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Sun Sign Compatibility  

These two Sun signs share a lot of affection and romance between them. Chemistry should be clear from the start as well as a strong foundation for friendship. Over time, these two become heavily devoted to one another.

When they do decide to cohabitation, their home will become a haven for them. Greens and shades of white will stream throughout the house with sturdy, traditional furniture. It will be warm, nurturing and have a good sense of flow. Some of the decor will seem artistic and chaotic, but Cancer will view Pisces' choices as highly imaginative and empathic.

Modality Compatibility  

Pisces mutable energy flexes well with the cardinal energy of the Cancer. There is enough ebb and flow here for them to adapt and change, when needed. These two make exceptional and loving parents and offer a nurturing home to any children they choose to have. They are even great with having extended family members live with them from time to time.

Element Compatibility ​ 

These two Water signs flow well together. With deep understanding of each other's emotional strengths and weaknesses, they tend to be able to handle challenges well in their relationship. Outer obstacles will tend to be the issue these two must endure since their relationship has little challenges of its own. These two will have the strength and support together to overcome odds as it is part of their karmic lesson in their union.

Energetic Strengths ​ 

Empathy and curiosity are some of many strengths these two share together as a couple. Over time, these two will complete each other's thoughts and sentences due to their intuitive link to each other, but they will still hold space to continually learn and grow together. As they grow, they will make time for each other with date nights out and weekend getaways to keep the romance alive. It is easy for them to value the meaning of their relationship and keep true to that every day.

Energetic Challenges ​ 

If either of them puts up emotional walls, this will be their struggle to break through. Pisces will need to push through their tendency to retreat within themselves, while Cancer will need to speak their truth instead of internalizing it. Vulnerability and trust are the keys to overcoming these struggles. Each will need to be patient with the other to open up and be their full self with each other.

How to Create Astrological Balance​ 

This highly compatible pair makes an amazing lifelong arrangement in love and romance or as friends. In fact, they do make amazing friends and that can be one place to start for them. There is a lot of love between them and romance will be at the heart of their union throughout the relationship. Friends and family will be highly supportive of this couple coming together.

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