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How To Understand Your Life Path with The Help of a Real Psychic

In Numerology, your life path is calculated by reducing your birthdate down to a single number. Take, for instance, Marianne Williamson, who was born on July 8, 1952, if you add her birthdate together like this: 7+8+1+9+5+2=32. Then, add 3+2 to lead you to the final number, which is 5. Her life path number is 5. A person with a life path of 5 is adventurous and a big dreamer. They also need to overcome many challenges and will eventually take an unexpected track from the one they were previously and from which they may have minimal experience in doing. They have to take a profound leap of faith and are free-spirited. Doesn't that sound like Marianne Williamson?

When you find your life path number, you will now be able to understand the personality traits and skills you are meant to possess. It will also help you to understand any obstacles you are intended to overcome and the shape of your destiny. Keep in mind that there are some exceptions when it comes to adding up your life path numbers. Master Numbers like 11 and 22 should never be reduced but added as a whole. Say, for instance, if your birthdate is January 22, 1980, then it should be added as 1+22+1+9+8+0. The sum would be 4+1 and then 4+1 would lead you to a life path of 5.

Life Path 1

A person with a life path of 1 is a natural-born leader. You may be drawn to innovation and creativity as a way to create your path. You are independent and fearless, but will struggle with ego issues and may demand too much from others. When it comes to anything you want out of life, you will have the determination to get it done no matter the costs.

Life Path 2

A person with a life path of 2 is a gentle and loving spirit. You may be sensitive and seek balance in your work and relationships. Building a community is one of your strengths, as is your ability to listen. Because you do not wish conflict, you will tend to not speak up for yourself. You are sincere and honest with people except when it comes to your own needs, as you tend to be self-sacrificing in nature.

Life Path 3

A person with the life path of 3 is someone who lives life to the fullest. You are the ultimate optimist, and you don't hide it. Your charm lures people in and makes others feel comfortable and easy around you. You are good at expressing yourself and are relatively easy going. You can be a good listener, and you have empathy for others. In life, though, you feel personally lost at times and lack a sense of direction.

Life Path 4

A person with a life path of 4 is hard-working and very organized. You are a builder, a worker, and you enjoy living an ordinary life. You take pleasure in cerebral pursuits and have a strong sense of righteousness. When it comes to relationships, you are loyal, and your inner circle is reliable but stable. In daily life, you are very practical, but sometimes you lack tact in social situations.

Life Path 5

A person with a life path of 5 is a free spirit. You enjoy your freedom and embrace change. Adventure is a part of your nature, and you inspire others to want more out of life. You are fantastic at motivating people and enjoy learning new things. You are not built to endure regular routines and prefer to shake things up from time to time. You may find yourself changing careers multiple times in your life or having strings of relationships as you dislike being tied down.

Life Path 6

A person with a life path of 6 is the ultimate nurturer. You believe that life is about harmony in both work and home. You love to be of service to others and thrive when you are at the center of a family. You are warm and compassionate and make a great stay-at-home parent. The struggle you face in life will be the balance between helping others and meddling in other people's lives.

Life Path 7

A person with a life path of 7 is a thinker. You are very cerebral and appreciate wisdom in all aspects of your life. You are most comfortable by yourself and prefer a life of solitude. You may even be very spiritual or driven to unusual scientific exploration and pursuits. Others may view you as eccentric.

Life Path 8

A person with a life path of 8 is very driven towards success. You are very goal-oriented and would do well in business and financial pursuits. You seek lessons in opportunity and have a passion for the material gains of this world. Balance for you is a struggle as you are so hard-working that you may neglect your private life.

Life Path 9

A person with a life path of 9 is a humanitarian at heart. You are idealistic and have compassion for others. Because of your natural tendency to want to help others, you can be scattered in your personal life in various ways. You are friendly and give freely of your time and resources. This life path is full of obstacles but can be overcome as a lot of power to heal with this life path.

Many psychics offer numerology services and can help you explore all the different ways numbers affect the sum of who you are. Seek out real psychics who provide online psychic readings for further insights. Not all psychic sources are the same, but if you do your research, you will find a psychic keen on helping you with the right qualifications. 

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