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Metaphysically Responsible or Meddling, Paranormal Guidelines: Inspirations from Psychic Shira

Bright Greetings,

Welcome to my new and returning readers. Thank you for liking, sharing, and subscribing. It is a joy connecting with you. If you would like to contact me, I am at extension 1093.

Since my twenties, I have been doing paranormal investigations, and I have learned a tremendous amount in the past 40 years.

Technology has made investigations more accessible for many that might not have delved into ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication). When I started, I used my mediumship to connect and communicate, doing home and property cleansings on some historically haunted sites. I now have ITC that I utilize as well as being an active member of several paranormal groups.

ITC is usually in the form of an app or device that digitally makes it easy for spirits or paranormal to communicate with you. Spirits can access the electrical system and, with PK activity (Psychokinesis), move objects, flashlights, or turn tv/stereo on and off. This is usually motivated by an emotional response to someone residing in the house, basically piggybacking off fear, anger, and lower state emotions.

Halloween is coming, and you may find yourself eager to connect to the people you know and loved ones that have crossed. The veil between the living and the dead is thinnest on October 31st, and well-meaning families look to receive the validation that their loved ones are still with them.

PORTALS: A portal is simply a gateway to another plane of existence, or if you will, a doorway. Anytime that you and I open a doorway to other realms, we are opening it to everyone or everything that wants to enter unless you do the following!


1. Before you open the door, meditate and raise YOUR vibration: The laws of attraction work in all of the multiverse! If you are looking for spooky ghosts, and have a lower "I want to be afraid" vibration, that is precisely what you will find. Raise your vibration to unconditional love, and please do ask for assistance from your guardians, guides, angels, ancestors, and allies (including animals).

2. Go into the investigation or communication with the right people: The right people come in love and light. If you have someone with you that is angry or uses the mechanism of provocation, do not include them. This leads us to the third guideline.

3. Respect: Please be respectful with spiritual energy. The multiverse is much more vast than you can imagine. Have a healthy respect, say please, thank you, and use your manners. In my work, I introduce myself and say that I come as a friend in love and light, wanting to give them an opportunity to speak and share.

4. Not all that comes through have been human: I have had many communications with angels, guides, and guardians (and other beings!). It becomes critical to be with someone that can discern between positive and negative energy. Dark and negative energies can appear in the form of something as innocent as a child. You have, at this point, already called in protection or perhaps is wearing an icon like a crucifix. Any energy that wants you to drop your shields is not positive.

5. Spirit Boards: Also called Ouija and Witch Boards. Spirit Boards is not one iota like you see in thriller movies! Greatly overdramatized! If you are going to use a Spirit Board, please make sure that before use, that you bless it with a mixture of mugwort, vervain, and holy water. I place mine in a spray bottle and designate it ONLY for the purposes of higher vibrational spirit communications.

Somewhere on the board, write, "Only love here, all that use this board are protected from harm." ( I use an indelible marker) It is not uncommon the first few times of using one to have very little activity. This is normal, as not all spirits like using the spirit board. If you are at all afraid, please do not participate. Should you opt to use a Spirit Board, please remember to say GOODBYE at the end of your time. Store the planchette separately from the board.

Once you have started a Spirit Board session, you and the other participants must keep your fingers on the planchette until you have said GOODBYE. Never use the board if you are tired, angry, and feeling out-of-sorts. Only when you are positive, energized, and will attract positive energy.

6. Negative Energy: Even with all the prayers, meditation, and loving energy, you might encounter a negative entity. Its goal, if any, is to scare you and to feed off your fear.

In the event that you do encounter something negative, remember... YOU HAVE CALLED IN YOUR ANGELS AND SPIRITUAL CREW FOR PROTECTION. Trust these relationship and say the words, "leave this space. You are not welcome. I am not afraid." If you want to say a prayer, you can do that as well. The idea is to keep your vibration high. In the encounters I have had with the negative, I simply say, "I am not afraid, you are to leave me & all I love alone throughout all time and space, known and unknown. Return to your realm."

7. Pendulums and Dowsing Rods: I use these in investigations as well. Dowsing Rods are great for yes or no answers, as well as offering directional cues. Pendulums are very helpful in determining the level of energy you are connecting with (think of a burner on your range, simmer/low/medium/high). You can also locate natural portals or vortexes with a pendulum. You are not opening it; you are merely mapping where it is geographically.

8. Trigger Objects: A Trigger Object is an item that invites a ghost or spirit's interaction. Let's say you want to connect with a spirit from the early 1900s. You would use something from that era, or if you want to communicate with your mother or father, use an item that was near and dear to them. Jewelry, like wedding rings, are especially helpful.

9. Ghost Hunting Apps: Everyone has seen the ghost hunting apps for their android or ios. Some are better than others. Be sure that you research the creators of the app prior to the purchase. If you would like suggestions or acquire the favorites on my list, I am happy to offer them to you in a private session. I cannot list it here due to guidelines for promotion. The apps that I use and suggest I have no promotional connection or monetary gain from the referral.

10. Scrying: Scrying is the act of connecting to the spiritual multiverse through a Scrying Mirror or through water. A scrying mirror is traditionally made of obsidian and is convex. Images will come through, and it is not a means for verbal communication (unless you have a spirit box going simultaneously). Please use the same safety precautions as detailed in Spirit Boards. Scrying is a highly effective means for seeing the other side. Remember to take pictures to document!

IN CLOSING: I have connected and cultivated relationships within the Spirit Realm for many years. My earliest recollection is being a young girl and having spirits around my bed wanting to communicate with me or relay messages to their loved ones. Thankfully, my grandmother was there to guide me through the process, teaching me how to set protective boundaries. She told me early on that you control your gift, or your gift controls you. I cannot imagine my life without the relationships with my Spiritual Crew, who have been there offering me loving reassurance just at the moment I needed it.

Please call me if I can be of support to you in venturing forward into paranormal and metaphysical matters. Let's stay in the light and stay safe.

I love you, and I believe in you.

In Divine Truth and Love,

Psychic Shira 

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