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Pisces : Character Traits Explained

To be a Pisces is to be in a constant flow with the Universe to the point where there are no boundaries, no limits. A strength and weakness, Pisces aren't bound by traditional thinking or lifestyle. They see the Spiritual world as the superior realm, so they may find themselves struggling in our physical reality no matter what their valuable life forces desire. Fluidity is their ultimate expression of being.

Astrology dates for Pisces are February 20th to March 20th. Many famous Pisces include Justin Bieber, Drew Barrymore, Simone Biles, Millie Bobby Brown, Rhianna.

In the zodiac, Pisces is represented by the symbol of a pair of fish swimming head to tail and often are referred to as the most ocean-like sign in astrology. Remember that Pisces are highly valued of the water signs and most intuitive of all zodiac signs. 

What Does It Mean To Be Pisces? 

Ruled by the planet Neptune, Pisces is a mutable water sign. They are considered the most psychically gifted out of all the astrological signs, so they thrive when they embrace their intuitive skill set. A ton connected with creativity, Pisces overflow with the need to be artistic

They are carried by Neptunian energy throughout their life and may find themselves ebbing and flowing within the mysteries between the physical and spiritual worlds. Boundaries will always be challenging for them, and some may say that that is one of their life lessons, so don't expect them to learn that quickly or easily.

Typical Pisces traits include a sense of fluidity and chaos alongside creative expression.

Their dreamlike thinking inspires others to open their mindset and expand their horizons. Pisces thrive with creativity and feel despair when they aren't allowed to express their feelings fully. Their compassion helps guide them in a zigzag pattern as they are meant to help everyone. Pisces also often may feel directionless and lost most of the time, but built into their life path and journey.

Traits of Water Signs 

Water signs are often sensitive, imaginative, and loyal. They can be fixed or mutable.

A mutable water sign for Pisces means they can imagine the life cycle and go with the flow. A Pisces always knows it is darkest before the dawn, so they aren't afraid of the uncertainty that comes along with it.

Like the other water signs, Cancer and Scorpio, they can become prone to pessimism when they don't believe in themselves and feel supported by others. Pisces needs to be constantly nurtured. Their cups must be overflowing with water to help them stay fluid. Self protection Pisces is very important.

Personality Traits of Pisces 

Despite the fact, Pisces traits, both good and bad, are a part of the package. There is no need to classify them as the worst Pisces characteristics or negative Pisces traits. They are just traits that embody their nature, and a Pisces would appreciate the nonjudgmental approach to their Pisces attributes.


Pisces are generous and selfless to a fault, which is both a strength and weakness for them. They will give everything they have to their relationships to the point of having nothing left for themselves. Because of how generous Pisces are, they need to be mindful of their energy and how they give their time and money, or else it will cause them great hardship.


Pisces are very forgiving. They would never outwardly criticize others either. This is an innate part of their personality as they tend to go with the flow and understand we all make mistakes. Because they are easygoing, they tend not to judge others for their decisions and don't hold grudges even when they should.


One of Pisces' most prominent personality traits is their intuitive nature. Pisces are deeply connected to the Spiritual realm to the point where they are swimming in-between this realm and the physical one. This fluidity is magical for the Pisces but can leave them ungrounded, emotional, and alone.


Pisces are the most tolerant of zodiac signs. Their deep-rooted empathy is what guides them through their emotions and relationships. Any ups and downs are not seen as a part of the journey.


Because they are so forgiving and tolerant, Pisces can be too trusting and easily manipulated. Their loving nature allows them to interact with all walks of life but unfortunately leaves them vulnerable to devious people looking to take advantage of their good nature. Pisces' impressionable personalities also make them very easy to hurt. This is because they are trusting and easily swayed.


Probably the personality trait that Pisces are known most for outside of their intuitive and emotional mindsets is their chaotic sensibility. Because of their creative impulses and embracing the unknown, Pisces can be highly indecisive and hesitant to make decisions. This lack of commitment to any one idea or thing can bring disconnection among relationships even though they are friendly with everyone they meet. Their attraction to chaos is what also makes them attractive even though it may be the cause of great pain in their lives.

Avoidant of others

Always so sensitive, Pisces don't take criticism very well. They are very thin-skinned and find themselves avoidant of gatherings. Pisces do enjoy spending time alone, so they may spend their days escaping in their minds and spiritually with their intuition and daydreams. This is notably a method of self protection.


When Pisces do make friends and commit to relationships, they are highly dedicated. They make the best friends. Pisces are highly loyal. Once committed, they will stay faithful to their promises even if the relationships themselves are toxic. A Pisces friend will be the most loyal friend you have ever had, and family a priority throughout their lives.

Self-Care Tips for Pisces 

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Journal daily for self-expression
  • Take daily walks, especially by water
  • Shower or bathe daily and more during times of stress
  • Live in more humid clients rather than dry

Life Purpose for Pisces 

For the Pisces, their life purpose is to show us how to express ourselves and empathize with others. Their life and lifestyle is their most remarkable example to us, and they encourage us to be better and more authentic by living in their divine truth.

Pisces is easily in tune with their creative impulses. Their chaotic nature and go with the flow attitude makes them naturally artistic, and expressing themselves comes naturally to them. It may seem random and meaningless from the outside, but this lack of arrangement creates the best conditions for inspiration and brainstorming for the Pisces.

Their ability to be friends with anyone and let go of judgment helps others see the importance of loving each other. If they ever become closed off or withdrawn, they can also be an inspiration for others to lend a helping hand and help mend people's hearts by reaching out.

Best Careers for Pisces 

There are many great careers out there for Pisces, which is a beautiful thing because they are most likely to change jobs throughout their lives.

At first, they may find themselves working in sales as it is natural for them to sell people things they may need or want. These types of opportunities are often readily available, so working in sales can be flexible and varied.

Pisces also has a professional gift for creative expression. They may work full or part-time in the creative industry as an artist or musician. Pisces thrive in songwriting careers or just playing for emotional fulfillment. It is part of their passion for going with the flow of a good melody.

Also, Pisces may find themselves drawn to animals, so they may work as a pet sitter, dog walker, vet tech, or even go through the motions of becoming a veterinarian. You may even find them working in pet stores, fishing, or with horses in some capacity.

Another line of work they may be drawn towards is Social Work. Their capacity to forgive and love unconditionally is naturally suited for this line of work. Still, they may find the probability of burnout very high and challenging to recover from if they pursue this career option.

When it comes to money, Pisces tend to be either terrible with spending too much money or being too much of a Scrooge with it. Balance in their finances is a lifelong lesson in learning when to budget and trust the Universe.

Pisces in Relationships 

Pisces are loyal, romantic partners in relationships, but it may take them a while to settle down for someone. They are known for giving too much of themselves in relationships which can be more work in their partner and having stable relationships. Because of their loving and forgiving nature, they can be a solid partner, but that dedication can come at a cost for them.

Toxic relationships tend to be an issue for Pisces to spend most of their time alone. Very dependable as friends and family, they may find themselves overwhelmed and overextended. Their lack of discipline in staying within boundaries or limitations can make them hard to cope with, and their idealism in partnerships makes a grounded relationship challenging to create.

Pisces' family and friends experience a mixed bag of unconditional love and examples of why we need to embrace learning to love ourselves. The chaoticness that comes with a Pisces might either excite them or drain them depending on their astrological sign. Pisces make for a challenging parent and a dependent child.

Best Compatibility for Pisces 

The best compatibility for a Pisces will either be one of the other water signs or an Earth sign. This is because of their sensitive nature and a need for grounding or fluidity.


The combination of a Taurus and Pisces is both grounding and inspiring. Pisces' need for creativity flourishes when grounded by the Taurus Earth sign, and the Taurus' bullish behavior calms down, and they can relax and settle into this pairing. Romantic and idealistic, these two can have a match made in heaven as they balance out their strengths and weaknesses.

In a workplace environment, these two can accomplish a lot when Taurus is in charge, and Pisces is a creative assistant. If the dynamic is reversed, the Taurus may feel like a taskmaster trying to keep the Pisces on schedule.

Within a family dynamic, these two make strong siblings and be supportive of each other in a child and parent relationship.


A deep emotional connection binds a Pisces with Cancer. These two water signs understand each other's moods and easily develop a nurturing relationship. The best part about this matching is that it elevates them both on a spiritual level, not just physical. Support and kinship are powerful with these two and can easily be soulmates.

In a workplace environment, these two help support each other in their goals and career aspirations at all levels. Cancer may find themselves getting tired of Pisces changing attitudes and opinions from time to time.

Within a family dynamic, these two pairings can make for a supportive relationship. Cancer learns patience from the Pisces while they know how to take better care of themselves.


Intimacy on both the physical and spiritual level is high between a Scorpio and a Pisces. These two can easily be lifelong lovers. Respect and admiration for each other's needs and beliefs are solid. They can rely on each other while also exploring and fulfilling their creative needs.

In a workplace environment, these two can be a highly successful combination. Since both of these water signs rely heavily on their intuition to make decisions, there should be little conflict. When the Scorpio is in charge, a Pisces will fall in line and flourish.

Within a family dynamic, these two can have a highly emotional relationship as siblings, especially during childhood. As they grow to understand one another, they will deepen their appreciation for their similarities and differences.


This Earth sign, combined with the water sign of Pisces, makes for a strong duo in learning and elevating themselves from their complete opposition to one another. Pisces will find themselves more centered and confident in their abilities, while the Capricorn will allow themselves to loosen up and allow more flexibility in their lives.

In a workplace environment, there is a strong possibility that there will be as much friction in this dynamic as there is room for growth. The challenge will understand where each individual is in their life path and what role each individual plays in their life purpose.

Within a family dynamic, there is much room for growth and the possibility of a solid connection between them. A Capricorn parent will learn patience, and a sibling will learn compassion and forgiveness. Pisces, as parents, will understand the importance of structure in their lives and, as a sibling, can offer opportunities for creative mischief. 

Worst Compatibility for Pisces 


Perhaps the worst sign for a Pisces is the Gemini. This air sign is just as ungrounded, if not more, than a Pisces. Any combination of these two in a romantic, family, or work environment will be thwarted with chaos and lack of emotional support.


A Sagittarius and a Pisces are only a good match briefly, very, very briefly. Even though they are both highly intuitive and creative, the match tends to be emotionally volatile. Sagittarius' hot-headed nature burns the watery Pisces, who is prone to criticism and highly sensitive.


Pisces make life enjoyable by their ability to inspire others with their ability to adapt and see the best in everyone. When life hands them lemons, Pisces go about their business as usual and make nothing of it. Acceptance, personable, and flexibility champion this zodiac sign of rising to new heights. 

Other celebrity Pisces include Justin Bieber, Dakota Fanning, George Harrison, Trevor Noah, and Albert Einstein.

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