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Let’s Keep It About Love and Karma : Advice from Psychic Shira

Bright Greetings,

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All too often, in a psychic reading after a breakup or a bitter end to a problematic relationship, the question that I get asked is, "Will Karma catch up with them?" or "What will happen to them for hurting me?" Asking if something terrible will happen to someone for what they have done to you or someone else is a highly toxic emotion. It only delays in YOUR healing process. It is not your place to know the consequences coming their way. All too often, my guides and spiritual support team will ask that the reading be redirected rather than appease the energy of revenge and hatred. As long as you are still emotionally engaged with someone, primarily through anger, rage, or hate, you are still in that relationship.

It is absolutely critical that you LET GO and do what you can to move forward. Hanging onto a hateful attitude is like drinking poison when you give yourself over to revenge, it harms you, not the person you are hating. I understand entirely, though, when someone hurts or harms you, failing to demonstrate any remorse or even taking a perverse pleasure in having hurt you, it is challenging to let go and move forward. If this is a litigation issue, leave it to the professionals as much as possible, and move towards your own healing (or that of someone that you love that has been harmed). I do not share this lightly, my friends, as I have had challenging circumstances in my own family life, where I had to forgive for the sake of my families' healing. Relationships were permanently severed, but we were able to have that conversation of forgiveness and move forward and heal.

One of the things that get a Spiritual thumbs down in my work (and this from my Guides, Angels, and Ancestors!), is asking about the timelines for manipulative or vindictive reasons. In my practice as a real psychic reader, I do keep it about love, patience, understanding, empathy, personal growth, compassion, kindness, truth, and always honesty.

Compassionate honesty coming from a place of the best and highest good for all concerned in a situation.

I have found that the way energy expands and contracts will release things at just the right timing and moment when whatever it is being revealed is meant to teach, inspire, or validate in some way.

A while ago, I purchased succulent plants for a terrarium container, the colloquial name "campfire," the Crassula Capitella. I have always had a green thumb and been able to grow anything quickly. Succulents are some of my favorites! I planted two plants in the same terrarium, leaving space for expansion and movement. I placed them in a warm and sunny spot, told them I loved them, offered them Reiki to help them settle in nicely, and dropped in a couple of ice cubes to slowly water them (you do this with orchids as well).

When I planted them, the primary vertical column of each plant was growing in opposite directions. Three days later, they were practically embracing one another, winding comfortably around each other, and looking very healthy.

You and I can learn a great deal from nature, for when you take manipulation out of the equation, beautiful and magical things do happen.

Asking for the timelines for other people, especially to ease your anxiety over a situation, needs to have a DO NOT ENTER sign preceding it. You have enough in managing and taking care of your life, and in being self-regulating. Looking at timelines for seeing when someone is going to jail, getting engaged, breaking up, losing their job, end of life, or coming from any negative tangent regarding someone outside yourself, is Spiritually indictable. The motive? Manipulation, revenge, anger, or wanting to give a consequence a belligerent shove in the direction you feel things should move.

Let your life represent love, honor, and self-regulation! Stop looking at others, and start looking at yourself. Think of missed opportunities that are all around you, if your eyes and intention are focused on someone outside yourself, you are missing the gifts that Divine Energy has placed around you. The consequence of inserting yourself into another's situation is that it can boomerang back to you, with you being the object of another's focus.

The idea of having your life dissected for all to see is uncomfortable, to say the least!

Healing takes time, so offer yourself love and compassion, and the grace to heal at your own pace. There is no precise timeline for healing. Hanging onto the need to know that someone will be demolished or destroyed is very toxic to you. You may not get the closure or see the remorse that you want or need to do what you can to transform these feelings into empowerment in your life.

Seek the help of a good counselor or therapist to help you resolve your feelings. Use this in your life to cultivate empathy, generosity, and kindness for people that are hurting. Turn this experience towards something that will help heal others if you can, for you have a great deal more to offer now. It is similar to drug and addiction counselors being in sobriety having walked the rocky road and emerging stronger and wiser in their new life.

Rise to the best version of yourself, and when praying or meditating, remember to ask for your best and highest good. Having the practice of daily gratitude and forgiveness will evolve your soul more quickly. Ask your Angels for support in moving forward.

You are creating Karma, both negative and positive, every day with your thoughts, actions, and feelings. Karma in Sanskrit means to act; you and I have assigned the negative connotation.

Reside in love always and see the miracles in your life unfold before your eyes.

In Divine Truth and Love,

Psychic Shira

I do offer tarot readings for love, but I can also provide you insights into your life's purpose, tap into past karmic lessons from your past lives that have traveled into this one, and guide you on the best crystals for you and your unique challenges. I am here for you to heal and an excellent psychic keen on helping you with a psychic online reading. 

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