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Ignite New Moon Intentions with Psychic Magical

As the New Moon comes, this is a pivotal time to settle down with a cup of tea, a candle, and a nice notebook. Look back over the last month.

Ask yourself this question so you can bring about positive change in your life: 

What do you want to change or bring in with the coming full moon? 

Take your time. Your space should be quiet and clutter-free. Even a nice warm bath with soothing music playing in the background can help your mind focus. Breathing deep and intentional and letting it out slow at least five times before writing will help you center yourself. Breathing and writing are energies, so he sure to be in a loving worry-free zone and internally calm, then write your intentions for the new moon to help you create.

Take advantage of a full moon cleansing by reflecting on how you want to go about manifesting your desires. Do you want to start with manifesting love in your life? Define manifestation for you while you pause and reflect.

Remember manifesting takes time. With each moon phase, you can attract or dispel what it is or isn't serving you and your life.

Remember, this is an intention, so once you know and write it down, start finding little ways to make it come true.

Remember to concentrate on yourself alone and be careful to come from a loving place, so you don't attract negative karma. 

We can change ourselves alone. Others may or may not follow.

With the New Moon, start a new phase of your life or change an old one! Let go of what no longer serves you and what you no longer serve. New moon manifesting is an exciting way to transform your life.

For example, I can be 30 pounds lighter in a short amount of time naturally and healthy. Then join a gym or start a home routine online exercising only a few minutes a day.

Another example, I will learn to play an instrument. I will stay lessons or pick up something I once started to play, and this time I'll put more effort into it.

Doubt is a universal deal-breaker, so be confident and stay positive and focused, and the moon will work with you and your intentions!

We ebb and flow like the tide with the moon, and our bodies are made of 90 percent water. Use the lunar phases to your advantage and tune into the flow of the Universe. We can really use the power of the moon to give our intentions a boost monthly!

Try it! Let me know how it goes.

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