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Identifying and Ending a Toxic Relationship: Insights from Psychic Pomba Gira

Hi, I am Psychic Pomba Gira, from Meet Your Psychic, and I want to advise members on how to end a Toxic Relationship.

First, we must identify what a toxic relationship is. Toxic relationships are relationships that take away from our sense of inner peace, security, and stability. Let's go into depth so that we can identify it a relationship is toxic, and if so, how we should end it.

Our inner peace is vital. Your partner usually would add to your peace of mind, but in a toxic relationship, the partner will tend to cause disharmony. You will find yourself constantly agitated or anxious, wondering if "today was a good day," and how will the next day go. There is a feeling of restlessness. You are never at peace because your partner does not provide you with security, our next subject.

Security is the key for growth in all connections. Usually, in toxic relationships, your partner makes you feel very insecure. You are continuously wondering if you are good enough for this person. You feel as if they are not interested in listening to your feelings, which is essential for emotional bonding. There is also a lack of trust, which makes you feel uneasy and unsafe within the relationship.

Stability, in a relationship, consists of peace and security. Without these aspects, a connection cannot be stable. You will find yourself always walking on eggshells, afraid to express your feelings. in fear of a breakup or argument. This can cause you to no more extended feel at peace, as your happiness is sacrificed for the comfort of a seemingly unconcerned partner. This is when it is time to end the relationship.

Ending a toxic relationship is easy, once we learn precisely what is keeping us attached to the connection in the first place. Usually, it is ego or lack of self-love. Ego can be the feeling that a breakup represents failure, as having put so much time and energy in a relationship without any reward can be disappointing. However, understand that the reason the association was fruitless was due to the lack of effort from your partner- not yourself.

Ego can also be the feeling of wanting them to finally care or feel sorry for not seeing your worth, which moves us to the topic of self-love. When you love yourself, you will realize that you do not need to go out of your way to convince someone else why you are worth loving. You also will recognize that your inner peace, security, and stability are not worth sacrificing in order to maintain a relationship. You will no longer find yourself interested in one-sided connections.

After realizing that you are in a toxic relationship and why you have been for so long, it is easier to end the relationship and move on to something healthier. Your self-love overrides your ego. You no longer feel tied to the history between you and your personality. You do not worry about who they will go to next, because your only focus is your inner peace, security, and stability- not a failure, ego, competition, etc.

You will find it refreshing to let them know that you are choosing your love over their lack of respect. Toxic relationships begin when a partner consistently wants themselves first, but ironically, that is also how they end. You simply end the connection by choosing YOU, first, to someone who has always chosen themselves, first. You have given so much energy, time, and emotion to another, and now it is time to give that back to yourself. Remove seeds of pride, doubt, insecurity, and plant seeds of deservingness, strength, and healing.


Psychic Pomba Gira

Pomba Gira has been doing professional work as a psychic reader and tarot card reader for over 3 years. During your psychic readings with her, you are free to discuss a variety of subjects such as love and relationships, career, and spiritual guidance, to name a few. She is a psychic keen on helping others with their self-healing journey and offers clarity. 

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