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Messages from Spirit Guides : Insights from Psychic Intuitive

Spirit guides are souls that have reached peak maturity. They help guide you through life, especially difficult or trying times. They plant a thought in your mind, which you interpret with your feelings. This is where your intuition comes in-- that niggling feeling in your gut when you just feel something is up.

So, have you ever wondered if you have a natural ability or gift to communicate with your spirit guides? The good news is- everyone has the power! Your spirit guides are constantly giving you signs, and you may not even know!

Here are the three most prominent signs that your guides are trying to send you a message.

1. Your ears frequently ring. Have you ever been driving down the road or sitting in your room, and suddenly your ears are ringing? You know, that high-pitched tone? That is the most significant sign that your spirit guides want you to pay attention.

2. You see repetitive numbers. You check the clock in the morning, it's 10:11, and then you recheck the clock randomly, and it's 1:11. Or 11:11. It's not in your head; it's happening for a reason!

3. Repetitive dreams. Yes, that's right. That "weird" dream you keep having? It means something. You have to try and put the pieces together, and then you will know your path. It's incredible what our guides can teach us!

So please don't ignore your feelings and intuition because they are trying to send you messages! The best thing to do when interpreting these messages is to pay attention to how you feel and what is going on around you when these signs happen.

For help decoding these messages, or help with communicating with your guides, give me a call!


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