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Negative Energy (Why We get it How to Clear it)

Okay so let's discuss this a bit; negative energy is like nasty thick oil or thick fog. I prefer thick fog because it prevents you from seeing anything but the blackness; it blinds you completely. It literally overtakes one. It also makes you feel sick; have you ever been too close to smoke and breathed it in; disgusting! Negative energy is like that; Thick negative black smoke.

How does one get negative energy? Well negative energy is transmitted; like a disease now the way it's transmitted is different; Usually by the tone of a person, for example I'll use my own mother; I love her don't misunderstand me, but she has a way of every-time I'm on the phone draining me unless; we talk about nonsense!

What I mean is if the conversation becomes too serious she wants to be included in every single decision I take and know every email I send out and that drains me! I hang up exhausted after telling her NO about ten times and I'm ready for a nap. She has completely zapped me of my energy and now I'm in a bad mood!

She has transmitted her negative energy; over the phone to me; and now my aura is contaminated, this is one way that negative energy is transmitted. So before I go into discussing how to clear this toxic energy, I'd like to discuss other methods of how it's transmitted.

The second one is when you are so stressed out by your own problems you have shifted your own energy; now your energy is no longer positive because you are not in a positive state of mind; that's the second way one gets negative energy. The third way one gets negative energy is the most common; you are around others who are negative who drain you continuously; how? Okay let's assume you finished work and you just got home and your brother says to you something like; "Do you think you could slam the door a little harder! I'm trying to watch TV here!" You then quietly go to the kitchen and there is no food you can't make for dinner. You ask him if anyone went to the market and he says laughing! You have money! Go to the market!"

You sigh and see that no one cares that you're tired or hungry so you go to the market come back and your mom shouts at you! "WHAT THE HELL IS ALL THAT CRAP!!! I said I wanted Vanilla Ice Cream not chocolate! Then she takes your sandwich which you just bought and eats it. You stare at her and tell her that was for you, and she smiles and says go find something else to eat! Those people are negative and they are sending you negative energy and you become depressed and withdrawn; Negative energy is like a virus one can easily transmit it to another person who catches it and passes it on!

Now let's move on to how to avoid catching it or rather the protection from those who carry the virus we call negative energy; first imagine you have this shining protection around you as if the light of the sun is hugging you and with the light that surrounds your body so does a shield of love and protection against any negativity; like a psychic wall blocking out any negative forces and toxic energy.

Now you have your shield, lets also be a bit more balanced, when we feel stressed our chakras become exposed to the negativity and they become out of whack!

So step two this is not mandatory but it does help one a lot; carry on your body or in your pocket a crystal charged with your energy now I prefer one around my neck; even chakra beads will assist in restoring balance to your body; make sure that you charge them before wearing them, each stones is unique and especially designed to assist you in being more at peace, so you can leave them on your window sill for 24 hours allowing the rays of the sun to charge them and the moonbeams to cleanse them; now you should keep these chakra beads on your body where they can pick up your energy; after you are done with wearing them put them in a safe place for the night.

Meditation also is a wonderful way to clear away any toxic energy; it cleans all of our inside; kind of like taking out the trash in our soul, imagine all those useless thoughts that just take up space and bring no joy or enlightenment into our universe; all they do is add stress and worry to our world and make us feel insecure and doubtful; when we meditate we are like garbage men who go inside ourselves find the useless thoughts and put them into a garbage bag and throw them out then clean out our insides by replacing those toxic thoughts with positive ones; and by breathing and relaxation techniques; This is how we re-balance ourselves and re-establish harmony again with all our inside and that reflects on the outside; when we are completely at peace on the inside with ourselves, it shows on the outside.

Why? Well because when we are at peace with who we are and with what we want out of our lives even with which direction we are to take our lives; we have confidence that no matter what happens things will work out. This is why meditation is so important; it allows us to have that talk with ourselves; that spiritual time with our soul and the soul is that ancient wisdom that has lived countless lives before you were born; it understands far more wisdom that you ever will; why? Because it's been around before you and before the Earth was ever created; your soul is an energy that has seen things that it can only explain to you through meditation; once you raise your cosmic energy to that high frequency then you can tap into its eternal wisdom.

Now Negative energy cannot penetrate the Sun; what does this mean? A shadow can not live in the light for a shadow needs darkness in order to survive and spread it's darkness. What this means is Positive energy is a force like the sun; imagine you are a torch that holds a flame; this flame never goes out, and hence you light the way for strangers you illuminate those who are uninspired and you allow life to happen and beauty to be seen; how can you do all this yourself?

An eternal torch does not care if shadows are nearby; it will still hold it's flame proudly, an eternal torch does not understand others are negative and do not believe in it's light; it still will shine regardless of who believes in him or her. An eternal torch is dutiful and works to ensure that others see what they could not if the light were out. An eternal torch does not care if monsters creep up to it and laugh at it; it still shines and knows that it must for all it's lifetime shine and it knows that beauty is the result for an eternal torch is usually found in a cavern surrounded by gods and kings and gold and treasures, and an eternal torch reveals these things to only those who have the wisdom to open their hearts and see it not their eyes for once the heart is open the eye will see through a magical viewer not through your human eyes this eye will blind you deceive you and make you feel as though you are mad!

Trust your soul and know what it whispers are lessons from the past from lives and experiences that it already has lived; now it shares this with you.

This is how we protect ourselves from negative energy; remember to always be the eternal torch and shine! No negativity will be able to put your light out!

For the eternal torch has eternal love and eternal protection from angels, kings and gods. So do all of you! 

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