be drawn to you naturally. They love to talk about their ideas and philosophies, so if you engage in conversations with them about it, you will have their heart and mind instantly. Just make sure you can keep up with the level of discussion with this partner and be authentic in your own beliefs. Aquarius will sense if you are being dishonest with them and won't like it otherwise.

However, if you become unsupportive of what they put their heart and soul into thinking about the meaning of life and disagree with them too much, this zodiac sign will pull away from you and pull you back into their dreamy self.


Perhaps the most loving of the zodiac signs is the Pisces. Pisces are compatible with every sign to a certain extent. This zodiac sign can be happy in any relationship as long as you give them an ounce of sympathy and aren't rude to them or others.

The truth is that Pisces will draw themselves toward people who might be toxic for them no matter what because of their forgiving nature.


Each of the zodiac signs has appealing characteristics that draw each other to them, but some can be easily offended or withdrawn if you trigger them with negative emotional behaviors. You can do further investigation to find compatibility according to your zodiac sign. If you want a loving relationship, be your best self and treat your person of interest with love and respect. 

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