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Numerology : Life Path 2

If you are a Life Path 2, then you are a DIPLOMAT. The theme of your life is duality and being able to make peace in any situation. You specialize in creating harmony.

As your life path unfolds, you will help guide others on how to be more diplomatic in their relationships. People who are hot-headed and prone to anger may be drawn to you in order to learn by your example.

The harmony you create can be a strength as well as your greatest weakness. Avoidance is the gloomy theme of this life path as you dislike conflict and may go to great lengths to avoid it. As a result, you will find yourself drawn to people who demonstrate leadership skills and confidence to help you manifest your power within. 

Personality of a Life Path 2 

It's no secret that you are well-liked. It's your good humor that makes you fun to be around, but your overly-sensitive nature can be your downfall in relationships. Sometimes you may overreact to situations that you feel are not in your favor, and you tend to think people are out to get you. Instead of trying to resolve these internal and external conflicts, you either repress them in the hopes they go away.

Life Lessons of a Life Path 2 

Your most important life lesson is learning to harness your inner strength. You are very wise and can make practical decisions that lead to success, but you must trust yourself and allow your power to stand firm. You are more powerful than you realize. Although you may find strength in the examples that others set for you, trust your instincts. Your intuition is vital and often right.

Compatibility for a Life Path 2 

When it comes to compatible life path numbers for a Life Path 2, your most substantial connection will always be with a Life Path 8. A Life Path 8 is the CEO of MANIFESTING. They are highly driven, ambitious, and bring the action to life. Because of your strong organization and diplomacy skills, you two make a decisive match in either business or personal relationships.

A Life Path 6 and a Life Path 9 also make good companions for you. 6's are the NURTURER of the paths in numerology. They will help nurture you and support you during your high and low points along your soul's journey. 9's are the HUMANITARIAN, so they will compliment your need for peace and work with you in anything you want in life, especially when it comes to a lifelong companionship based on ideals and shared values.

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