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Psychic Raven Heart Explains How The Tarot Will Tell

Are you being hurt by a narcissist?

Psychics can easily spot narcissistic abuse in the cards. "Narcissist" is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days by people who have been in a relationship with someone who is self-centered and abusive. Many of these people may be selfish and toxic in some way. Not all are actual narcissists.

People who have experienced true narcissism are forever changed and altered as they are first slowly manipulated and then later annihilated by these dark hearts. While only a doctor can confirm this severe diagnosis, it is essential to be able to spot the traits found in the narcissist so that you can protect yourself from untold life-altering damage—this where a psychic tarot reader can help.

Certain tarot cards in a love reading will consistently pop up to demonstrate the traits found in bad-intentioned people. Along with this, many tarot readers, such as myself, can FEEL the energy of these people while doing their readings. I personally get sick to my stomach, have hot and cold flushes, and a sense of fear. Sometimes I get tears in my eyes.

So I want to share with you today the tarot cards that can help indicate a relationship that is suffering at the hands of a malignant narcissist.

"To be in her Sun was to be the Sun if only for a moment in time. To be in her shadow felt a lot like death itself, and so the goal was to constantly please her or fade away a little more every day." - Psychic Raven Heart.

Like many empathic people, I have been abused by a narcissist. Narcissists seek out empaths very specifically and for many reasons. But the main reason is that they have figured out how to spot people who will be vulnerable to them.

An empath is vulnerable because they genuinely have a pure heart that wants to see and believe that everyone has a pure heart that is filled with similar good intentions. Astonishingly, this happens even though they, more than most, can feel the DARKNESS and sense it long before others. But even with this ability, an empath will often talk themselves out of what their INTUITION already knows. They will ignore the signs and often feel ashamed of their less than positive thoughts and feelings about the narcissist. They WANT to believe the best in them despite all of the red flags and evidence to the contrary.

What doesn't help is the process of "love bombing" followed by "gaslighting." The narcissist is expertly skilled at charming people to get what they want. They will do and say anything to make someone fall in love with them and into their web of hell. They make the unwitting object of their seduction feel AMAZING and loved to perfection! And then once they have their victim ensnared, they begin brutally taking you off of that high horse they put you on and obliterating your sense of self. They will make you feel shame, self-hatred, and even insane. This dance will likely go on for years until one day you wake up and you don't even recognize yourself.

This is why it is crucial to spot the red flags as soon as possible. So I will tell you how the tarot cards can give clues as well. Tarot reading is both a skill and requires an excellent knowledge of the cards and their meanings and an intuitive gift. Putting these together, the human story can be seen.

The following are cards and combinations that would SCREAM narcissist to me! Let's begin!

King of Wands

Both upright and in reverse, this card is most often my first clue that we are dealing with a narcissist. This is especially true when it is reversed. The King of Wands is known for liking and needs a LOT of attention. He can be all about drama. The energy from this card is very LEO-like, and this man is often a player who constantly seems to be saying, " Look at me, look at me, look at me."

Queen of Wands

Like her male counterpart, this Queen is all about the attention. She is fiery and dramatic and not afraid to COMMAND that all eyes are on her at all times. She is the Queen of causing a scene. This is mainly all true if she pops up in reverse. Other court cards can indicate a narcissist as well and significantly if they are reversed. Reversals are the extreme version of any given archetype. The King and Queen of Swords can be cold and calculating. They may lack feeling and empathy. They may even be psychopathic. Alternatively, even the usually loving King and Queen of Cups can, in reverse, can be emotionally draining and highly manipulative. So do watch for these as well.

The Devil

This one is kind of obvious! If you are getting the Devil a lot in your readings, you may want to RUN! This often indicates a toxic and obsessive relationship that feels impossible to escape. This card can be a significant RED FLAG when found with other cards showing narcissism.

9 of Cups

This card is generally positive, but if found near other more negative cards, it can indicate someone who is hedonistic and smug and feel overly self-important. They also put their pleasure and desires before all other things. Another card that is generally positive but can pop up negatively for narcissism would be the 6 of Wands. The reason is that this card is often about being placed on a pedestal. It is about worshipping another human or applauding them. Ego and pride are wrapped up in the meaning of this card, so watch for this one as well.

The Emperor

This man or woman is a CONTROL FREAK. If you are in a relationship with them, you better understand that it will always be their way or the high way! As long as you follow their rules, they will love you. Defy them, though, and expect to pay the price.

Three cards in the tarot are often about trickery, betrayal, lies, and deceit. These cards are The Moon, 7 of Swords, and The Magician. Any time these come up in combination, you are being warned to watch your back. And that someone is lying to you and maybe plotting to hurt you in some way. If you see a lot of these cards in your readings, especially together, please investigate further. Your GUT reaction KNOWS when you are being abused, manipulated, and gaslighted, but your brain will most likely wish to deny what you feel.

A narcissist is skilled at maneuvering the people in their world. To them, people are nothing more than a fun game of chess and objects to be moved and manipulated in whatever way they wish. The only thing that matters to them is that they win.

If you need guidance and suspect that you are being played by a dark heart, please seek help. I am here at Meet Your Psychic.com for tarot readings and relationship advice via the spirits who guide.

Psychic Raven Heart 

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