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Pisces: Who Are You Compatible With?

Are you a Pisces and wondering who might be your ideal partner?

Pisces are deep thinkers and crave an intellectual connection and a compassionate one with whomever they decide to be with romantically.

The astrological sign that will give you the most growth, stimulation, and synergy is a Taurus. For both of you, pleasure is at the heart of your relationship on all levels.

When these two come together, it is a fantastic synergy based on friendship at the core. You two will work in sync together through thick and thin, even though the stubbornness of a Taurus may prove troublesome from time to time. Your empathic nature makes it easier for you to understand a Taurus's emotions, and you two depend on each other for all your needs and happiness.

Your next compatible mate is a Cancer for the both of you to understand the value of intimacy in your relationship. Because you are both water signs, the emotional connection in the relationship can be intense, but the Cancer's kindness can balance out any excess.

Not surprisingly, a Scorpio also makes a good match as long as the two of you aren't polar opposites in your personalities. Since both of you crave intimate relationships and aspire to intellectual pursuits, it can be a match made in heaven.

Your least compatible zodiac signs will be Gemini and Sagittarius.

When a Gemini and a Pisces are drawn to each other, it's with the intensity of a twin flame relationship that doesn't last. It may be scorching and passionate at the beginning but will wither out quickly. These two don't have the stamina together to weather the storms of getting to know each other as Geminis tend to get bored quickly.

A Pisces and a Sagittarius match is based firmly on idealism and will almost always tear about due to a values conflict. Sagittarians will require their freedom, while the Pisces will yearn for the dedication that the Sagittarius cannot provide.

For a Pisces to seek a relationship with one of their least compatible signs, it's a journey of inner strength and unconditional love. They must also learn healthy boundaries, which will be at the center of these relationships' turmoil. A Pisces should view these least compatible signs as a possible way to release karmic debt and learn valuable karmic lessons. 

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